Call of Duty: World at War


I may be a bit unfair to Call of Duty 1-4, since they were all pretty good and deserve their praise, but Call of Duty World at War is my all time favorite Call of Duty game so far and its pretty much the last really good Call of Duty game.

The campaign is just phenomenal, just when I thought I was getting sick of WWII games, this game comes along and does things with it. I mean sure the campaign is mediocre T.V. movie quality good, but for a game its amazing.

For one thing the Pacific theater is finally shown in a Call of Duty game. The camaraderie for the marine characters is well felt, you get to know some of them, fight by them and feel bad when one of them dies. The Pacific theater really captures that surprise attack feel of it whenever the Japanese would attack. The Japanese hide in whatever they can, and its surprising enough to be real to the actual battles (as far as video games go) but not so much that it becomes annoying when trying to pass it.

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I am surprised that this is not in the top 3 best Call of Duty games. I had never experienced such a serious, breath-taking WWII game. In the previous WWII Call of Duty games, I enjoyed the campaigns, but they all seems bland, and generic WWII theme. However, the campaign of World at War was like no other. The graphics were superior to any WWII themed game I had ever played, and the spine-chilling music really exhibited the brutality, and the dark times during a horrid war. The enemy AI were generally smarter than in previous Call of Duty games, so the game wasn't exactly a cake walk and I do enjoy when enemies are a bit of a challenge. The voice acting was spectacular and the inclusion of Nazi Zombies was just adding icing to the top of the cake.

The best Call of Duty I played by far. in my opinion, this Call of Duty takes the cake.

First off, it has realistic combat. Like others said, this Call of Duty is the most goriest Call of Duty created. You have arms and legs getting blown off by grenades, sniper rifles, and shotguns. Additionally, you can hear the enemies talking. In most cods, they don't say a single thing. It even had Tanks! Even though they are annoying, I think it is cool that Treyarch put different things in multiplayer rather than the same old crap. The snipers were my favorite part. You could take the scopes off of them and they were really useful without them.

It also had a kickass campaign which had a legendary ending. Which I enjoyed playing. The introduction of Reznov was one of the best parts of the campaign for me. Such a badass character in the Call of Duty series. Seeing him in Black Ops 1 was awesome.

The zombies were the best in this game in my opinion. Great maps and weapons. ...more

This game has a realistic and emotional single player with a reverence for the experiences of the soldiers in WWII. The multiplayer retains the enjoyable matches of the previous installments of the series with the addition of a bayonet and the newly satisfying Nazi Zombies. The later games retained the multiplayer quality of World at War with varying weapons, perks, and kill streak perks. However, the later games fail to achieve the same level of innovation as World at War. The level of drama experienced in World at War in the single player campaign is simply not felt in the later games. The later games feel less like a struggle for survival (which is what war is) and more like an interactive version of The Expendables.

Call of Duty: World at War brought more to the table than most people realized. A campaign that feels like Saving Private Ryan slapped by Call of Duty 4 as well as it being co-op, multiplayer has more diversity than any other Call of Duty before or after it. Some maps asking for run and gun tactics like Call of Duty 4, and others for more strategic and passive aggressive play-styles. Don't forget that this is also the Call of Duty to bring the fan favorite game type, Nazi Zombies. No maps can compare to the ones on this Call of Duty, so much so that they've been remade and one of the four have been remade two times now.

This was one of the greatest Call of Duty I've ever played for the past 11 years. It is still on my number one list, I liked how this game was the introduction to Zombies. Zombies was much more scarier to play than the maps and styles in Black ops and Black ops II. The campaign was outstanding, there were Japanese soldiers who would snipe you from trees. You actually had to cooperate with you team mates in multi-player and plus the tanks in that one map was awesome. Lastly, cooperative mode made it more fun to explore a campaign map with your friends. This was probably the last great game Call of Duty made, and I hope they put Call of Duty back into the World War Era because they are still missing some battles that weren't in the game!

Had many unique features such as how the penetration worked and the game mode "war" with its momentum system. Overall the guns seemed to have the most character, and although certain aspects were unbalanced it didn't degrade the playing experience as much as some other games in the series. Perhaps my point of view is somewhat biased, as this game was the first in the series I owned. It's a shame what has become of it (at least on Xbox 360) with all of the hacks.

Stunning campaign with a drastically astonishing idea. It has zombies mode and fine graphics. It is truly a beautiful game. It's the only Call of Duty to have vehicles in it's multiplayer. Very emotional campaign. It brings you into the game using all the small details like people crawling while dying. It has outstanding dialogue and realistic combat and beginnings to each level. Overall in my opinion World At War is the best Call of Duty. Thank you for reading and I hope you take my points in consideration.

The campaign as amazing. The Banzai charges were scary, killing German PoWs affected your morality. It was the last Call of Duty game I played ever since Call of Duty ruined itself with MW2. Zombies were fun as well. My other favorites include Call of Duty 2 and Call of Duty 4. People say Call of Duty was the best since it started it, but I only really started playing Call of Duty from Call of Duty 2, the game that propelled Call of Duty into the spotlight. Whilst Call of Duty 1 was out, I was playing Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. I'll start buying Call of Duty games again when they make a WWII game. Hopefully.

World at War pits you in the middle of World War 2 in a suspenseful, gritty story that you find yourself invested in - something all other Call of Duties lack. The multiplayer takes all elements of Call of Duty 4 and makes them better with world war 2 weaponry made iconic by this game. The ever so popular zombies game mode begins here and feels experimental and challenging in its first go about it.
Overall, World at War is the finest of all the Call of Duty games and the only one worth caring about five years later.

Call of Duty: World at War was what started the chain of popularity that was slowly rising. This video game was released and suddenly, everyone went lunatic. Everyone wanted a piece of it. It was responsible for developing huge changes with the video game's content that everybody loved and many have to agree that this video game was legendary, even if Call of Duty is frowned upon. The graphics were a breakthrough and many, like me, will consider it the best Call of Duty game ever made.

The most though-provoking, realistic and original Call of Duty ever made. Everything about WaW works so well and is presented in a stunning visual manner. The un-glorification and realism (of the war that the game is based on) is incredible and makes the combat seem realistic and "entertaining". The campaign is the richest I've played so far, you really connect with the personalities of the other characters and the music score is brilliant. The multiplayer is beautifully balanced and the weapons available are very well portrayed and all work so well. Zombies was a revolution which changed Call of Duty forever! #BackToTheGoodDays.

Simply great, this game finds the perfect balance between realism, intensity, visuals and the epic music/voice acting definitely makes this game stand out campaign wise compared to other cods. The introduction to zombies was fantastic, after completing the incredible campaign you get a whole new gamemode to spend your hours on! Don't even get me started on the multiplayer, the large maps made this game different (even if it was a Call of Duty 4 in a ww2 setting) you had the snipers picking off their enemy from the far side of the map, you had the riflemen making their way round the close quarters areas on large maps and then you had the tanks, having an intense battle between other tanks and infantry with bazooka's. love this game to death, and I have always proved why this game is better than other games

Hands down my favorite Call of Duty. For the most part everyone was on an even playing field. Very simple without all the crazy stuff they have in the newer games like wall jumping and invisibility (even though this stuff is also pretty rad). You could feel confident in being able to kill someone with a bolt action rifle when they had a thompson sub-machine gun. The maps were brilliantly done and Zombies was epic. I would pay triple the price if they did a remake of this game for nostalgic purposes alone.

NUMBER 4?! This is a joke isn't it? Ok here we go, Best Snipers of all Cods (remove PTRS and they are even better), No bs assualt rifle spammers, unscoped bolt actions (we'll probably never see those again :sadface: ), basically improved on Cod 4 in every way (*cough* OP grenades removed), no fake ass knife lunging, and to top it all off almost NO NOOB TUBERS! Sweet Jesus this game was great. Better than any cod after Cod 2.

Best WWII game. This is very fun. My favorite Call of Duty. Multiplayer is fun, good, but not great though. Maps are decent. Weapons are very good. But the thing is the hackers. They ruin the game. This deserves a 9/10. Not a 10 because of those hackers. The campaign is the best. Excellent, it is full of suspense and action and story. But what makes this game the best is the zombies. They are addicting and literally to die for! Overall amazing game.

How the hell is black ops anywhere near the top I'd rather spend my time watching the whole Sex in the City series and the movies that game is just horrible... Order should be WAW MW1 MW2 MW3 BR1 then it can be whatever but really black ops higher than 5th that shows what ******* play Call of Duty that story for waw is the best reznov should've been a 1 game character but damn I'm glad I don't know any of these kids

Only 4th? This has to be the most underrated Call of Duty of all time, and its not even low on the list. It should be number 1 without a shadow of a doubt Heart of the Reich sends shivers down my spine more than anything in all my years as a huge gamer not to mention it introuced Zombies, which became in a single word; legendary and is quite honestly is the only reason I have Black Ops 3, since the original storyline of World at War/Black Ops/Black Ops 2 and I'm not really a fan of the multiplayer. It's just my opinion but this is the greatest and best Call of Duty to date. And in terms of campaign, it's the best, and that's fact

Most moving and well made Call of Duty game ever... This is by far the best Call of Duty game to date not only because everything in the game is identical to historical events but also its deep moving champaign that left the player with a true sense of patriotism... Few games are as well written as Call of Duty:waw and even fewer are as complete a package as this game was... Best Call of Duty game of all time

Low on the fake stuff, players are equal... People say the guns are bad... It was world war 2. That's why its the best. Dome is the best board in Call of Duty history. Even though I didn't use the bolt action unscoped. After playing other games I came to appreciate it a lot more. Arisaka or mosin-nangent were deadly if you were good at it. I like black ops and cod4 miss me with the modern warfares.

On of the best games I have ever played, out of all the Call of Duty games I have played this the most. The campaign was amazing and the zombies was a great addition to the overall game in general. To top it all of the multiplayer was amazing with some of the best map in Call of Duty history like dome and cliff side to go with great weapons it made it a all time great in my eyes

This is the best in my opinion, the gore, the graphics changed my views of Call of Duty forever! No other Call of Duty compares in realism unlike this one, especially with vehicles like tanks which made it more fun and the blood and explosions were more intense. zombies was a last minute idea, AND THE BEST IDEA THEY EVER DID! Same with the campaign, I love resnov and dimitri and the whole campaign is just so intensifying, it may not be modern but that doesn't mean its not the best. if they got rid of hackers then this game would be even more perfect then it is. the maps as well were amazing :D seriously MW3 is good but when I played it I was disspaointed there was no gore, or death cards and such. BRING BACK ANOTHER GOOD GAME LIKE THIS AND don't LET THE SPIRIT OF WWII DIE!

This is the best Call of Duty hands down. The multiplayer is amazing; you don't have to use a machine gun to be good. All the guns are awesome to use. You get to play Nazi Zombies (and on my favorite map, "Der Reis") and the campaign is really cool. The gore in this game is way more hardcore than all the other Call of Duty's. You actually get to see limbs fall off and heads blow into chunks.

This was the best game of call of dutys (4/mw2/mw3/black ops/black ops2)

It had the best maps, more balanced weapons (maybe just mp40) I don't even need to mention zombies, but on multiplayers it was the best and more fun I have ever had playing a Call of Duty game, noobs couldn't win by just picking a cheap weapon or perk like in other cods (AKA commando, ump)

World of War was my first Call of Duty and it's what got me addicted to the series. It was the first game to introduce zombies to the series which became highly successful. The campaign is really good and one of the best in the series. The multiplayer is quite good as well however it is ruined by hackers and that is why I don't play it anymore.