Call of Duty: Ghosts


Yes, it looks amazing!
A lot better then the Black Ops series which might as well be a sci-fiction game because I can't tell difference.
Go original Call of Duty and Modern Warfare.
Lets get back into the Brownings, and Winchester Sniper Rifles, enough of Black Ops and electro guns and crap.
Seriously, we need more old games back up to the light.

It's the best Call of Duty because it has a finally brand-new definitive multiplayer, an exciting campaign... Not to mention the ending, the brand-new real teamwork mode Extinction. The DLC's have already been the best addition experience to Call of Duty Ghosts than any other. Now you have to buy everything instead of ranking up... Which I like. In one map you can be the legendary horror icon, Michael Myers, with an axe and just destroy your enemies and make them rage and maybe even rage quit out of the match. It's the best. Just take out the Ripper for season pass holders and make them wait like the rest of the Ghosts players and everything is going to go smoothly.

If people actually got down to it and played Ghosts properly they would realize just how good this game really is, the graphics are so much better then every other Call of Duty, leaning is great, Extinction mode is just amazing! The campaign is really fun which is a relief after BO2's campaign, and most of all, the maps are actually really fun, and the addition of Field Orders is amazing! But I don't think anything beats a good game on Strike Zone when you are losing then you get a K.E.M. strike and suddenly you find yourself winning by a mile.

I have been Call of Duty for years now, and I own all Call of Duty's. This is my favourite. Want to know why? Because, other then CoD4 this is the only Call of Duty ever where the developers really tried to mix things up in the multiplayer.

Zombies is really fun, and beats Extinction mode, even though Extinction still is fun, but in every other aspect, Call of Duty Ghosts is the superior Call of Duty. End of.

This Call of Duty game has for my opinion the best weapons. The coolest missions. The best graphics. A ruthless traitor villain. The strongest enemy so far " the federation" Awesome ending. A very adorable helping German sheperd called Riley. The coolest atmosphere. For the first time in Call of Duty series your actions relate to animal attacks. You can play in space and also as Riley the dog. This game beats any other Call of Duty and also you have aliens which is pretty neat. The best Call of Duty game made so far, waiting Call of Duty Ghosts 2

I have this game on my Wii you and it's amazing. It finally lost the cartoonish look from black ops. Playing as the dog is awesome. I have to say even thought the game defies the laws of physics (shooting a gun in space will push you backwards) it's still a good game. I can't tell you how much fun it is to use the loki to kill everyone in multiplayer. One of my friends has the Wii you with Ghosts to and we have been playing for 7 hours straight on weekends.

This Call of Duty is underrated it truly is bringing something new and will redefine the next games to come out campaign was crafted superbly leaving you with a cliffhanger, it offers you extinction a fiction survival and squads a realistic survival/multiplayer. I also think multiplayer is better with the larger maps.

Call of Duty Ghosts is probably the best Call of Duty because the Campaign is great, Multiplayer is amazing, Extinction is great, they added Squads ( The best thing about Call of Duty Ghosts) and the only con is that there is not zombie mode! And Infinity Ward made the graphics great but Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is probably 2nd.

This is an amazing game. Even though it is somewhat like other call of duties, I don't care. It is a great game. To the people who say every Call of Duty is the same, its not. Each game there are new guns, new stories, new maps, and new ways to enjoy the game. I think this is the best Call of Duty yet. Keep it up infinity ward!

This game should be a little more up the missions are awesome if you ever played the game. The missions are not like the old ones like The warfares but is more stealth and its more related to real wars than you have a gun and shoot your enemies this one is like real war like going stealth getting information and real stuff. Landing on a jungle awesome!

This is one of the best Call of Duty games because of the stunning graphics and great story line. The plot was one of the best I have seen in a video game in years. There were a few problems that were very small. Like the fact that the recoil on the gun when you are in space doesn't send you flying back. Other than that the game was an incredible experience.

Ghost is my favorite call of duty ever... Everyone hated on it saying the color scheme was bad... I think ghost had a good color scheme they was just got used to the bo2 bright ambient colors that look like cartoons.. Ghost also had the best map packs and the best perk system. They also done something amazing with kill steaks.. U can choose between kill streaks, specialist, or support.. I also like how all the characters have their own kill streaks best game ever... The hate bandwagon ruined this game

The coolest campaign with some awesome underwater/space missions. Worst spawns ever but also the game which tried to change it up the most, I respect that. Also the best looking game (it's the newest so it should be). Good weapon balance and quick patches.

I haven't gotten it yet but from the gameplay footage it looks really good a lot better than black ops 2. I really like how they replaced zombies with aliens and it has create a character not create a class. You also get a dog named Riley in the campaign.

I don't even understand why this got so much hate. I mean, there were the IEDs and the M27 IAR campers, but this game was actually fun! The campaign had lots of fun missions, even though it was short, and ended in a cliffhanger, which hinted in a sequel. The multiplayer was really good too! It had more of a balanced and competitive feel to it, and the maps weren't that bad at all. They say they hated it because of the big maps, but they did that because they made up for that by having the servers hold up to tons of players. There should definitely be a sequel to this game with lots of improvements from the first one, and they should tell the player how the story will end in the campaign. Overall, this game has got to be one of my favorites in the series.

In terms of it overall giving you one of the best multiplayer experiences and being very modern, then yes, this is one of the better ones. However, in terms of making a huge jump for the series, then this isn't one of the best, as the multiplayer of Ghosts is just like a refreshed MW3. This has been the case with Infinity Ward for years, they just refresh their games and change little in comparison to Treyarch. That, and the zombies, is why I prefer Treyarch CODs over Infinity Ward CODs. Still, this is a fantastic game, where Infinity Ward has taken what they've learnt from their past games to create a fast paced and refreshed Call of Duty to start off their run on the next gen. The multiplayer of this game is good, but has problems.
In ways World At War beats this. - EvilAngel

Best game yet the technology was amazing the guns were like nothing I have ever seen and best part is it encompasses the importance of a 3- tier battlefield meaning that you have a map with a central area with two levels above ground surrounding it and one level below it all around great game

Possibly one of the greatest Xbox 360 games of all time in my opinion. It has so many fun missions and all.

How is this not number 1 straight away.

Why is this game in last!? I know the multiplayer isn't that special, but the campaigns pretty good it's not number one, but come on, Riley isn't the only one that took my heart. I got attached immediately. Even the dogs you earn in multiplayer. Every time I saw my dog kill someone I was so proud. - PBoi_N_J

This campaign was just incredible! You can tell right away with the first campaign mission that it is a good game. For once Call of Duty has a campaign I just can't stop playing!

Awesome and an entirely new modern campaign. A trillion times better than black ops series! Awesome multiplayer and a real warfare with tons of action and better graphics! Storyline is very good!

Are kidding Black ops series is way better than ghosts at least black ops had zombies mode which is way funnier than killing stupid ass aliens and drilling stupid hives. - XxwileyxX38

BEAST... The reason most people don't play is because it was actually made for pro gamers. Even if you are not good... Its still a good game besides the Multiplayer!

This Game is good and you guys are just terrible at it it's fun new stuff like extinction and that I agree maybe make Call of Duty WaW 2 but still this is amazing!

Medium at best. The campaign is short and has a terrible story line with predictable twists. The alien mode is not even worth mentioning. The multiplayer is a bit more realistic in a sense with the weapons doing amazing amounts of damage and the maps being extremely big.

Ghosts is a big step for the series. It had an epic feel to it. A lot of people didn't like it but I enjoyed it. The campaign was pretty cool and Multiplayer was once again spectacular. Everyone hates this Call of Duty but I am just so addicted to it.