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1 Wherever You Will Go

The band accomplished the worldwide fame with this great song - MatrixGuy

This song is just so amazing! It's song is so fun to listen to. This is my FAVORITE song of all time! The vocals are amazing! Words can't describe how good this song is! This song also means a lot to me because it's my brother's song... When my siblings and I were born my mom chose songs for us and this one was my brothers. I can't get enough of this song!

Listening to this song and remembering my childhood days!
Anyway this song is one of the best song composed not only it can relate to others it has a sense and you can clearly hear the lyrics not like with songs today :))

Your songs are good they make my day

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2 Stigmatized

Love this song by a mile! I listen to it everyday when going to school/college/work and I never get sick of it... I have also learnt to play this song on the guitar but the hard thing about the song is his voice... I love it!

Best Song ever!.. This should be number one. This song makes me think about life.

I did not care this one at all

All I know is.. I love this song...

3 Could It Be Any Harder

Beautiful. This ones my favorite, followed by the 2 songs above it on this list. Alex band's vocals are just great. - waxythread13

And the same go's for this song did not like this one

This should be on top

This song is the scond one for me because alex sing it more good than stigmatized

4 Things Don't Always Turn Out that Way

This song is so amazing I can't stop hearin it

5 Adrienne

Great song from a great band... Got me through a really bad situation with a certain someone... Well hopefully they will get together and perform soon

This is something Awesome with wherever you will go

6 For You

Such an emotional song, I've listened to it a million times and I still can't get enough! It's powerful, passionate, speaks to one's heart and makes its beat stronger!

Its really bad that they only came out with one song that was any good I guess that why that have not came out with any cd's

7 Chasing the Sun
8 Unstoppable
9 Our Lives

And the same with this one

10 We're Forgiven

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11 Anything
12 One by One
13 Surrender
14 Things Will Go My Way

This song deserves the best spot!

15 Nothing's Changed
16 Your Hope
17 If Only

I can't believe this song hasn't made it into the top 5.. It's AMAZING

18 Final Answer
19 Believing
20 Dreaming in Red
21 Why Don't You and I? - Alex Band
22 Somebody Out There
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1. Wherever You Will Go
2. Stigmatized
3. Could It Be Any Harder
1. Things Don't Always Turn Out that Way
2. Chasing the Sun
3. Stigmatized
1. Wherever You Will Go
2. Adrienne
3. For You

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