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21 Acceptable in the 80s

Calvin harris' earlier songs don't get enough credit listen to this song it is way lower ranked than where it should be

If people actually knew this song, it would be so much higher... It's great!

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22 This is What You Came For

I don't like it, but I can't get it out of my head.

This songs lit

Best one from Calvin Harris so far.

Best song ever

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23 School
24 Awooga
25 Off the Record
26 C.U.B.A

Loved it... The drop is awesome... But I admit, the rest of the song is not that good..

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27 Faith
28 Slide

Good song

29 Together V 1 Comment
30 My Way

Really underrated... should definitely be in the top five and is much much better than Blame, How Deep is your love, Thinking About You and lastly the overrated and annoying This Is What You Came For...

Great song, should be 1 or 2, has great beat and a great song overall

This song should be in the top 10 - mneilan

Great song. one if his best

31 Dance Wiv Me

Great song! I love the beat.

32 Reminds Me of You

Really Good Song By LMFAO Feat Calvin Harris

Amazing song really good

This Song Is Really Good

33 Overdrive (PT 2)
34 It Was You
35 The Rain

Better than his boom house music

36 You Used to Hold Me

Underrated. If this song was more famous, it would argubely be the most popular calvin harris song there is.


37 Eat Sleep Rave Repeat
38 I Get All the Girls
39 Slow Acid

Best acid song I've ever heard.

40 Call My Name

Calvin has given music for Cheryl Cole... Its too good...

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