Best Camel Songs

Camel are an English progressive rock band formed in 1971.

What are the best Camel songs?

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1 Lady Fantasy

It must be the first! This song has the best rhyhtm, the best guitar, the best lyrics and all the best of Camel. It represents Camel. A great part of the persons who listen Camel started listening them with this song. I am one of them. I love this song, and I hope all the persons that are reading this list to hear it.

2 Lunar Sea

The first minute is the greatest thing EVER. - SammySpore

3 Air Born

The flute riff is something unbelievable.

4 Arubaluba

Best name for a song. - Brobusky

5 Ice

Best camel song in my opinion.

6 Dunkirk
7 Beached
8 Nimrodel - The Procession - The White Rider

Why it is the best? you just simply can't have a better intro than this... Makes me feel like a roman soldier coming back from war. The keyboard solo is just so insane with the drums, and the last part such a nice conclusion. The "echo" from the notes makes it feel like the song is played in an aquarium or under water - Rapha

By far Camel's best.

9 Never Let Go

Awesome song with really influential lyrics! - EdwardDurden_2000

10 Earthrise

The Contenders

11 Watching the Bobbins
12 Stationary Traveller

I love this song, everything is great, I think it should be at least in the top 10! - EdwardDurden_2000

Wow, this song is Great, I think It must be at second position

How in the world this song is not in the top10?

One of the best guitar solos

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13 Mystic Queen
14 Song Within a Song
15 Tell Me
16 Supertwister
17 Rhayader Goes to Town

Shouldn't be so low - RalphSaad

18 Slow Yourself Down
19 Another Night
20 Rajaz

Best track of camel

This is the best

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1. Lady Fantasy
2. Lunar Sea
3. Arubaluba
1. Lady Fantasy
2. Nimrodel - The Procession - The White Rider
3. Ice
1. Air Born
2. Ice
3. Tell Me



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