Best Camel Songs

Camel are an English progressive rock band formed in 1971.

What are the best Camel songs?

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1 Lady Fantasy

It must be the first! This song has the best rhyhtm, the best guitar, the best lyrics and all the best of Camel. It represents Camel. A great part of the persons who listen Camel started listening them with this song. I am one of them. I love this song, and I hope all the persons that are reading this list to hear it.

2 Ice

The version from Never Let go is killer. It is such an emotional piece with such a beautiful guitar solo.

Best camel song in my opinion.


3 Air Born

The flute riff is something unbelievable.

4 Lunar Sea

The first minute is the greatest thing EVER. - SammySpore

5 Arubaluba

Best name for a song. - Brobusky

6 Stationary Traveller

I love this song, everything is great, I think it should be at least in the top 10! - EdwardDurden_2000

Wow, this song is Great, I think It must be at second position

How in the world this song is not in the top10?


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7 Dunkirk
8 Beached
9 Watching the Bobbins
10 Never Let Go

Awesome song with really influential lyrics! - EdwardDurden_2000

Absolute classic track. The guitar playing on this is out of this world.

The Contenders

11 Mystic Queen
12 Earthrise
13 Song Within a Song

Just give it a few listens and it will make it's way to your top Camel songs list. The ending is incredible, such an amazing collaboration between the drums and the synth. Perfection.

14 Nimrodel - The Procession - The White Rider

Why it is the best? you just simply can't have a better intro than this... Makes me feel like a roman soldier coming back from war. The keyboard solo is just so insane with the drums, and the last part such a nice conclusion. The "echo" from the notes makes it feel like the song is played in an aquarium or under water - Rapha

Such a haunting song. Their best work in my opinion.

By far Camel's best.

Sooo sooo sooo sooo good. Excellent guitar rift. Great lyrics. The intro is super chill and it leads up to this absolute masterpiece. Prog rock heaven.

15 Tell Me
16 Supertwister

How can this not be higher? One of the finest flute pieces ever.

17 Rhayader Goes to Town

Shouldn't be so low - RalphSaad

18 Rajaz

Best track of camel

This is the best

19 Slow Yourself Down
20 Another Night

Beautiful song.

21 Long Goodbyes

I thought it'd be on top 10 at least. - zxm

22 Freefall

This song definitely has an energy I love, and it really captures the essence of what this band can really do. - isaaonrtdmtr

23 Who We Are
24 Nimrodel
25 Echoes
26 Rhayader
27 Chord Change
28 The Snow Goose
29 No Easy Answer

Great songg! Best riffs

30 Lawrence

Almost 20 years after their original creation as a band, they create this masterpiece of an album as if they were still in the 70's. One of the most incredible, involving, and passionate pieces of art ever to come out of the progressive rock movement.

31 The Great Marsh
32 Flight of the Snow Goose
33 La Princesse Perdue
34 Unevensong
35 First Light
36 Summer Lightning
37 Curiosity
38 Six Ate
39 Separation
40 Sanctuary
41 Fritha
42 Preparation
43 Epitaph
44 Friendship
45 Migration
46 Rhayader Alone
47 Fritha Alone
48 Aristillus
49 Spirit of the Water
50 Highways of the Sun
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1. Lady Fantasy
2. Lunar Sea
3. Arubaluba
1. Air Born
2. Stationary Traveller
3. Lady Fantasy
1. Air Born
2. Ice
3. Tell Me


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