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1 Stephen Harper Stephen Joseph Harper is a Canadian politician and member of Parliament who served as the 22nd prime minister of Canada, from February 6, 2006 to November 4, 2015. He was the first prime minister to come from the modern Conservative Party of Canada, which was formed by a merger of the Progressive Conservative more.

Pierre Trudeau? Greatest PM? Are you people serious? If creating the worst deficit in canadian history, creating the highest rate of unemployment in Canadian history, killing industries, ordering martial law, attempting to nationalize energy and allowing third world immigrants to flood Canada are what you think makes a good leader, then I just don't know what to say. Stephen Harper on the other hand, created Canada's lowest unemployment rate in 40 years and because of him, Canada has emerged out of the worst recession since the 1930s better than lots of countries and will be one of the first developed countries to balance a budget since the recession began. That's a leader I can be proud of.

The media will say a lot about this man; especially considering the primary focus of these elections were to get him out of office by the Liberals and NDP party. The greatest Prime Minister of all time? Maybe not. But certainly one of the best. Trudeau being number one is just not right. He was a charismatic guy, but didn't do as much as people make it out to be. Pearson, Laurier, Harper, and King. Those are the great Prime Ministers of Canada. Back to Harper, a man who invested in the people and believed in the achievement of greatness. While his environmental policies weren't anything to prance about, his foreign policies were one of the best Canada has ever seen. The economy was managed well under Harper. He couldn't control oil prices and the recession which had an effect as he took and managed parliament. He managed to have very low unemployment levels for the general period of time which he took office. Overall, while he may not have been the best in every regard, Harper was a ...more

Steered a nation through the Great Recession. Canada is the ONLY G8 country not to have suffered the effects of the global financial crisis, because of Harper's brilliant use of budgetary deficit when required - in times of NEED! In good years, we should have balanced budgets or surpluses to live within our means, unlike Justin and Pierre Trudeau, silver spoon Socialists who buried this country in debt to carry out their Socialist policies...all on the backs of working Canadians! No wonder they were best friends with Fidel Castro!

During the financial crisis of 2008, he keep Canada going. Respected among the world leaders. Never did crazy stuff to embarrass us around the world. He sat at the big table where as Trudeau sat at the kids table.

2 John A. Macdonald

He is the worst Canadian Prime Minister - Who Likes Racist Colonizers who Created the Villainous Indian act. He is even worse then Bowell or Harper. MacDonald is a Racist Looser!

Oh please cut the crap. Macdonald was a good President and he did great things for this country. As far as the Indian act goes, I agree that it was horrible, but that's just how people's minds worked back then and there's nothing we can do now except help the remaining natives to have better life conditions. Apologizing to them and putting the blame on others won't help them.

Was part of founding Canada was behind the first national park and more!

Biult the railroad to allow anyone to freely come to the country

Pierre Trudeau should be near the bottom of this list, he was driving Canadians to a entire generation of debt

3 Pierre Trudeau Joseph Philippe Pierre Yves Elliott Trudeau , often referred to by the initials PET, was a Canadian politician who served as the 15th prime minister of Canada.

Trudeau and his son are the inspiration of my heritage fair project. Frankly, he has completed so much for this country.
The canadian charter of rights was signed by him! That chart gives any canadian the right to vote and give his thoughts!
He was an army cadet, and you could find family members dating back to the early 1500s!
Pierre, is, without a doubt, the greatest prime minister.

John Lennon once stated that " if all politicians were like Mr. Trudeau there would be world peace. absolutely amazing man and by anyone who understands is held in higher regard than most people here.

Pierre tried to kill the west. Just like his moron son is trying to do. NO respect for this man and he wrecked the country's nationality

Far from being the best Prime Minister. The bad decisions he has made far outweigh the good ones.

4 Wilfrid Laurier

Laurier was the greatest Prime Minister because he brought the most personal liberty, economic success, lots of pride in Canada, and was the longest continuously serving PM.
Also, it is worth mentioning the inclusion of Alberta and Saskatchewan into Canada in his day.

5 William Lyon Mackenzie King

Longest serving, retired or died in office, I can't remember.

He led Canada through WWII!

6 Lester Pearson

He introduced universal health care, student loans, the Canada Pension Plan, the Order of Canada, the Maple Leaf flag and helped create legal equality for women. His Liberal government also unified Canada's armed forces. Pearson convened the Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Bi-culturalism, and he kept Canada out of the Vietnam War.

Pearson was the consumate diplomat politically. He gave Canada it's own distinctive flag and was responsible for making Canada a world leader in peace keeping.

His additions to aid people in the middle class is arguably one of the greatest among all of these people. He should be higher.

He did tons for not only Canada but much of the rest of the world as well. He was respectable in many of his acts.

7 Jean Chretien

The only modern PM to pay down the debt, was more fiscally Conservative than the Conservatives. Gave a lifetime of service to Canada and its people. Came from humble beginnings. Very knowledgeable man. Was not a tax and spend Liberal. Must be very disappointed in the present Liberal PM.

He refused Canada to be in war with Iraq and Syria.

He did many good things he should be at the second

He should be higher

8 Alexander Mackenzie

A man of unshakeable principles. He detested patronage so much that he had a secret staircase that led directly from his office in the West Block to the outside to avoid those seeking lucrative government contracts in exchange for party contributions. He was the first 'working-class' prime minister, a stonemason who led from a strong, moral base. We need more like him! Unfortunately, despite his accomplishments which are still in place today, he is a mere footnote in Canadian history.

No corruption, honest, straight-shooting PM, who initiated the secret ballot (privacy); founded the Royal Military College; created the Supreme Court of Canada and created the office of Auditor General."

9 Justin Trudeau Justin Pierre James Trudeau PC MP (born on Christmas Day, December 25, 1971) is a Canadian politician who is the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada (assumed office November 4, 2015). He is the leader of the Liberal Party and the second-youngest Canadian prime minister after Joe Clark. His father, Pierre more.

Trudeau is the worst Prime Minister, even right after his stupid Father. He's arrogant, incompetent and weak for all I know. He's selling his soul thanks to mass immigration which kills Canada's Labor market. Trudeau is just an ordinary man who makes a fool of himself every time he visits countries. When you see him in the G20 summit, he is ignored and bewildered by all the other leaders because of his incompetence. He thinks migrants should deserve more benefits despite the fact that Canada should serve the citizens first. He tries so hard to be the angel of the globe but the picture isn't there. I hate him and even China, Saudi Arabia and the Philippines deteriorated relations with Canada over Arresting Chinese nationals from Huawei, Criticised the Saudi Government (which was fair) but destroyed diplomacy and transporting National Waste to third world countries like the Philippines despite the fact Filipinos make up most of Canada's Asian population. I couldn't trash talk to him ...more

He was never ready to become Prime Minister and he never should of. He put Canada further in dept than before. In many ways, he is as bad, if not worse than his father Pierre Trudeau. He looks like a complete idiot in front of other world leaders, he brings in was too many immigrants and just so many more idiotic things. I hope he isn't re-elected, because we need a good Prime Minister who knows how to run a country and who actually has a pair of balls.

Stupid cross-dressing 12 year old mental age brownface goofie, the fraudster won the election on his good name "Trudeau" despite being the natural born son of Fidel Castro (bastard) the souvenir of a summer vacation affair his leftist leaning mother had with the "Fidel", probably while the "fuddle duddle" Trudeau was watching, himself not being too much of a cuck... One more deplorable clown ruling a country without having ever held a real job... Liar in chief...

Will go down as Trudeau the Worst. This confused little child should not be in politics. Anyone who supports him has to be involved in some of the illegal schemes that he and his liberal government are in. No other PM or federal party has been investigated by the Ethics committee more than Trudeau the Worst and his party. They also blame everything on the Harper government cause they are cowards and cannot admit to there own incompetence.

10 Robert Borden

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11 Louis St. Laurent

Had to deal with the damage after WWII, the beginning of the cold war and the Korean war. He also brought Canada economy back and helped in the joining Newfoundland to the country

12 Brian Mulroney

He is my uncle

Kept the auto business alive in Canada turned the economy up and now we are starting to go backwards
thanks to Trudeau

13 Charles Tupper

Lasted a few months. Not really that great

14 John Diefenbaker

People back in the day did not understand his train of thought. He was more for Canada as a whole. He had ethics, morals, and a love for the country. He was ahead of the times in mind set. Today we have a real a Hole who is giving the country away to individuals who want to change the laws of the land. Here we see that they are getting it, at the tax payers expense. He obviously is on his own drug plan that Margret Trudeau was on, (she had the weed delivered to her door, accepted by the police at the front door, whereby for all the rest of Canada it was illegal to have even a smidgen). The whole family is on Drugs.

15 Arthur Meighen
16 Paul Martin

He did make gay marriage legally in 2005. That's something to be proud of Canada.

17 Kim Campbell

Showed all those guys out there that women can hold office as well.

She is the worst she lead failiure to her party. such a shame to canada murlouney should have stayed for those 6 months

Yes... but how long did she hold office for?

18 William Mackenzie

There was no prime minister named William Mackenzie

There was a prime minister named William Mackenzie - HerbiQuintus II

19 R. B. Bennett

Bennett Buggies were so the thing back in ye olde days

The rest are great
but did they have the beauty that was
b e n n e t b u g g I e s

Bennet Buggies are lit, fam.

20 John Turner

He was cool and awesome...wish he had better options...

21 John Abbott

"If only you got to know the guy..."

Very capable, managed to get some very sensitive legislation passed in the 17 months he was PM. "


22 John Sparrow David Thompson
23 Mackenzie Bowell
24 Joe Clark
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