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1 Tomb of the Mutilated

This is a great album man. I'm a huge fan of this era of Cannibal Corpse and their recent stuffs with Corpsegrinder don't appeal to me. - Black_Abbath

Tomb of the mutilated has to be number one... how can you think of Cannibal Corpse and not think of I C** Blood or Hammer Smashed Face? Chris Barnes on this album is at his finest and at his darkest.

I love this album. It had such a dark and gloomy sound, and the way Chris Barnes growled the vocals was simply awesome. Definitely their best album.

The production makes this the heaviest sounding Cannibal album, & Barnes vocals were lower & grittier than ever.

2 Bleeding

This album is a Death Metal classic. It just had such a charm to it. Extremely tasteful but with crushing brutality. I feel like it was Cannibal Corpse at its peak.

True masterpiece in Death-Metal.

By far the best riffs, drum beats and vocals on this album. Plus the production is mint thanks to scott burns. With the addition to rob barrett I think that he somewhat changed the bands ways a bit on this album also.

Bleeding 1st and Tomb of the Mutilated 2nd

3 Butchered at Birth

The first 4 were the best hands down!

The best brutal death metal album

Underrated! This is Cannibal's most disturbing album, has the goriest artwork, has the best lyrics...and of course, "Meat Hook Sodomy", which is easily the most underrated song from the Barnes era.

Also kinda disappointed to see The Wretched Spawn down so low. That was my favorite Corpsegrinder album. - ThatStrangeKid42

4 Kill

As a late bloomer to Cannibal Corpse this just blew my head clean off! Love the speed, the vocals, the groove! Straight to the point old school Brutal Death Metal!

This album I keep coming back to. As a full album listen at home, out an about, wherever it just rules. Very dynamic. Sounds the best too.

The technicality, brutality, and overall sound of "Kill" are unmatched by anything else out there.

The best cannibal corpse album in my opinion, would be number 1 if this was my list. - Mumbizz01

5 Torture

Sarcophagic Frenzy. Enough said.

Torture and Kill are the most energic and the most really brutal albums of Cannibal Corpse. Honestly, I don't understand how people can prefer Chris grumbling than Georges powerful grunts. The only weak of this album is the artwork, less amazing than their old covers

The new album is badass and brutal.

Excellent musicianship here packed with great production, fantastic album.

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6 Eaten Back to Life

One of the major old school pure death metal album and this album I think was the major change for the death metal to real guttural growling and I think its the best cc album but I don't think they have bad album all albums are great in a way or other but this one is the best (my opinion)

I love this album! Chris sounds better than ever here and the songs sound more like thrash with growled vocals and since thrash is my fav genre, it's perfect! By the way, why is Butchered At Birth so high? Has to be Corpses worst album along with Vile.

An album that proves even the simplest riffs can be the most effective

Eaten Back to Life is the definitive Cannibal Corpse album. It's just so good! - Oliwally

7 Vile

Definitely my favorite I just love the Instrumentation of this album

Devoured by vermin and orgasm through torture are among my favourite cannibal corpse tracks.

I voted just because it's too low on this list. Its definitely top 5

Energetic and raw all you want in death metal

8 Evisceration Plague

Very underrated

Sure, this album probably not their strongest compared to Kill, Tomb of the Mutilated, or Bleeding, but the Guitar Riffs, Drums, and the overall production is my favorite out of all Cannibal albums. It sound more powerful and aggressive then other album.

So people think this is their worst album? What the hell? This is, in my opinion, the best Death Metal album ever written!

This is the album that converted me to Cannibal Corpse! And I'm still trying to find one that sounds as good as this one. I'm new to the band so all their albums are a little overwhelming.

Evisceration Plague is their best album in my opinion. I'm kinda dissapointed.

9 A Skeletal Domain

Bought it day one, and it was worth every penny! The production is cleaner, which some people might not like, but for me, it actually makes the whole album sound heavier and darker: you can hear every note Alex makes on his bass, which is amazing considering how great his bass tracks are, the drums sound great and the guitars have a good crunchy and brutal sound. Corpsegrinder's growls are still amazing, and he shines throughout the whole album, giving you the need to growl along, especially on the opening track, the lines HIGH VELOCITY IMPACT SPLATTER are stuck in my head since I've listened to it. Among their best work!

One of the darkest Death Metal albums, next to scream Bloody Gore and Gateway To Annihilation. - GREYBOYY

Why is this album not in the top 5? - barnesfisher

Fire up the chainsaw!

10 Wretched Spawn

#10?! It has blunt force castration, wretched, spawn, decency defied, severed head stoning! Too underrated

How is this not on the top 5

This is the best one no doubt

This and Vile are way too low on this list.


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11 Bloodthirst

A perfect harmony of savagery

Very, very underrated album. Unique riffs, memorable songs, catchy, and a sickening doom sound on this one.

I have been listening since day 1 and this is my personal favorite. They got everything perfect.

This is the best... George's vocals are insane and riffs are great. Older albums are overrated.

12 Gallery of Suicide

This has a ton of bangers. I normally gravitate towards this one and Bloodthirst

Great songs but some fillers, especially in the second part of the album. But From skin to liquid, I will kill you, Disposal of the body, Sentenced to burn and the title track are amazing brutal!

13 Red Before Black

Should be higher in the list to be honest

The best one!

This new album is brutal as hell, Code of the slashers is INSANE!

Better than Torture

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14 Gore Obsessed

Although it may not contain a great deal of notably memorable tracks, it still has some, such as "Pit of Zombies" and "When Death Replaces Life". However, the memorability of the tracks aside, this album is still Cannibal Corpse's strongest, most consistent offering to date. I think it's safe to say that it's only contenders are probably 'Bloodthirst' and 'Eaten Back to Life', but even they fall in the wake of 'Gore Obsessed'.

A far too often overlooked gem. Hatchet to the Head, Dormant Bodies Bursting and Drowning in Viscera are all gems. Very heavy, but still somewhat accessible to a more casual listener (like myself). Should be higher.

GREAT album with a BAD production!

15 Worm Infested EP

I'm kind of surprised that this is in last place. I know it's an EP, so there's not as much material, but for me it's 23 minutes of pure eargasms. Demons night is one of my favorite CC songs, and no remorse is the best Metallica cover ever made.

16 Hammer Smashed Face EP

Why is this too low chris has the best vocals in here. This should be no. 5

Very underrated and awesome

This is the best no question

17 Live Cannibalism
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