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1 Hammer Smashed Face

Over rated. There are much better songs than this one. For example, almost all songs on The Bleeding or Bloodthirst are much better. Yes the song is the best on Tomb of the Mutilated, but the album itself is inferior to later works. The first 3 albums are ok and innovative in the genre, but are lacking in technical prowess present in later offerings.

This is the song that got me into the band, definitely not overrated - V4noM

Iconic! - Black_Abbath


It’s so good, classic masterpiece

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2 Make Them Suffer

No do not let them suffer at all

very good song :) especially the intro where they sing "SUFFEEEER! " and it sounds really badass. No one can really prevail cannibal corpse in death metal.

This is their best song... And I think most brutal. Hammer smashed face is great song too... But I can't understand lyrics which singed in song..

The album kill this is one of the top 3 songs but one song called death walking terror is ahead of this one

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3 I C** Blood

My favourite song along with Hammer Smashed Face But I gave this on the vote? - V4noM

I love this song. It has great guitar work and Barnes growls were amazing. Should have a higher rating.

Underrated.. Crazy lyrics. Deserves a better rating

Edgy songwriting, but the melody and brutality of the song is fantastic.

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4 Stripped, Raped and Strangled

so sick!

! Stripped raped and strangled was the best song with chris barnes. I love the intro and the growls "they think they know, who I am... "

The guitar riff has a really nice groove to it, and the vocal transition, like the way it sounds, from the intro to the "I come alive in the darkness" really sounds nice

The main riff is just so evil... The vocals, guitars, bass and drums... Just bloody awesome!

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5 Evisceration Plague

Most say that this song gave me some respect for the band, I can understand the words which is a plus for me, the instrument work is so much more technical than their earlier works, which just sounds like a bunch of noise with squeals played over it - germshep24

My math playlist. - Mandude2122

This song is absolutely incredible, everything about it, the guitar riff, the drum beats. Even the lyrics are very clear and brutal. Love this song.

I don’t understand why so many people think Hammer Smashed Face is the best song from Cannibal Corpse. The voice of Chris Barnes in that song is so quiet and lacks the power that George Fisher has.

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6 F***** With a Knife

From the Bleeding album of 1994, a staple of Cannibal, mainly for the title. It is however much much more, and demonstrates the evolution of the band. The Bleeding being the 4th album, demonstrates a much more refined quality sound that the first three. The riffing on this album and this song puts the first 3 albums into the "first three albums" category.

It has to be their best because if you hear his voice it sounds like he's about to die. It's so brutal

One of their best songs!

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7 Meat Hook Sodomy

Great song. - Black_Abbath

The best song from Butchered at birth

Intro to this song is freaky as hell. that's why its one of my favorites.

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8 Pit of Zombies

This song epitomizes what cannibal corpse is all about. Great guitar work. Awesome Lyrics. Drums pounding away. You would have to try hard not to like this song.

This is a great mosh pit song - christangrant

Fantastic Song, really catchy beat, amazing guitar playing, intense druming, very good vocals, definitely one of cannibal corpse's best songs without a doubt.

The song was simply amazing, the lyrics were amazing, and the vocals were some of the best I've heard from Corpsegrinder (in my opinion).

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9 Necropedophile

Their most underrated song. Necropedophile to me is everything death metal should be. - Meatwad

This song used to make my stomach turn. Then I grew a pair.

This relates to my life in some many ways I used to have this as my ringtone at the tender age of 16 I was obsessd with the message in this song. One evening I sat down for dinner with my family when my phone rang from the room next door the room went silent my mam quickly admitted me to a mental health clinic as she was concerned for my little sister. #poetryinmotion

This one ain't so bad by cannible corpse

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10 No Remorse

what a cover! Metallica will be proud to see this!

Nice riff... Corpsegrinder have grinded it to the beats... Amazing rhythm all over

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11 Frantic Disembowelment

Their most technical song to date... But still fast and heavy. THE BEST!

I still think this is the most aggressive music I've heard until today.

So hard to play.

Probably their fastest song ever

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12 Sentenced to Burn UListen to Sample
13 Kill or Become

This new song is too brutal!

This is corpsegrinder at his finest - ryanrimmel

About 16 riffs, all bonecrushing.


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14 Scourge of Iron

Awesome technical brutal spiritual violence

15? Seriously - V4noM

Tell me this is a joke this song rated so less compared to other cannibal corpse songs

So underrated...just give it a listen and you will Love it

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15 Addicted to Vaginal Skin

Beautiful technical lines, lyrics makes things better

"I don't know
I just took that knife
And I cut her from her neck
Down to anus
And I cut out the vagina
And I ate it"


The main riff is the coolest ever! Tomb of the Mutilated is their best album. Anyone who says it isn't technical enough can go f*ck themself. This is f*cking death metal! [I put the asterisks because it won't show the words if I typed them out. ]

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16 A Skull Full of Maggots

The best cannibal corpse song I LOVE IT BRUTAL GUITAR!

How is this not in the top 10

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17 Devoured by Vermin

Vile is the best CC Album

Why is this not in the top 10

One of their best

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18 Encased in Concrete

Best song by far, sounds like slayer on steroids

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19 Priests of Sodom

Easily their best and most powerful song!

Brutal death metal vocals here, and some seriously relentless technical guitarplaying, what more can you ask for?

Best lyrics, riffs and solos.

Great song!

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20 The Cryptic Stench

Amazing song

The guitar work on this song is so beautiful pat kicks so much ass here

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21 Disfigured

A straight forward song with amazing vocals. It stays loyal to the intro riff through the song.

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23 Demented Aggression

An Amazing brutal song!

Fast and brutal... deserves top ten!

Defienetly needs top 10... great song!

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24 Beyond the Cemetery

So underrated

That intro is one of the best death metal moments ever!

One of the greatest songs in Death Metal

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26 Unleashing the Bloodthirsty

It's so brutal and technical, the length is correct and the solo guitar is just perfect

A complete abandon of lameness. This song has intricate guitar riffing and represents the pinnacle of the Bloodthirst album which is arguably the very best Cannibal album

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27 Staring Through the Eyes of the Dead

This song was on a beavis and butthead video - Sabbath

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28 Vomit the Soul

That intro riff is just AMAZING, and the part with Glen Benton just makes it even more brutal and superior to most of Cannibal Corpses earlier stuff.

Butchered at birth are only knowledge because they album cover, but the songs need to been heared

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30 High Velocity Impact Spatter

This song is absolutely amazing! I love everything about it! Should be higher.. - Delata

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35 Shredded Humans UListen to Sample
36 Decency Defied

55? Are you serious?

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37 Rancid Amputation

The lounge cover of this song is absolutely hilarious. It made me love it even more

I seriously don't understand how this is so low. Easily one of the best songs from Butchered at Birth.

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38 The Bleeding

The very best song by Cannibal. Complete in all essential death metal ingredients. Well composed and shows the solid song writing capacity of the band. The final riff is sincerely one of the best ever. If listened to closely, it changes slightly from measure to measure... Evolving. Simply amazing. Turn away from living mortals...

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39 Murder Worship

Good song. Good riff towards the end. I'm a sucker for the simplest stuff. Its not over used in the song, and one looks forward to it. True fans know!

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40 Post Mortal Ejaculation

This is one of the most off kilter, unique songs in the genre. It sounds so atypical from the rest of the album; it has almost like a Halloween vibe.

Badass opening riff. One of my favorite Cannibal Corpse songs.

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41 Gallery of Suicide

Highly underrated song the bass and drums are played to perfection and the guitar has such a unique tone to it the main riff is so different from any of their other songs and the verse is so technical its an incredibly fun song for me and my band to play when we practice

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42 They Deserve to Die

The ending to this is the most head-bangable thing in existence.

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43 Vector of Cruelty UListen to Sample
44 The Undead Will Feast UListen to Sample
45 From Skin to Liquid

This is one of the greatest instrumentals in metal

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46 Carnivorous Swarm UListen to Sample
47 Five Nails Through the Neck

One of the best songs, It just generally has everything. Nice riffing, awesome breakdown and George probably sounded his best on this album. Just a brutal song in my opinion.

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48 Butchered at Birth UListen to Sample
49 Festering in the Crypt

Wow why is this song so low this the best song off of the wretched spawn along side frantic disembowelment

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50 The Time to Kill Is Now

Number two behind 'Death Walking Terror' and just ahead of 'Make them suffer', how good is the KILL album?!

You just HAVE to sing along when they start the "Time to Kill Is Now" growls...

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