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41 Slain
42 Rancid Amputation

The lounge cover of this song is absolutely hilarious. It made me love it even more

I seriously don't understand how this is so low. Easily one of the best songs from Butchered at Birth.

43 Demented Aggression

An Amazing brutal song!

Fast and brutal... deserves top ten!

Defienetly needs top 10... great song!

44 Murder Worship

Good song. Good riff towards the end. I'm a sucker for the simplest stuff. Its not over used in the song, and one looks forward to it. True fans know!

45 Post Mortal Ejaculation

This is one of the most off kilter, unique songs in the genre. It sounds so atypical from the rest of the album; it has almost like a Halloween vibe.

Badass opening riff. One of my favorite Cannibal Corpse songs.

46 Gallery of Suicide

Highly underrated song the bass and drums are played to perfection and the guitar has such a unique tone to it the main riff is so different from any of their other songs and the verse is so technical its an incredibly fun song for me and my band to play when we practice

47 Decency Defied

55? Are you serious?

48 The Undead Will Feast
49 Vector of Cruelty
50 From Skin to Liquid

This is one of the greatest instrumentals in metal

51 Carniorous Swarm
52 Five Nails Through the Neck

One of the best songs, It just generally has everything. Nice riffing, awesome breakdown and George probably sounded his best on this album. Just a brutal song in my opinion.

53 Split Wide Open
54 When Death Replaces Life

My favorite track

55 Festering in the Crypt

Wow why is this song so low this the best song off of the wretched spawn along side frantic disembowelment

56 The Time to Kill Is Now

Number two behind 'Death Walking Terror' and just ahead of 'Make them suffer', how good is the KILL album?!

You just HAVE to sing along when they start the "Time to Kill Is Now" growls...

57 Death Walking Terror

Number one by a country mile...

58 Shatter Their Bones

I was shocked to see this song so low! It's so fast and epic!

59 Orgasm Through Torture

My favorite from vile

60 Pounded Into Dust
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