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61 Monolith
62 Disposal of the Body

This is one of the best songs ever written!

63 Blood Drenched Execution
64 Crushing the Despised

It's a really good song. George did a really good job with the vocals and Alex Webster's bass solo was a blast! A definitely awesome 1:57 seconds of your life!

65 Dead Human Collection

85! This song is so much better than Hammer Smashed Face!

66 Coffinfeeder

Great Song, memorable riffs.

67 Sanded Faceless
68 Grotesque
69 Psychotic Precision
70 The Wretched Spawn

Damn good song if you take the time to listen you will enjoy it.

71 Nothing Left to Mutilate

114! R u kidding me? This song deserves to be top 20 at least!

This song and Wretched Spawn are the best!

72 The Discipline of Revenge
73 Submerged in Boiling Flesh
74 Scalding Hail

Ultra fast and the epitome of extreme music. I love it!

75 Evidence In the Furnace

A later song off Eviseration Plague. The album was recorded very well and has excellent sound quality and depth. This song is one of the finest examples of pure brutality yet retains pure power through the time changes and quality song writing. The vocals fit perfect. Branded by fire!

76 Skull Fragment Armor
77 Edible Autopsy
78 Mangled
79 Born in a Casket
80 Rotting Head
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