Most beautiful and calm Capital city in the World. It is Less polluted, very less populated and has Natural and Breath taking landscapes or lofty peaks, Beautiful lakes, Well planned infrastructure, Beautiful Wildlife of tropical forests, Amazing monuments, Beautiful Mountain top restaurants, Hill stations, Huge Entertainment, Best shopping destination, World class Dining facilities, Luxurious 5 start hotels to 5 star Malls, Home of World's renowned Universities, Science and technological center, Also the home of One of the World's largest and beautiful Mosques, Diverse culture, Hosts one of the Best Air shows or Army parades, World class Designers and Fashion shows, Delicious Cuisines and amazing Culture. Simply wow... !

I stayed in Islamabad for a few weeks, It is definitely the most beautiful capital city of the world. which other capital city is surrounded by lush green mountains. amazing view from the hills of the city and from the city of the hills. Absolutely fantastic. This is coming from a Yorkshire man, trust me, other then towns and cities in Yorkshire every where is ugly. I was defiantly impressed with Islamabad.

I am a Pakistani, It has a lot of other beautiful places, views, hill-tops, specially the different and amusing cultural things. Which distract the attention of people focusing on other countries. Pakistan is an amazing place to live, amusing, and lots of other interesting things in it.
Its pretty sure that, every person who visits Pakistan can't live without praising it and having a wish to visit it again and again.

Em Proud to be a #PakistanI :))

I lived in Islamabad and now I live in Canada's best city. To compare Islamabad to where I live now is simply a no match. Islamabad is green, well developed, absolutely no pollution (keeping in mind that I-9 sector is industrial zone), and on top of that, there are lots of lots places to hang out with your family and friends. Simply the best.

I am Spanish and I love this city. I would pick Islamabad rather than Madrid.

The most important of this city is its unique culture. Respect, no worries, slow (nothing to be hurry, as time is stooped), weather (except 2 or 3 months of summer), quiet and silent. The surrounding mountains-sometimes covered with snow in winters, nearby summer and winter resorts.

Islamabad is very beautiful city. It's quite clean than other Asian cities. It's greenery is breath taking. It's natural resorts and parks are stunning and weather is like a heaven. It is most modern city of Pakistan and on can compare it with London, Paris etc. And it is surely among one of the best cities of the world - Pakistat

Its a lovely city, clean, green, safe. Great infrastructure. The roads are better than many European Capitals. High quality education, healthcare, etc. Great restaurants and a wonderful place if you love nature and the outdoors.

I visited Islamabad and found it breath taking with all the mountains and beautiful gardens beside the shining roads... So many places to visit in islamabad.

Even the air smells fresh here! I moved to Islamabad with my family when I was three years old. I have seen Islamabad grow and develop into this incredible place. It's beautiful in any season. Lots of reasons to visit.

I've seen it with my eyes. The beauty is not just in the infrastructure and greenery, beautiful scenarios but the weather makes the city a well living environment. And this city has the capacity to accommodate as many citizen due to its infrastructure with a history of development started from 1956 under the president Ayub Khan.

I am from Dubai. Recently visited Islamabad. Very beautiful and peaceful City.

Islamabad is free of terrorists! It very clean! It is even very friendly to the Indians! As I am an Indian, I knew that many food outlets and restaurants gives a free meal to the Indian tourists.

Right now I am living in tehran but I have lived in Islamabad for 4 years and it's the best and most beautiful capital in the world. It is really beautiful city and without a question the best capital in the world.

Perfect fusion of natural beauty and modern development. Very tastefully designed city filled with love.

I have been a Resident and Absolutely, Love it, The way it was Planned in the past and the shape it is Taking right now is making me stay here in this City, absolutely rich in diversity and very linking whole of Pakistan. It has got all the weathers, It is not completely devoloped but when it will probably it is gonna be the most beautiful Capital Cities of the World, Its just in top 10.

The speed with which it is growing and developing, it will surely be among the top Capitals of the world! It has the essence of all parts of Pakistan due to its diverse people and has amazingly beautiful surroundings with a well-planned layout.

This is the capital where four seasons meet... It is the most quite, calm and sober city. There is no immense traffic on roads, awesomely beautiful green and lush surrounding of mountains. I have been there one and adore to be there again.

The best place in the world! If looking for peace and hospitality, Islamabad is the place to be! Lush green fields surrounded by serene yet majestic mountains!

I am living here and I request all to come and see the real beauty of Pakistan. Islamabad the name of peace, beauty and pride of Pakistan. People here are amazingly friendly. I am just in love with this city

Islamabad is a well planned and a well-managed city. It is very hygienic and clean. The fact that, one can be inspired by its beauty and greenery. It is a well updated and a modern city. I love Islamabad not just only for its greenery but also the establishment of different malls and its infrastructure.

Islamabad is the most beautiful capital city in the world. Lush green mountains with amazing Rawal lake and stunning view of Faisal Masjid make it prominent then others.

I live in Islamabad and this is the most beautiful city. There are universities hotel's mall's I mean every facility is available. The best thing about Islamabad is its natural beauty. The Margalla hill gives you most beautiful view where ever you go in the city. I live in Islamabad and I am proud!

Islamabad is green, clean and beautiful with lush green hills in the surroundings. And now with the addition of Metro-bus routes; it has become even more attractive. It is having skyscrapers but to look more developed it should have many more.

Indeed, we are proud to be Pakistani citizens, it's the country facing terrorism and extremism and so many other challenges to its integrity like ethnicity etc, Insh-Allah we'll overcome these challenges through collective efforts and with the cooperation of the government. instead of these challenges, government trying its best to promoe tourism in the country. Pakistan is best place for tourism and the foreigners are warm welcome to our country. Here are God gifted natural sights including Northern areas and specially our the natural location of our Beautiful capital IslamABAD. Regard: Sohail. A Islamabad, Pakistan.