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21 Stockholm

I lived in Stockholm for a year, it's a very safe and friendly place

Nice people and a beautiful city!

Rather overrated and boring. People reserved and very expensive give me london any day


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22 Tallinn
23 Budapest Budapest

Beautiful city, friendly people, good food and excellent Hungarian wine

The most Beautiful City where I was!

Budapest = classical music. Don't miss the Art Deco style Academy of Music and the Opera!

It should be on the top 10 list.

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24 Nashvile
25 Zagreb
26 Singapore

I've been here twice and sometimes I feel like I wanna live there!

Very beautiful, developed and worthy of visiting

Followed after Bangkok (#19 in the World & #1 in SEAsia). Great place to see & to live! - VNTMFans

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27 Brasilia

Moving and good nightlife a

28 Ljubljana

Amazing city I was actually born there so happy that we finally made a list of something people always forget the Beauty of this place gotta love Slovenia

Good people, good and cheap food, beautiful town, come and see...

29 Bejing

Beijing would be a so much better city if communism isn't exist in China anymore. I just think that Beijing is quite a wasted potential because Beijing has quite many things to offer as a city and many interesting places to enjoy, yet Beijing's potential is completely ruined by the communism in China.

Disgusting foods and not civilized people

The problem is that Beijing is in China and it kinda has a communist government

30 Wellington

More coffee shops per capital than New York! You've got a beach, you've walking trails, you've got charming people. So metropolitan but also a real sense of community. WELLY, I LOVE YOU

Great place to live or visit, with tourist attractions worthy of visiting. Friendly people that are always up for helping anyone who needs it.

Beautiful city, beautiful people and a relaxed environment

New Zealand is a amazing country and Wellington is the most wonderful capital among all countries.

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31 Vilnius

Lithuania just sounds rather good

32 Reykjavík

Beautiful little city with the most spectacular scenery I have ever seen!
From deep caves to sublime waterfalls spilling through the mountains, definitely worth a visit to Reykjavik!

33 Prague

One of the most beautiful cities in the world. It�'s great! The castle on the hill, you fell like in fairytail, when you are coming on Old Town Square and beautiful Charles Bridge with statues... I love Prague!

Awesome city

34 Helsinki

Friendly people and beautiful sights.

Clean, safe and attractive.

Helsinki is green, liveable and beautiful city.

Awesome sights, the cathedral and churches are great and eira is absolutely nice art nouveau place!
There is something for everyone

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36 Dublin

Lovely city, rich in history and culture. Ideal for a city break. The People are really friendly also and there are plenty of great bars, restaurants and nightclubs. Little bit pricy though and the public transport is poor in some areas

Beautiful city, lots to do, green spaces are plentiful, people are great for the most part... Overall it's a great city and great representation of Ireland as a whole.

A vibrant city with many cultural venues and a great night life, situated along a beautiful coast line (take the dart coastal train for some amazing views) the locals are friendly and its also very safe. would recommend a visit.

It's where I'm from, so biast and what not.

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37 Sydney

Sydney is not the capital, but it's the most touristic city in Australia. And laugh out loud, I agree, Sidney SHOULD be the capital of Australia. ; D) - xXImMyOwnHeroXx

Sydney is not a capital you fool!

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38 Dhaka

Capital of one of the most fast developing country, Bangladesh. In recent times, people of Bangladesh celebrated 400 years of Dhaka as capital city. Dhaka has a long history of fall & rise. But she always has been the centre attraction of education, politics, revolution, economics etc. She is the 12th mega city of the world. She has so many places of historical interest.
She is considered as the heart of the People of Bangladesh.

Dhaka is the best city in this world

Dhaka is one of the old and historically most popular city in the world..and its developing with a astonishing way..if our world only had one city then the single best place on earth is Dhaka. Every geography and modern theory says that there is no better place on earth to put a city than here..we might have some problem but we are developing

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39 Vancouver

Vancouver is not a capital!

Not the capital of Canada or British Columbia, this city actually sucks

It is really dangerous but the city is nice

40 Jerusalem Jerusalem Jerusalem is a city in the Middle East, located on a plateau in the Judaean Mountains between the Mediterranean and the Dead Sea.

Enchanting spiritual atmosphere with prayers rising to heaven.. Navel of universe. City of shalom

The Great City of David. JERUSALEM is the capital of the world!

Jerusalem City of the great king and centre of the world

How is thos not number one! Seriously, I baffles my mind that it's number 31!

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