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41 Helsinki

Friendly people and beautiful sights.

Clean, safe and attractive.

Helsinki is green, liveable and beautiful city.

Awesome sights, the cathedral and churches are great and eira is absolutely nice art nouveau place!
There is something for everyone

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42 Riga

A great city to have fun in summer and winter.

43 Lisbon

The most beautiful city in Europe, with great food, friendly people and lovely weather!

Went there once oceanarium is awesome

One of the most beautiful cities in the world. Unique! Great food, very beautiful old city with amazing monuments and great museums. Rich culture with a very nice music (Fadu)

Best city in the World

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44 Bucharest Bucharest

Hot chicks

Lots of bautiful monuments. Very beutiful city

Nice city. I reccomend visiting the Palace of the Parliament and the Old Centre. Also mind going down Calea Victoriei (Victory Path). But DO NOT GO to Ferentari or Rahova neighbourhoods. They are full of gypsies

45 Bern

Bern is kinda boring zurich is much better

46 Johannesburg

Johannesburg is not the capital of South Africa. That's Pretoria!

Watch out for tons of lightning bolts if you go here

You must know all three capitals in South Africa. Pretoria, Johannesburg,
And Bloemfontein - JDConrad

47 Kuala Lumpur

For me, the city never ever sleep at the night time (just as same as the other capitals) but it was kinda peaceful in there more peaceful then London, but Rome is still my favorite - EmilyEgberts

Fake. Nothing interesting and boring.

I love it! This city is amazing! The night view is gorgeous!

3rd after Bangkok & Singapore (from SEAsia) as the best capital city! Truly Asia! - VNTMFans

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48 Manila

Manila is the best city in the whole world what a happy place has exiting events I love to go there because filipinos are very very friendly

Lots of skyscrapers big malls and home of sm mall of asia

Best city to have fun in all aspects of the word! Laugh out loud

18th most populous city 14th most populous capital city

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49 Panama City

The most beautiful capital of central America Panama Its Great

50 Warsaw

City with the greatest history and the best opportunities

Beautiful city with amazing history!

Amazing city

Warsaw is just the best capital city you would ever see in your life. Love you Warsaw!
Love you Poland!
Kocham Polske 💕

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51 Jakarta

Boring. So much traffic and nothing interesting in this city

Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia,

It's a beautiful city

Biggest city in indonesia

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52 Ankara

Big and good city

Beautiful city with very nice people

Very clean and safe city

Beautiful city

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53 Belgrade

Great city lots of fun for all ages and some of the best parting in the world

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54 Mexico City

Mexico city is the worst place ever someone remove it from the list

Mexico is the best place I EVER VISITED

The greatest city in the world! It is the best place I have visited so far.

Come on, it is one of the nicest cities in the world. And if you say it is unsafe I can tell you it has lower murder rates that St Louis and Washington DC.

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55 Tehran

It's the capital city of Iran, where it used to be a powerful country in the past called Persia. Beautiful people with beautiful culture.

Tehran is a big and wonderful city with very nice culture and people

Persia has the oldest civilization all over the world

100% tehran its beautiful city with great history

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56 Cardiff

Best place to meet people who are salt of the earth and everything is within reach. Also safe place to live. Born there and grew up there. Love it.

This is the greatest City on the planet

Lovely city

57 Beirut Beirut

I have visited beirut around 4 times! Such a nice place. For me it's the best city in the best country Lebanon

The best city in the world, I love Tunis

58 Belfast Belfast Belfast is the capital and largest city of Northern Ireland, the second-largest city in Ireland after Dublin, and is situated around the River Lagan, which runs through the city.

Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland. First of all, this is the place where Titanic was built.
Belfast is also known as the student city for it's one of the most beautiful and top ranked University of the world the Queen's University Belfast. As a russel group University QUB is one of the most research based University in UK. QUB is regarded the best University for Pharmacy, Medicine and Dentistry. And in the filed of Engineering it is well renowned for Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering.
Belfast is also one of the UK's most tourist place. Local Irish people here are too friendly to describe..

59 Oslo

Born there, very safe, welcoming people and no racism

Free university if anyone wants to go ���"

In the previous comment I wanted to say BORN instead of burn :D

Such a great place, why isn't this higher in the list?! what?! the people here are VERY friendly, and so filled with glee, you can even tell! my friend was going on a trip to oslo for vacation and to meet relatives and I wasnt very motivated to go because I thought norway was just snow and cold, but I was wrong-ish. yes, it is a bit cold, but we stayed there til late spring and it totally started to warm up. but that didn't really matter in my opinion, I felt kind of safe due to the people being so friendly. we did not speak much scandinavian languages, we only knew a bit of norsk but people helped us that spoke english. the place in general had such a great charm, too. it's a bit unexplainable but its very varied, and there much to do! my favorite place that we went had to be the downtown. especially when it snowed or it was at night, it was so beautiful! my friends' relative made me take a chance at skiing, I sucked at it, but it was a good experience. it was great, I did NOT want ...more

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60 Zagreb
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