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61 Sofia

Its a very nice city. Most people are very nice. It is not very safe but not dangerous. - umadbro

62 Sarajevo

This is the best city I have ewer seen I'm from Germany

It is the most beutiful city I have ever saw. I'm from London, but I went there. People are so friendly and cind. Well, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are gonna get married in Sarajevo so...

63 Hanoi

Some Americans might not be so keen on going here, particularly the Vietnam Veterans. THEY MUST FORGET THE PAST AND LOOK AT THE PRESENT. Hanoi is full of historical temples, French colonial architecture, delicious and cheap food, friendly people, upscale shopping malls, shady trees, and peaceful lakes. If you drive 3 hours to the East, there is the wonderful world heritage site Halong Bay. Even though Hanoi belongs in SE Asia, the weather is very temperate and not tropical. November to March is quite comfortable. Finally, the hustle and bustle of motorcycles on the streets really makes you feel like Vietnam is in a huge economic boom.

It might not appeal so nice to some Americans, especially the Vietnam Veterans. THIS IS A MISTAKE. Delicious food, cheap products, friendly people, full of trees, and charming lakes.

What? 6th best capital city in SEAsia?! They're fashionable & look like models, right? - VNTMFans

64 Nairobi

What an amazing city. The city under the sun.

Home of Africa's largest ICT centre.


65 Astana

Amazing architecture. Very modern and young city

One of the youngest capitals in the world (1997).

Futuristic, rich, and a must see

66 Yerevan

One of the most beautiful cities in the world enriched with ancient history.

67 Riyadh

Riyadh. O Allah help Riyadh get up this list. 1st definitely should be. Beautiful deserts. Lovely boiling mountains! Yeah boiling mountains. Wonderful people. Most of all. Safe! And you feel like home! Lol!

Riyadh has its own style

68 Tbilisi V 1 Comment
69 Prishtina

It is fun for all of ages

70 Colombus

If you are talking about the us city, I think it's spelled Columbus
Also, Columbus is very heavy with traffic

71 Reykjavík

Beautiful little city with the most spectacular scenery I have ever seen!
From deep caves to sublime waterfalls spilling through the mountains, definitely worth a visit to Reykjavik!

72 Pyongyang

I vote Pyongyang...clean (from dead bodies) and also safe (because of soldier patrolling there) and also great vacation to starve yourself to death and worship Kim Jong Un lel. - CerealGuy

73 Addis Ababa

It's the best

74 Palestine

Great history great people great everything

Great food great place palestine has a lot of history I just love the place. ❤️

V 1 Comment
75 Trivandrum
76 Tirana

Is a beautiful city, when I visited it I expected an old boring city but was the opposite, it has a lot of great monuments and even if is a little bit polluted, the sight from mount Dajt is just amazing... People are friendly and most of them know English.. YOU SHOULD VISIT Albania - TheProdigy

77 Phoenix

Phoenix is a city in Arizona

78 Nassau

Great capital of the Bahamas and have the great sea

79 Luanda

Its very nice and it's a second Sao Paulo

80 Santiago

Its great and conurbation center

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