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81 Boston
82 Dakar
83 San Marino
84 Djibouti Djibouti
85 Phoenix

Phoenix is a city in Arizona

86 Mogadishu

Its unfortunate the current insecurities of Mogadishu, It has been once the most beautiful city in Africa and most popular interms of tourism destinations with the longest beach on the outskirts of the city and beautiful buildings, Hope one day it will recover from the current problems of security,

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87 San Juan

It is the capital of Puerto Rico very very nice city in the caribbean sea

88 Caracas

Very nice capital and very best women

89 Guatemala City

Lovely city have a great people

90 Guayaquil

I'm Half Mexican, Half Equadorian and my Equadorian family is from Guayaquil!

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91 Santo Domingo

Dominican Republic nice with largest capital of Caribbean

92 Monrovia

Liberia is rather awesome if I do say so

93 Amman

Uh him. Remember Amman has Petra. One of the seven wonders of the world. It is full of culture. Another Paris. Filled with flats! Lost of history too! Vote Amaan now. Forget the others.don't mean it!

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94 Valletta

Is one of the best capital cities of the islands in europe

95 Chattanooga

Chattanooga is in Tennsessee, but I'm sure Nashville is the capital of TN. - JackLawler

96 Austin
97 Algiers

Beautiful beaches, friendly people and developing tourist attractions. Viva Algeria!

That's the only place in Africa I've ever been

98 Hartford
99 Pyongyang

I vote Pyongyang...clean (from dead bodies) and also safe (because of soldier patrolling there) and also great vacation to starve yourself to death and worship Kim Jong Un lel. - CerealGuy

100 Antananarivo
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