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101 Sacramento

It's chill and there's good food here.

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102 Managua
103 Damascus

Capital city of Syria - jezza0

104 Kathmandu

City of temples. Amalgamation of Hindu and Buddhist shrines. Harmony among people of more than 5 religions more than 100 language speaking people and more than 100 ethnicity. PEACE ZONE of the world.

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105 Kabul

It rocks so much there are some great people there. I once lost my wallet and the people there were so helpful finding it.

The stupid news only showcases the poor part of it. The rest of the city is beautiful and historic.

A good capital with great, peaceful, kind and generous people.

It's a great city

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106 Nicosia
107 Istanbul

Istanbul isn't a capital city

Istanbul is the best

History, geography, culture and taste put together

City Of Fatih Sultan Mehmed...

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