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101 Amman

Uh him. Remember Amman has Petra. One of the seven wonders of the world. It is full of culture. Another Paris. Filled with flats! Lost of history too! Vote Amaan now. Forget the others.don't mean it!

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102 Nicosia
103 Valletta

Is one of the best capital cities of the islands in europe

104 Chattanooga

Chattanooga is in Tennsessee, but I'm sure Nashville is the capital of TN. - JackLawler

105 Austin
106 Algiers

Beautiful beaches, friendly people and developing tourist attractions. Viva Algeria!

That's the only place in Africa I've ever been

107 Hartford
108 Antananarivo
109 Sacramento

It's chill and there's good food here.

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110 Managua
111 Damascus

Capital city of Syria - jezza0

112 Juba
113 Khartoum
114 Sanna
115 Yaren
116 Triploi
117 Tashkent
118 Dushanbe
119 Bishkek
120 Bissau
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