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21 Subaru

Subaru makes some of the most reliable cars on the market today. They can last forever and they hold their value.

There is no such thing as the 'best car ever', because they all have different purposes. But if there was a best car brand in the world, this would be it. Subaru do EVERYTHING. They go fast, 4WD, comfy as hell, stylish, extremely reliable, everything.

Love my outback. Pulls thru sand, mud like it's nothing. Hugs the road well. Love it

Great cars, cool, unique drivetrain, and very reliable and fun to drive.

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22 Mustang


This car brand is awesome -

Well duh the ford mustang is the best even if it is just a model


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23 McLaren

McLaren has a rich history in Formula 1, so you can already tell they know how to make a car. Their cars have amazing technological innovation and are great all-around. They haven't produced very many cars, but the road cars they have produced are all amongst the best in the world.

I'm not saying McLaren is the best possible car company ever. But let's be fair McLaren is at least better than SAAB, Maybach or else.

I love McLaren! How could you not love them?

Nice car djde! I really love you! kiss from Holland. love mclaren

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24 Land Rover

A range rover can show up to a valet and be parked right up front. The same car can then take you across the Sahara

The Land Rover Range Rover Sport is sleek. I have one and I love it.

It is the best car company to me. It may be a bit unreliable, but you can trust it.

A Landrover is so human;- she is never perfect, but is always giving her best!

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25 Lexus

One of the smoothest, stylish cars and drives wonderfully

Lexus makes me feel luxury, unspeakable fit. Smart and comfortable, feels of being protected...

This car luxury makes me one of the most important on the traffic. I feel the respect that comes from overs, and of course it is very comfortable and easy driving. In one word it is a very nice car.

The best luxury!

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26 Lotus

Colin Chapman wrote much of motorsport history with ground effect... + Lotus cars were and are beautiful

Lotus is one of the best brands established. It makes the best racing cars as well as the best man made luxury cats available on the markt. I think it deserves better.

Lotus is amazing so elegant my dream car

27 Vauxhall Vauxhall

Pretty amazing understated tech, most efficient engines (yes really) but still perform very well. Really good looking form the outside, very well thought out inside.

Great to drive I couldn't ask for anything else

Don't vote for this rubbish the Vauxhall zafira for 2005-2014 go on fire!

What is Vauxhall? Part of GM?

28 Maserati

Super car that works very well. The car is beautiful

The best car ever I saw BLUE COLOR Maserati 3500 GT*******1000 OUT OF 100 I will give...

The Maserati cars give me a feeling joy

super car

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29 Range Rover

It's the nicest car ever. How can this be number 54?!

Smooth as silk, top notch interior, bathed in luxury, amazing capability, purpose built, what a concept..

This car should be no.20 man


30 Alfa Romeo

I literally dropped my jaw when I saw Alfa was 109! Literally, what? They are definitely top 10 worthy and have always been beautiful quality cars... plus they have global recognition, why this is so far down the list, I'll never understand.

Not as comfortable as BMW, Audi, Merc. Not as cost efficient as Mazda etc. But hell is it the most fun to ride! My alfa is the only car I casually step in to make a joyride.

A pure sports car brand. Legendary, even Enzo ferrari was a part of it

Alfa should be in top 5 why?
if you can, go drive alfasud, gtv6, giulia ( 60s ), 164, spider, 8c monza, and the sound of that busso v6! - gruppenfuhrer

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31 Camaro

Camaro is not a brand is a model.

It should be above in the top three

Not a brand! Chevy model!

Camaro suck sooomuch!

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32 Peugeot

Mechanically the best car to drive, as proven in the amount of Le mans (24 Hour endurance races) titles this car has won. Takes a little getting used to with all the gadgets which are not placed conventionally like in other brands - the electronic window switch is found in the center console instead of on the doors, but this is a small offset compared to the value for money and reliability these cars offer.

utterly cute and heaven to drive around in

I want to buy new peugeot 208 three doors

Amzazing car brand.

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33 Challenger

The Challenger is not a brand is a model.

Again, not a brand

haha spam

34 Acura

The only reason Acura is so low on this list is because everyone is voting Honda instead! Same company just more luxurious.

No words, you cannot judge the japanese perfection. -

The acura is not a lot cheaper then the honda accord. But style wise and luxury it sure beats honda!

Stupidest Car � - Ever

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35 Skoda

One of the greatest cars in the world... You can buy it cheap but it is really great quality... In England Skoda is the most favourite car - and everyone knows why...

Value for money. Undisputed king.

You get the same great quality as with other brands manufactured by the Volkswagen Corporation, but for a much lower price!

Superb quality VERY VERY enthusiastic to drive! UNMATCHED PERFORMANCE

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36 Pagani

Its really awesome.. Smooth lining maintaining beauty.. Just fabulous!

Think that Pagani is the best car and can make better cars than other companies.

Amazing crazy looking cars

Best looking car

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37 Citroën

Nice design, reliable, environmental friendly and for a decent price.

Amazing design beside powerful engines beside best performance on everything you looking for in the cars.

It's simply the best. It's just that people haven't noticed it

A kind of French thoroughness.

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38 Holden

Holden was the company that set the expectation for Australian made cars. The Torana was a classic Aussie piece of automotive greatness and showed that Americans aren't the only people who can make pure muscle cars.

Holden cars are amazing.I

Holden is the best

Best car ever!

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39 Opel

One of the best cars for the price and good German mechanics. -

Because its safe and nice, and also very comfortable

Opel have a long and rich history and one of the oldest automobile manufacturers in the world

I own a Corsa and I really think this brand is understated. My Corsa is indeed comfortable, drives beautifully, looks great and has shown no issue at all in its third year on the road. It also looks quite individual.I highly recommend it!

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40 Koenigsegg Koenigsegg

This car company is one of a kind: handmade production cars, lead by a man who have no experience on creating cars, breaking Bugatti's record, and survived a disaster (where the Koenigsegg factory got burnt down).

I love this car second to the fastest why is it 47 in the best car brands it's way better than the BMW

This is a very nice looking car which can go over 250 mph in a stylish silver chrome I LOVE IT

Koenigsegg should be in the top 10. Stunningly fast and sleek not to mention the great looks this hand made compony deserves to be rated better.

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