Michelin (France)


Michelin tires have never let me down in the 45 years I have been driving them. I feel they are the best tire on the road bar none!

So good, I didn't know it 5 years ago and now we are using only Michelin for our 6 cars (small business).

Michelin are the best tires we sell, it's a 100% client satisfaction. Really higher compared with other brands and Michelin has the widest range of tire types. Winter, Summer, 4 Seasons with the famous Cross Climate approved and stamped by the Swiss confederation has real Winter tire, Switzerland is known for its high certification level.
Depending of the country they can be seen as more expensive, but at the end, due to their grip, longevity,... They are really competitive.

They are the Best Tires, for Me! Thank You, Michelin!

Awesome smoothness with superior grip

I live in the Caribbean and Michelin is the most expensive tires but it's the only one that I trust with my life.

Excellent tire above everything other brands in terms of quality, reliability, smooth ride, and safety.

Michelin tires have high quality rubber. I feel safe and comfort when driving car with michelin tires.

Only run Michelin tires. I sell tires and they are the best but do cost more then most

I have over 20 years tire shop. I thing that michelin tires is perfect for all cars.

Michelin takes the knowledge it obtains dominating the 24 Hours of Le Mans and applies it not only to their car tires, but also to the tires they produce for everything from bicycles to earthmovers to airplanes.

Low noise impact. Love them during wet weather.

Best tires I have owned. Came standard on my BMW.

The best tires I've been driving with new Michelin Cross Climate for 10 months with 36,000 km done and I felt I've chosen the right ones, and in my case the price was not so high even lower than most of the other brands and that without any special discount.

2 of my grandparents cars run on these tires

I safe and comfort on michelin tyre

The only tire that comes close to the quality of Micheln is Continental. The absolute best tired.

Thinking of getting Michelin tires. Will give it a try. The comments helped my decision.

Although Michelin tires can be on the pricey side, they are racing quality tires!

Makes custom tires for the fastest car in the world, the Bugatti Chiron - IIBK

Smooth ride, good handling, and quiet. Great in bad weather too! I live in Minnesota so I would know! I got 90k out of my set, and the tread was still good! The sidewalls were just cracking because of the MN weather.

Great for drag racing, use them on my SRT Challenger. - Kolobanov

I am still running with my set of Michelin Latitude tyres. So far 120,000+km done. Very good dry and wet grip. excellent handling, excellent feedback and great comfort as well. I am planning to go for the second Michelin set. Especially I should mention I got a very less ware and tare on my suspensions. That is an advantage. No doubt, one of the best tyre brands.

Michelin is very overrated. It's not a bad tire, but there are better choices available. Such as Goodyear.

I used to have bridgestone,than yokohama but they didn't last longer so I decided to go for michelin and I have michelin tyres in my ride since last two years they haven't disapointted me and work great even on the broken roads of interior towns of pakistan.