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21 Kelly Tires (USA)

Kelly is owned by Goodyear and even though they don't have a huge product line, Kelly makes a heck of a tire. Especially for the price. I've run Kelly tires for years and have always gotten many many trouble free miles and great traction from them.

22 Firestone (USA)

Run Firestone on my car for winter, excellent traction and even at spirited speeds they grip great! Great price as well and have never had a problem. Just got rid of a set of 4 Cooper's for example two came out of round, not very happy with Cooper.

Been using the Firestone Destination tire since they came out, truck after truck. They never wear out, they handle great, good in mud & snow, good for hauling, as good as you are going to get on the highway.

Love the Destination AT's on my Jeep Wrangler. They are quiet on the highway and can do anything I ask off road

Firestone is not (USA). They are owned by Bridgestone which is Japanese and therefore something I refuse to buy. Americans need to support Goodyear which is last American owned tire maker.

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23 Kavir Tire (Iran)

I test this tire for 93,000 miles in desert, it's reliable tire for sure specifically for high temperature roads.

It's really good

It's the best tire in the world

Its Really Good

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24 Ceat (India)

Awesome products I been using around 40 years

Ceat wasn't made for forty years stupid

They've been around since 1958 stupid.

1958 + 40 = 1998. So what's wrong with the 40 yr comment? Simple math.

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25 Maxxis (Taiwan)

Maxxis makes a killer tire! It is just a matter of time before they are rated in the top 5.

100% trust and service more power to Maxxis tires!

Very durable tires.

That was awesome it's hard like rock but soft when you are on road, I bout it from Mr amir ala Doaeian store (SA)

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26 Kumho (South Korea)

I had two Kumho Tires that split bands and had to be replaced before the treadwear was significant. It also says made in China, not in South Korea. Regardless. They seem like a defective tire. I would not recommend them.

Just bought this, is this a continental subsidiary

Great value for money.

Wow you guys bought your tires from eBay or what? my tires came with my Hyundai santa Fe, works just fine

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27 Nankang (Taiwan)

Best tire for the price and rides very well

Best brand ever Quality vs price

28 Coker (USA)


29 Lassa (Turkey)

Best value for the money

Perfect tires

I have been using Lassa since I remember.good quality and high performance.. its most of car brands choice

I also use this tire for long time..i think its one of the best ever made.many car brands prefer this..espesially its popular for heavy trucks and war planes for use

30 JK Tyres (India)

I have used its very good tyre service...

Very good tyres.

31 Keter (China)
32 Petlas (Turkey)

Petlas one of most selling and best quality car tires produced with high technology in Turkey

Best turkish brand

33 Achilles (USA)

Nice and grip well

I like u help me to get

34 Gislaved (Sweden)

Well known brand for great snow tires, comparable to Nokian JMHO

35 TVS (India)

Best company for bikes, worst for tyres.

36 Trabant
37 Fulda (Germany) V 1 Comment
38 Barum (Czech Republic)

I have a set of barum bravuris tires on my 1990 miata. Great cornering grip silky smooth at highway speeds. Would reccomend these tires for budget performance minded driving

39 Hoosier (USA)

I trusted their product on my race car. I trust them on my street car. No doubt about it.



Tires designed for champions is there motto freshly made by hard working class Americans with close supervision on all aspects of the tire from start to finish.
Hoosier is primarily known for specializing in the production of tires for competition use. This Indiana-based tire company, Is the world's largest race tire manufacturer. They also have a wonderful line of safe everyday tires to go along with there race line of tires. So Hoosier will watch over you on race day and all days in between. The Hoosier tire company was founded in 1958, and has since provided tires for use in series sanctioned by IHRA, ARCA, CRA, NASCAR, IMCA, WISSOTA, SCCA, AIS, and Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series. - Screw32

40 Bugatti (France)

Bugatti is not a tire brand is a brand of a French car producer, located in France, which is a now a subsidiary of the VW group (biggest car maker in the world).

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