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What is your favorite card game?
(applies to games using the standard 52-card deck of cards A-K in four suits-does not include UNO, for example)

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1 Poker

Poker is the most amazing game that I have ever played

Amazing game, but is quite a gamble in it.

Poker, especially no limit hold'em, may be the greatest game ever. Chess and checkers for example, are games of perfect information. Everyone sees everything. Life is not like that. Poker often leaves one guessing if they made the right move, you never really know. That's how life is and poker teaches you skills that help you navigate life better. Outstanding!

Fun fun and just so fun.

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2 Hearts

I have very fond memories of game night and this one of our families favorites!

Spent many hours, with colleagues, whilst waiting call outs.s

I have played this game once but it is super fun and contains a lot of strategy!

Good game to play

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3 Spoons

If you don't have any spoons you can play this game by putting you're hands in the middle 1st and the last person to do so is out

Each player picks a number and 4 of that number is in play no other cards
Deal out 4 cards to each player. Each player must then pass one card to there right at the same time if someone has 4 of any number they shout HANDS/SPOONS! Then puts there hands in the middle or grabs a spoon in the middle of the table. Who ever is last or does not have a spoon goes out the game and one set of numbers gets taken out of the game

Spoons is awesome it uses real spoons to play this fabulous game

Fun and easy for everyone in the family!

I love it!

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4 Crazy Eights

This game is awesome. It's a really fn game. I also hate poker laugh out loud. Rummy is too difficult and I don't know why bluff is not on this list. It's also a great game

I hate poker it wasnt good. I play crazy 8s every day. And its fun to play I wish we can play it all day in my life. And the eights are wild and its fun to play the game. From now on we will play it every day. Its good. How exiting.

I love crazy eights, my mom taught when I was young.

I’ve heard of Crush’s Crazy 8s! - marlinDory7

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5 Go Fish

I have got a deck of cards, the game I mostly play is go fish. Once you have played it, it gets addictive in a really good way! When I bring my deck of cards out the thing that's in my mind is go fish, go fish, go fish, go fish. So this's why I like it.

Great game but it is very addictive and you need a lot of time to play this game

Go fish is a good game for all ages and it can save your time!

Smell like fish ****

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6 Egyptian Rat Screw

This game never gets old. Its also fun fast paced and can get violent. WHY IS THIS NUMBER 35

I love this game and play it a LOT more than the other games on the list, it should be number 1. I have told so many people about this game and have taught just as many.

I think this belongs in the top 10; I have taught over 100 people this game...

This is the best card game EVER!

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7 Rummy 500

It is my Favorite Game I mean Really Spades and Hearts I'm stuck Inbetween Uk and Stupid.

Rummy 500, crazy eights, and 31 are my three favorite card games! But why is 31 so low on this list, it's better than 21!

Rummy is my favourite game I play it every day

ok game

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8 Euchre

I use to have friends that I played this with about 15-20 years ago & oh, how I miss it, just as I was getting pretty good, they moved & I haven't met anyone since who plays or likes it since! - pmmom38

Want to know how this game is played?

I'm surprised games like Speed and BS are on here before Euchre XD.

Euchre is so fun once u get the hang of it, by far my favorite card game!

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9 21

This game is fun but mostly luck

It's the best game ever its really and its really fun me and my friends love it

Its pretty boring because the main goal of the game is to have 21 or less and the other person must have less or they bust


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10 Texas Hold 'Em

Everybody seems to know this one - RdrTech

Texas Hold'em is the In, not so much Poker anymore. Rummy is cool too. - Raptork

Texas Hold 'Em is a really fun game to play with family and friends, and once you know how to play, you can get really good really fast.

Fun to play all day with friends

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11 Spades

spades is the best ever... strategy and luck combined

Truly takes the skill of reading a peer's actions to the next level. This intense game of playing cards to further yourself and your teammate and predicting how many tricks you will win based not only on yourself, but also based on the mental connection between you and your partner is one of my favorites because it relies not on luck of the draw, but on pure strategy and knowledge of your partner. This game is the best bruh.

Best game I've ever played. Partner games are best.

Time to get down and play

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12 Mabinogi Duel
13 Pokémon

I love the Pokemon trading card game its awesome (: I even have a legendary card

Reply fun to play with other friends and family.

Always a new and exciting way to play

Best game ever!

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14 Magic the Gathering

A game of strategy that begins before you even sit down to play. Cards are also collectible. Best card game in world.

You are Playing Chess with Cards, and every 3 months you get new pieces to play with what more can you say!

Confusing and annoying if you lose but really fun if you win

Definitely the best

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15 B.S.

I could play this every day for the rest of my life. - anonymous

This is arguably he beat card game ever! Days of fun, I never get bored of it, it's too awesome. If it was a career I would do it.

Love this game. Play it with my friends in weekends at my cabin near stevens pass

Fun game to play with friends

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16 Gin or Gin Rummy

It's a bit long and is difficult as you have to know what kind of pair your partner is making based on the cards they pick up but when you win, it's really rewarding.

My whole family love this game and my sister refuses to play anything else because she doesn't want any other game to be her favorite! - ThAtOnEIdIoT

Easy, fun game that includes putting same suits together or getting three and four of a kind. CLASSIC!

It was kinda fun when I beat my brother at it I guess.. I dunno I've never play it

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17 Oh Hell

A great game for a large group of family and friends to play.

Play it whenever the family gets together.

Fun name is good too!

18 Duelyst
19 Bridge

The ultimate card game. It takes the human element, the logical analysis element and the perception reasoning of ones brain, to play well. No wonder computers even today, still can't play at levels near experts. It is the king of card games, with the prestige fit for Kings, not to mention a collaboration of complex rules, that make a steep learning curve on other games, seem like a flowery park hill. The game used to be big, now it has fallen by the wayside, as entertainment these days is all about very vulgar jokes, and fast cuts. Bridge is a thinking man's game in the age when thinking is no longer necessary. Yet, even still, for those of us who know it and play it on a humble night, it is truly timeless...

Bridge is the best card game. It can be played at the highest level with no luck (contract form) and it can be played casually over a few drinks. Whether playing for money or pride, this game offers something for everyone. Bridge is the thinking players game, where all bits of information can be important, from what seems like a throw away bid, to what cards are dumped during a trick. There is such a thrill in making even a 1 no-trump contract by counting deep into each suit and making your 8 of clubs a winner!

Learned at eleven. Played a lot in college. Not much til retirement, now 5 times a month, duplicate, and have master points. You can also play online, with people from all over the world. Free. People are turning to this game because it is intellectual exercise for the top of your head.

Solomon Wu's gonna learn it! :-)

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