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21 Star Realms
22 War

I don't no this but I just want to vote, so sure many of you will this like...

It's a good game for littler kids, but not really a fun game with a lot of elements.

War sucks! It is 100% luck with no strategy involved. I declare war with whoever put this on this list!

So so fun this game should be first

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23 Solitaire

I like the fireworks that appear on the screen when you win. :P
(Still haven't won yet... ) - Oreanta

Solitaire is a hobby of mine. It's most of what I do with playing cards. - PositronWildhawk

I've became addicted to solitaire recently... - drdevil

On a cold winters day I like to play solitaire

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24 Sheepshead
25 Hearthstone
26 Pay Me
27 Runescape Endless Legend
28 52 Pick Up

I always seem to get to 51 then just lose interest

If you are an experienced champ, this game is the best of all games

This one should be on the top ten pranks, not card games.

When I'm drinking I play this game, because when my wife tells me to stop drinking I throw the deck of cards at her and scream "52 PICK UP BITCH"

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29 Spite and Malice

I have played this game since I was a child and no one know what it is. It is fantastic! It is similar to skip-bo, but you do not have to buy separate cards.

Love the game. Have played Skip-Bo and Spite and Malice.

This game is the epitome of strategy and screwing people over. It's so fun!

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30 Clash Royale V 3 Comments
31 Speed

It can improve your reaction time and judgement. Overall, it's fun to play with friends with other people cheering you on from the side.

I have played this for hours straight on many occasions, it never gets old

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32 Yu-Gi-Oh!

I think yugioh is a hard and fun game and is enjoyable to collect.

This game is amazing I love this game

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33 Rummy Royal
34 Solforge
35 Thirteen

Thirteen card brag OR Crash as we called it when I was younger. Just looking up how to play it again?

36 99
37 Pinochle

Cutthroat Pinochle is my favorite! It's so addicting. When you're on a lucky streak and you can't decide whether to gamble or not, it's such a RUSH! Incredibly fun game and pretty easy to learn too! You'll forget when you don't play for a while, but when you start again, it comes right back. - theOpinionatedOne

I can't believe I'm the first to vote for this. pinochle is like spades on steroids.

Survey says: Those that don't vote for this game have obviously not played.

Have to have a brain to play this one.

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38 Cribbage

It's a card game invented in the 1600's. My father played it and taught my son who then taught me-we have been bonding through this challenging game ever since.

"Just learned how to play it! What a wonderful game! And can be played with up to 4

Fun game that sailors play and involves math

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39 Spider Solitaire
40 Snap
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