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What is your favorite card game?
(applies to games using the standard 52-card deck of cards A-K in four suits-does not include UNO, for example)

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21 Blackjack

Fun in groups and at parties, so much fun! Never gets old, and is great if you have money to bet.

7 Card Blackjack is the bomb, fun for everyone and its not too complicated like other card games like poker or texas hold 'em

Great. Simple enough that anyone can play and yet complex enough that decisions still have impact.

Man this game should be #1

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22 Solitaire

I like the fireworks that appear on the screen when you win. :P
(Still haven't won yet... ) - Oreanta

Solitaire is a hobby of mine. It's most of what I do with playing cards. - PositronWildhawk

I've became addicted to solitaire recently... - drdevil

I love the game

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23 Sheepshead
24 Monopoly Deal

Never gets old. THE BEST! - mood333

25 War

I don't no this but I just want to vote, so sure many of you will this like...

It's a good game for littler kids, but not really a fun game with a lot of elements.

War sucks! It is 100% luck with no strategy involved. I declare war with whoever put this on this list!

kids game

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26 Hearthstone

Stay as far away from this game as you possibly can. It will consume all your time and money.

27 Apples to Apples

Cards against humanity is my all time favorite. But I play apples to apples when young ones are around.

28 Pay Me
29 Mille Bornes
30 Runescape Endless Legend
31 Clash Royale

Best game



32 52 Pick Up

I always seem to get to 51 then just lose interest

If you are an experienced champ, this game is the best of all games

This one should be on the top ten pranks, not card games.

When I'm drinking I play this game, because when my wife tells me to stop drinking I throw the deck of cards at her and scream "52 PICK UP BITCH"

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33 Cards Against Humanity

So funny, this game made me laugh. - 05yusuf09

To all parents: this game contains adult content and should be played by no persons under 17. But it is an awesome game.

This game is awesome...

34 Spite and Malice

I have played this game since I was a child and no one know what it is. It is fantastic! It is similar to skip-bo, but you do not have to buy separate cards.

Love the game. Have played Skip-Bo and Spite and Malice.

This game is the epitome of strategy and screwing people over. It's so fun!

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35 Uno

Come on guys! This is an awesome game for kids with so many elements to it that make it fun!

This should be #1! Especially the 2016 "Get WILD 4 Uno" version (I have it) - Mii24

Amazing game so fun and many can play

Best card game ever

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36 Speed

It can improve your reaction time and judgement. Overall, it's fun to play with friends with other people cheering you on from the side.

I have played this for hours straight on many occasions, it never gets old

How do you play speed

This game requires more than just luck.

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37 Yu-Gi-Oh!

I think yugioh is a hard and fun game and is enjoyable to collect.

I love that game

This game is amazing I love this game

Best game ever I should be number 1

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38 Rummy Royal
39 Solforge
40 99
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