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What is your favorite card game?
(applies to games using the standard 52-card deck of cards A-K in four suits-does not include UNO, for example)

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41 Pinochle

Cutthroat Pinochle is my favorite! It's so addicting. When you're on a lucky streak and you can't decide whether to gamble or not, it's such a RUSH! Incredibly fun game and pretty easy to learn too! You'll forget when you don't play for a while, but when you start again, it comes right back. - theOpinionatedOne

I can't believe I'm the first to vote for this. pinochle is like spades on steroids.

Survey says: Those that don't vote for this game have obviously not played.

I don't know how this could be 37?

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42 Thirteen

Thirteen card brag OR Crash as we called it when I was younger. Just looking up how to play it again?

43 Cribbage

It's a card game invented in the 1600's. My father played it and taught my son who then taught me-we have been bonding through this challenging game ever since.

"Just learned how to play it! What a wonderful game! And can be played with up to 4

Fun game that sailors play and involves math


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44 Spider Solitaire
45 Snap
46 Pitch

Great all around game

47 Mao

Just noticed that I posted a misspelling of the game. Oh well. This game is the best. Played it for hours with some friends and we were cracking up. Best played with new players - elijaHayes

This game is amazing when you are playing with someone new to the game

So fun to play and just watch people get so confused from penalties

Is should be number 1

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48 45's

This game is very complicated at first, but after a while I sweare it is idicting! I still do not understand why 45's is only number 23 in this, to me it definitely beats some of the card games before it. For me it only took two days to figure it out, but trust me it is a great card game, perfect for any occasion

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49 Canasta

I can't believe this game isn't on this list. Classic Canasta is an excellent, classic that took the nation by storm in the 50's and is an excellent strategic partnership game. My all time favorite.

Hand and foot makes it even more interesting, but you need to have a flexible attention span when you start a game cause it can last a few hours. - theOpinionatedOne

More people should play Canasta. A great game from my youth played across Europe and South America.

Great game with a lot of possibilities, in my opinion is more interesting than any game in top 10 here

50 31

Love this! The only card games I like better are rummy 500 and crazy eights, it's close though.

Good, but I like 21 better

Best card game ever along with bs and Egyptian rat screw

Best one

51 Briscola

Exellent game!
Too bad it is not played on english speaking area.
Check brisca out too.

52 Scum

We call this "President" what makes it so fun is the politics because the winner (President) takes from the loser (Big Butt) to keep winning! A tennis camp throwback.

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53 FreeCell
54 Mafia

I love this game! You need heaps of people though so its kind of hard to play often but I like it. Top ten at least.

I don't even play this with cards

55 Call Break

Specially in south Asia this game is immensely popular. I have been playing this game since childhood and still remained as my favourite card game

The best game there is. We bet the points. 4 players 13each. Spades cards rule them all.

56 Durak

Really great game with a lot of possibilities. You can play it for fun or to develop some strategy skills

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57 Golf

Love playing it. 4 card golf is the best. - ThAtOnEIdIoT

58 Tichu

This is a great game that allows for great strategic partnership play!

59 Slapjack
60 Rook

It's the very best strategy card game. Second is Spades

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