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61 Spit

Should this be in the top ten at least?

I play this game all the time with my friends and family

I remember playing this in second grade. Why is this 58?!?

Amazingly fun fast-paced game for 2 players

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62 Garbage V 1 Comment
63 Continental Rummy

Long game but needs skill and observation

64 Pass the Trash
65 President

Only need 3 players to play, it is fun!

66 Sushi Go!

Cute and awesome card game!

Who doesn't like sushi?

67 Whot

It is a great game and is very fun. It quite funny cause I hardly ever get a WHOT card but stil easily win.

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69 Bluff
70 Golf V 1 Comment
71 Cheet

Cheet your win do not

72 Kings Corners
73 Game of Luck
74 Old Maid
75 Sevens

very fun.


This is a deck sorting game, you put the cards in order while playing a game

Deal all cards
Person with the 7 of hearts goes first, the next person can lay either a 7 or a number either side of 7 of hearts so long as it’s the same suit you can only build off of the last card unless you have a 7 and can start a new suit pile

Example if 7H is laid you can lay 6H 8H or another 7 of another suit
If you can go you have to go, the way to win this game is by blocking a line that you know the other player has the cards for, if you have 10h jh qh kh you can lay one at a time while the other player cannot go.

A can go either above K or under 2 but either way its not a good card to have

76 The Great Dalmuti

The best kept secret in card games, everyone should try it.

77 Trex Complex

Very popular in the Middle East. 5 different deals played by each player. The variant is called Complex, where it combines 4 of the 5 deals in one. Very close to French Le Barbu

78 Watermelon

You have 2 teams each partner sits diagonal across from each other each team has a sign to win but the key to the game is first team to get a four of kind wins but your teammate has to call watermelon before the other team sees your sign (each player gets 4 cards and the deck goes in the middle you lay 4 cards in the middle) if nobody needs the cards in the middle then you swipe them but after you swipe them each team should have a total of 8 cards in hand no more then 8 so that's 4 in hand after each go around

79 Clock Solitaire

My favorite version of solitaire! It's very unknown. Everyone should learn it. It's very easy to play and unlike regular solitaire there is no strategy. It's all luck.

80 Idiot

Ignore the name for a second. This is the BEST CARD GAME EVER! An analogy: Idiot- a juggernaut. Poker, etc. - a germ. This is a kindly comparison to Poker players everywhere... its no contest. GO IDIOT!

At first, I did feel like an idiot. Once I understood I played the game about 2 hours long. I find it somewhat better than crazy eights, so this at least deserves top 10 rankings

This game is the best we play it during our lunch break, and it gets very intense, very fun game

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