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21 Warm Blood
22 Never Get to Hold You
23 Bucket

Oh my god. I love this song. Don't know why? Best suitable for my voice. CRJ I love her songs like bucket, picture. Good time. Call me maybe etc. Her voice is so rocking. Her songs are jawdropping...

I don't know how we're gonna build a castle now
Do you wanna start again somehow?
I'll stay until the sun comes down, down, down
Are you smiling?

24 I Didn't Just Come Here to Dance

It's a cute song I love it

25 Fever
26 Tug of War

This is not the usual fast-paced pop songs that many people like to dance to, it's very sweet and is actually a very beautiful song if you take the time to listen.

I remember hearing this song on the radio and until recently, never knew it was her! I love to sing along to it

This song is one of my favorites

27 Sour Candy V 1 Comment
28 La Hallucination
29 Guitar String / Wedding Ring

LOVE IT best lyrics in the song:

If you cut a piece of guitar string I would wear it like its a wedding ring wrapped around my finger you know wht I mean you play my heart strings

Carly I only have one request: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come to butler montessori in maryland me and my friends love you!

30 Almost Said It V 2 Comments
31 Hotel Shampoos

This song is gentle and cute! Nice job Carlyle!

This Song Makes Me Cry Because It Tells About CArly Rae Jepsen

V 1 Comment
32 Your Type

I can really relate to this song, strongly deep meaning and excellent vocal performance

It's so relatable to me... Lovely song

V 2 Comments
33 Cry

Definitely the saddest song I have ever heard

34 Picture

One of her best definitely should have been higher up on the list. But I guess it will be after she makes it her next single.

V 1 Comment
35 Turn Me Up V 2 Comments
36 Sunshine on My Shoulders V 1 Comment
37 The One
38 Gimmie Love

Wonderful song. My favourite song for about one month.

V 1 Comment
39 I Know You Have a Girlfriend
40 When I Needed You
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