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1 Mater Mater Tow Mater, or simply Mater, is a character in Cars and its sequels, Cars 2 and Cars 3 as well as Cars Toons. He is voiced by Larry the Cable Guy and inspired by a 1951 International Harvester tow truck.

Mater is my favorite - MegadethFan07

He is too funny 4 me. His jokes never get old so "Git-R-Done"

2 Lightning McQueen Lightning McQueen Lightning McQueen, typically referred to by his surname McQueen, is a anthropomorphic stock car in the animated Pixar film Cars, its sequels Cars 2, Cars 3, and TV shorts known as Cars Toons.

I just love this guy! Lightning Mcqueen is and always will be my favourite Cars character...even after what the third film did to him.

Lightning Mcqueen is always my favorite Cars character.

Lightning McQueen is Best Famous Race Car Cartoon Character! is says KA-CHOW! I Love Lightning McQueen! He is Best Friend With Mater.

Best character by far! KACHOW!

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3 Doc Hudson

He really put a lot of effort into helping Lightning McQueen. I wasn't always sure he was my favorite character but now that I've seen Cars 3 I know that he is. He was the nicest character in the Cars franchise. Lightning McQueen comes very close to being my favorite because of the part towards the end of the first movie, but he still isn't better than Doc Hudson.

4 Sally

Sally is such a great character. She is very nice and is very well written. I also like Porsches a lot in general.

5 Guido Guido

Why so low?

6 Gasprin Gasprin

This was a character? Even if he was, I don't think he had much of a role in the movie. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

He is the best - Triceratops

Floyd is the Best

She is so cool

7 Ramone

I remember finding this car quite fascinating. - ParasN2000

8 Fillmore

Yaser My friend would love a car so so cool

9 Luigi
10 Chick Hicks Chick Hicks

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? Bubba Wheelhouse

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11 Finn McMissile

He's the main reason I enjoyed Cars 2. - Rorywilbren

Not the greatest character as he was quite boring most of the time. - Kwaysar

12 King

Basically Strip Weathers. - Kwaysar

13 Flo
14 Sarge
15 Wingo

He is the best! - Triceratops

16 Snot Rod
17 Strip "The King" Weathers

Voiced by Richard Petty, and he symbolizes what NASCAR was about perfectly. - Kwaysar

18 Red
19 Max
20 Jackson Storm
21 Cruz Ramirez

I haven't seen Cars 3 yet, but I love here character still.

Can you please bring her higher?

22 Grem Grem

Why is HE on the list

23 Francesco Bernoulli Francesco Bernoulli
24 Brick Yardley


25 Raoul CaRoule

Cars 2 and Pixar made a decent representation of the WRC with Raoul. - Kwaysar

26 DJ
27 Boost
28 Milo

Very minor character.

29 Chuck Manifold
30 Miles Axlerod Miles Axlerod
31 Acer Acer
32 Nitroade

Nitroade looks really cool

33 Daniel Swervez

The name's Danny Bro!

34 Murray Clutchburn

He is the sputter stop racer

I thought for a second Murray Walker actually commentated the Dinoco 400 and the championship decider race because of Clutchburn's first name. - Kwaysar

35 Parker Brakeston

He races for the N20 Cola team in Cars 3.

36 Reb Meeker

Reb races for Tank Coat

37 Cal Weathers
38 Bobby Swift

I love Bobby Swift. He is Octane Gain racer in Cars 3.

Note: Not to be confused with Taylor Swift and not confirmed to be her relative

39 Tach-O-Mint

Who loves the Tach O Mint Racer? He is the brown one with candies and stuff.

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