Best Cars In Need for Speed: Most Wanted

The top 10 best cars in the original Need for Speed: Most Wanted game released in 2005.
The Top Ten
1 Porsche Carrera GT

Best car. Those saying BMW is best car are blind. Good handling? BMW has half the handling the Carrera GT has. Good acceleration? BMW can't beat Carrera GT in acceleration. And both of those are without junkman parts. The only thing the BMW is better at is top speed, which means squat if it can't reach quickly and/or maintain it.

Again, Carrera GT >>>>>> BMW, the only reason BMW is banned in competitive is because it's so iconic, a lot of people will still play it while knowing they will get smacked even before the race began.

Porsche Carrera GT = Best Car. There's a reason why this car with junkman parts is usually banned in online races. Because if it isn't, it smokes everything else due to its amazing handling and acceleration and handling. Might not have the best top speed (it belongs to the Murcielago), but the difference in amount is negligible and the Carrera GT reaches its top speed faster and maintains it better. Absolute best car in NFS MW 2k5, amazing all around, whether in online races, career mode/vs AI races or pursuits.

I like cheap cars with great performance but this one just has to be number one. Expensive but you pay for what you get and much more.

Carrera GT is so good and fast. It has great power, handling, and strength. I was so scared of the jeeps of cops but when I bought that car the jeeps no matter how strongly heat nothing happens to carrera nothing happen to it. It is the true beast of the road in NFCMW. I defeated Razor easily, I just felt I as was beating Sonny. If you want to win career buy this car up. It is number 1.


Overrated poster car. Terrible handling and little nitro. Available for only 1(!) run in career mode, and wouldn't have been used if not for the plot.

You can only use this car after you beat Blacklist #1 Razor, and rightfully so. Here's a few good reasons.
1) Its top speed and acceleration is very fast. Good in highway, and good in city too.
2) It's heavy enough to take a Heavy Rhino SUV head on, and can definitely knock those Heat 5 Corvettes away.
3) Its handling is one of the best, though it can get oversteery at times.
4) The reason why it has a limited amount of NOS compared to other cars is because it is a very good car already. Giving it an Ultimate NOS would be broken.

This car, along with the not-available-in-career Corvette C6R and Porsche 911 GT2, is among the only three actual race cars in the game, and its performance shows it. It devours the mighty Carrera GT and SLR McLaren, and the police will never have a chance to catch you in it, not even Cross. It's equal in performance to the C6R, but since that one isn't available in Career Mode, the M3 GTR takes the cake. It's also the most iconic car of the NFS series and my favorite car IRL, so definitely #1 for me.

With the absolutely HIGHEST top speed in the game, (Recorded 401km/h) ludicrously fast acceleration, and impressively good handling make for an awesome car. The only real bad thing is the nitrous, which is rather scarce for this car. Otherwise, the BMW M3 GTR is the best car available. If you drive it wrong, you'll hit a wall. If you drive it right, you are practically a driving god.

3 Lamborghini Gallardo

I think gallardo is the best car in the game. its has a cool design, especially if it has black color with black rims. And this car is good for pursuit, its fast and tough

Only number 3 for me because it is expensive but you can get it for free from Ming. Best blacklist car to me, even better than Razor's (your) BMW GTR M3. Anyone who says otherwise is absolutlely wrong.

Surprisingly way better than the Murcielago. The latter seems very heavy and difficult to drive. Ming's Lambo is simply the best.

Now, people may wonder why's this car so good? It doesn't that good acceleration before you've won versus Ronnie (Since every part'll be unlocked after defeating Ronnie). Well, no.. It hasn't, but every car-enthusiast should have sufficient knowledge to know, that it's not all about that. But what'd I mean by that? Well, let me eleborate:
The car's handling is just.. Insane. I got Junkman tires after defeating Ronnie, and that's where this car should not be underestimated, cause after you've completed Ronnie, you're getting the best top-speed and acceleration, and it's handling is excessive (especially with the tires). However, if you got ALL the junkman parts.. There's then no challenge, whatsoever. If I were Razor and heard that correct, I would've shot myself and give the BMW M3 GTR, since even THAT car won't be able to compete. You should really not skeptic about this car, since it's the best buy you'll get.. Just remember to an addition, that you should get the Junkman parts ...more

4 Lamborghini Murciélago

Slightly better Gallardo. Whoever said the Gallardo is better is a nutjob or blind. Would be better if this car was lighter. It's like an early version of Bugatti Veyron.

Murcielago is THE ABSOLUTE BEST when it comes to pursuits. It's quite heavy and that works to it's advantage when it comes to overcoming roadblocks. At top speed it can make even make the heat level 5 cops fly. It's even better than Carrera GT, BMW M3 and McLaren. It's heaviness also provides it with good handling even at top speeds. And if we increase the handling and steering in 'Performance Tuning', then it can also be used in races. When it comes to races, it's second only to Carrera GT.

Murcielago is the best car of the game in my experience because its speed full handling full and acceleration almost full. You can beat any of the car in this game easily with Murcielago if you can Handel Murcielago perfectly. I think this car is #1 in the game you can easily complete your milestone challenges with this car because this car got great strength wow

The Best car I have ever drive. With this car anyone can beat any blacklist, any race, any milestone. Its handling good and very faster. Nitro is enough. In shortly a better version of Gallardro. I prefer this one than BMW M3 GTR. With it awesome tricks can make. Only Mercedes-Benz SLR McLearn F1 can face this car. Both quite equal. it's better speed and SLR better acceleration. One who CANNOT drive better should go for it. and one who CAN drive better DEFINITELY go for it. B|

5 Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren

I Bet to differ with all those who say The BMW M3 is the best car cause' the Mclaren is the best car in my opinion. Great speed and handling but super awesome acceleration. That car can smoke any car that gets in its way when fully upgraded, mayb even a Bugatti. I defeated Razor with this ride. Moves like a bullet. Now I see why it's so expensive.

My favourite car. I don't know why is the M3 first, when you get it only for the last pursuit. This would be better number 1. This car has perfect handling, amazing acceleration and in pursuits pierces through roadblocks and spike strips like a hot knife through butter.

Mclaren the $2,000,000 car NFS edition I beat the whole game with it. I got it when I got the game no hacks. I just started saving up. You guys can do that too. It wasn't that hard. It only took me 2 hours straight. The car was McLAREN MP4-12C NFS edition. I got it last week

Its due to this car that I won the race against razor. It has the perfect stats & has the best acceleration in the whole game. plus this car looks awesome especially bull's slr mclaren!

6 Lotus Elise

Best performance to cost ratio hands down. Looks cute but will demolish curves and accelerates really fast. With a few upgrades, it will have respectable top speed too and will win you the game.

As I said handling is king, and this little car is the best when it comes to handling. The Porsche GT just edges it out as this car doesn't do well with pursuits. Can't even knock over a level 1 police car.

If you think the Carrera GT handling is amazing, then this car's handling is beyond amazing. Would have been better if it doesn't lock its wheels when it crashes.

Lotus elise.The undisputed champion in this game.
I spent so much time on the game and tested out literally all the cars on every track
My conclusion, NO CAR CAN COMPARE TO THE LOTUS ELISE once you crank everything up on it
If you think otherwise, I assure you, you are horribly mistaken, and clearly most of you are, just judging by the votes. It's a no-brainer! If you still disagree, enjoy your time being wrong

7 Chevrolet Cobalt SS

I like this car, very like it. This car is very good when I am going in a pursuit. It's my first car and I only have it in NFSMW. The car is very strong, it can takedown a heavy SUVs when ramming. Either when it max performance, it can takedown 2 federal police car in a roadblock. This is cool, it race very good. I like it.

I replayed the game and found that after continuously upgrading it throughout the blacklist and putting 1 or 2 junk man parts on it that it refuses to be outdone. I have no intention on keeping this car but I simply cannot get rid of it because working at baron, the cars don't touch the Cobalt in stats. I honestly didn't expect to keep it after I defeated sonny but here I am going after Baron in it. My only complains it that's it's front wheel drive and rather light, making ramming roadblocks lower than 100mph suicide. And the light SUVs will put a hurting on it, that's how mine got its first impound strike.

This is one of the best cars in this game. It was my first car, I beat all the black list using it. With upgrades it can reach 320 m/ph on straight line (without n20). And it has the best rain-handling. It is good for racing, but you need to know how and when to do the curves. And finly on the pursuit... IT IS A MONSTER. I never got busted with this car. (aprox 28 pursuits, 1h and 20 minutes the longest one) This is a hard car who can easy destroy a heat 2 car, and even SUV. Once I destroyed 2 SUV'S using it. As a end this is a cool car.

Can play all game only with this car. Full equipped makes the game ridiculous easy. Good to drive, have a good final speed. And the torque is awesome! You need to put a second gear just after start the races, and uses a little nitro, it always put you in front of the other cars... Even on the drag races.

8 Porsche Cayman S

You see, this car is the best. I upgraded this car to the best performance and its still better than the Lamborghini Gallardo in its full performance.
I checked with the Carrera too, still it's better in handling, acceleration, and top speed. But I have to agree, Lamborghini Gallardo is the best in handling. If you're buying a car in NFS MW, old friend, the best one is the Porsche Cayman S, the only car which is better than this is the Bmw Gtr thingy. Man, this rocks if you upgrade it fully. I hope you buy this one and good luck with all your blacklist members you have to beat. BUY THIS ONE! AND READ THIS ONE!

This is a wonder full car I spent all my money in it and it helped me to beat the #3 in blacklist I love this car mainly for it's amazing speed & HANDLING especially. I wish to own this car in future.

Reached till blacklist 3 (ronnie) and has been my choice car for every race, if u though max it out till blacklist 4, it handles better than gallardo and is faster too.. sticky handling is great for circuits

This is a lightweight and its handling is perfect, this is only car that I feel in total control, I tried every other car but this came out on top.

9 Dodge Viper SRT 10

Very easy to drive in. Way easier than even the Lotus Elise. Those who say otherwise should first say why they think it's good that the tires suddenly become uncontrollable when you move thru grassy areas.

Carrera GT x Elise's other child. Really good handling comparable to both the Carrera GT and the Elise, stats close to the Carrera GT, and the handling really feels like a combination of Carrera GT and Elise.

Rapid dream car great in races and milestones its stunningly beautifull so fast and powerful my fave car by miles ticks all the right boxes for me it is shows no mercy and kicks a$$. Vote Viper.

Beautifully stunning ride it has it all by miles the best, it's my fave and wins it for me excellent in races and milestones smashes it, no mercy.

10 Volkswagen Golf GTI

You can get this really early on, and you can take this car to beat the game. Seriously, very respectable top speed and doesn't lose out to any other car when properly handled.

Buy a one after playing undergroun 2, because this will give you extra 5000, complete the whole game with it with a performance marker applied on it every blacklist win, and you get a 387 km/h with the best handling, best acceleration, best everything.

YES! This is one of the best cars! I won all the Blacklist members with this monster. Handling acceleration are wow and it reaches 350+ trick is the performance markers! Try it out

If you fully upgrade the car, it will be the best car in the game. Perfect handling and fully customizable performance.

The Contenders
11 Chevrolet Corvette C6

Cop car. It's the best car out there. Remember the white heat level 5 cars? Yeah those. They make racers miserable. Use this best car and make others miserable too.

One of the best cars in the game. If I didn't get Webster's car, I'd immediatly quit and restart the whole race again until I finally get his car.

You're not joking around when you achieved this car, especially if you get Webster's (Blacklist #5) car, 'cause that thing's just as good as any car above - even better in all honesty. However, if you're buying this car instead of getting the pink slip from Webster, then it's not any good, as Webster's car has some locked performance upgrades.

The Chevy Corvette C6 is the fastest car in the game. I beat this game multiple times and I used it every time. I race it against every car, I've upgraded other cars with junkman parts and raced it against them and nothing can beat it (even the Porsche Carrera GT). The fastest best handling car in the game!

12 Porsche 911 Turbo S

In my opinion the best car of the game: Won all the races from blacklist 4 to 1 with it, got about 4m bounty and beat Razor. This car is marvelous!

It's a cop car murderer. Highly agile, strong, acts like a tank. Most stable car of the game. It will never spin on you or get out of hand.

This car is great for pursuits along with a "lower" price

Underrated car in my opinion. Much better than the BMW.

13 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII

Cheap when it enters but is an absolute monster. 4 wheel drive that's good in races and demolishes police cars. Buy this or get Earl's.

I have one I these. It is fully upgraded and has junkman parts on as well. It drives like an absolute dream and when it drifts u can get it back in line easy. The Mitsubishi is the best car I have and that's final

This monster, when fully equipped, can beat anything in sharp corners to broad highways. The best of the best when used efficiently.

So op with ultimate and junkman parts, all stats was over the max limit. So responsive in any situation. Make the game easy.

14 Ford GT

Really good car, it's like the Mustang but Waaayyyyy better. So basically Razor on steroids. No wonder you'll easily beat Razor with this.

Starts off with weak acceleration, but great top speed and unbelievable handling. Once fully upgraded (you have to beat Ronnie for half of the upgrades) you won't believe your own driving.
This car can actually take the corner at the Camden Tunnel at 200km/h!

The lightest, the fastest, best handling, high-end grip, fierce looking, and the loudest engine.
Only blow it up by all junkman performance packages and it will be the most devilish car in the game.

Best car in the game, followed by the M3 GTR.
Has proper horses under the hood, brilliant handling and acceleration values.

15 Toyota Supra

For the time it enters, it's expensive but it's free from Vic. Drives like a speedboat and will do you good for a really long time.

Vic was nice enough to loan his pink and I use it for everything the crapy handling makes for a whippy fast drifter that once you get the hang of is by far the best car that won't kill your wallet the #1 car is the dodge viper SR10 when fully upgraded it handles just like the supra and won't do a 30 sec burnout that gets you busted like the corvette C6 both the supra and viper r by far the best get one and you have one. I also have been trying out the RX-7 got a special set of tires made it so much better if you want a good car use makers to get performance parts

I love toyota Supra more than anything. Even in real life, it is my dream car. Fast and Furious. Easy handling if you like drift. You can used to it easily. Same here. Started using it from blacklist 13 to 1. Beat razor with it. If it is fully upgraded, it is faster than any car.

I'm already up to Blacklist #3 using just this car, amazing speed and handling gets you out of any sticky situation, and great utilization of the NOS can get you through any blockade of cops. Perfect car.

16 Aston Martin DB9

When a car is chosen by the best spy in the world to be ridden on, then you know she's a keeper. Hands down most beautiful car out there. Also runs decently fast, comparable or better to the cars lower than tier 1 (t1 = carrera gt, mclaren)

A good mix of top speed, acceleration, and handling, this car can beat anything in the game with the right tuning. I personally think every car is good given the right performance tuning but DB9 doesn't need a lot of tweaks to maximize its potential

Definitely better than any other car in this game, not just in pursuits. A true killer!

James bond rides, its have a good
Accel, top speed, and handling

17 Subaru Impreza WRX STi

Can’t beat a rally bred street car with a rumbling flat four 2.5 liter turbocharged engine. When you think Subaru you think impreza you think WRX STI. The perfect rivalry with the Mitsubishi Evolution 8

I finished the 10 minutes police chase with this one and I didn't get busted even one time. only you have to tune it to max and start killing cops

What's a rally car doing here? It just seems way too out of place, being way too overpowered.

Good handling and acceleration, perfect for tight cornering. My personal favorit.

18 Mazda RX-8

Another very good cheap option especially when you don't get the Supra for some reason. You can also get this from Izzy for free.

The Mazda RX-8 is the best one for me because it has a very high revving wankel 1.3 liters engine. Sure, it does not hold true for an arcade that an engine would last too much while racing in the game's level, still, it's amazing to hear it roaring at higher tunning levels, simply because this car was meant to be fully customized by all sorts of parts, and altough I don't change the performance modifiers much, I still do not think there are much better vehicles for the price you pay if you do it like me and buy all upgrades first hands up when playing NFS MW. You can't go wrong with this car, unless you're thinking into doing pursuits then you're better off with something else, but for racing and sprints this is definitely one of the best options: Think about it: Front engine rear traction, highly customizable and (despite what people might think otherwise), it has a cool smile in it's front hood, so go for the Mazda.

This car must be higher because she's fast, good for puirsuits up to level 5 then chalenge begins even she is faster than most supercars if you tune a bit and one boss who had corvete I couldn't beat him with full tuned viper but beat him like a child with basic tuned rx8. This car is best bud sad how crappy she is in Carbon.

My second fave it looks beaut it handles like a dream it's so fast leaves cops for dead wicked handlin and acceleration, I use this ride the most you can get it by beating Izzy, its insane how good this ride is and it deserves to be in the no.2 spot with the viper in number 1.

19 Ford Mustang GT

Seriously speaking, this car is made for advanced players due to its handling.
Overall, this looks PHENOMENAL. You look good in pursuits, you look good in races, you look good as a rival.
Useful after blacklist 9. Good straight line acceleration.
I literally felt jealous when I saw Razor in that in the beginning..

Best car for pursuits... It just smashes all the suv's and breaks through the road blocks... But it's not fast enough in heat level five...

Depending on what kind of races you drive, the Mustang is perfect in dragraces and sprintraces. Absolutely the best car in the game

Razor traded his cool and good car for the crappy BMW. Real shame if you ask me.

20 Mitsubishi Eclipse

Tiger tattoo on your car? That certainly gives out the yakuza feel. And it really seems that way. The police can't touch this car, and so do your opponents.

Awesome ride again a great option I had a few on the game in the past till my ps2 broke, ace ride very nice to drive handles great amazing speed wicked in pursuits, looks great with the tiger viynel.

A great car. You can easily beat the whole game with it if you keep on upgrading it

Best car ever its cheap and becomes unbelievably good when upgraded

21 Mazda RX-7

I'm not too sure how this car could handle and speed through the course, but I am purchasing it as we speak, I will keep you updated (Jay)

Perfect for mid-game and still drives like a beast in the top 5

I had this car since the start of the game and it is the fastest car I have so far. fastest I did with is was 389km/h but not fully upgrade

Handling... I love it!

22 Porsche 911 Carrera S
23 Lexus IS 300

Apparently, Lexus IS 300 has great choice if you maxed out its performance especially "turbo". Don't judge this car by its cover because of its looks, sedan/saloon. For a cheap car that can be bought with under 30k, Its acceleration is greater than Cayman, Impreza, RX8, RX7, Viper, Corvette C6, etc. based on my experience. The most unpredictable thing is the Lexus IS 300 power is so great and beating Razor #1 "BMW M3 GTR" is really easy. The only weakness from its car is about top speed. But it doesn't matter at all because Lexus IS 300 focuses on Acceleration and Handling. Moreover, it is easy to escape from cops too.

This car is under rated. All starter cars are able to finish the game with. This is my favorite starter car and always will be. I've finished the game with all of them starter cars and this one was my favorite because it had no weaknesses and handled perfectly for mine or anybody else's driving style. The Cadillac CTS is also very under rated.

I took this one to the top. Literally. I was only 5 and I used it for every blacklisted. EVERY.SINGLE.ONE

You can beat the game with this car

24 Mercedes-Benz CLK 500

A very underrated car, really good for a good phase in the game if u get it with pink slip

25 Audi A4 3.2 Quattro

Very very nice car nothing bad to say about it it has it all if you have seen the transporter movies you will fall for it if its yet to amase you.

If you tune it, its always the best car at a level (Up to #3)

Waste car I have seen in my life cost is better

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