Top Ten Best Cartoon Channels

Which is the best cartoon channel that offers best cartoons and programs?

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21 FXX
22 Hit Channel

No favourite animation

23 Disney Junior Disney Junior Disney Junior is an American digital cable and satellite television network that is owned by the Disney Channels Worldwide unit of the Disney–ABC Television Group, itself a unit of the Disney Media Networks division of The Walt Disney Company.

Disney Junior sucks, they turned Mickey Mouse into a baby show and it's ripping off Dora the Explorer. - nelsonerica

It has really bad shows, but at least Dora the crap is not on there.

Well about Disney junior I got to say one thing
IT SUCKS man. totally, all they show is some really boring stuff like dora the explorer, then some cartoon with guppies and trains.

Disney Junior Is Old

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24 Chutti TV

I like this channel because every week or every month there will be new new cartoons and programs

I love it so much because in that they will put more shows

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25 Cbeebies

What is cbeebies
It sounds stupid

26 Teletoon Retro Teletoon Retro Teletoon Retro was a Canadian English-language Category B specialty channel owned by Corus Entertainment.

Huh? Teletoon Retro should be Number 1 because of the shows that we grew up with:

Care Bears (1980 YES! )
Dexter's Laboratory
The Flintstones (YES! )
Inspector Gadget
The Jetsons
Johnny Bravo (CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? )
Looney Tunes (YES! )
The Smurfs
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (OH YES! )
Tiny Toon Adventures
Batman: The Animated Series
Fantastic Four
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
Merrie Melodies
The New Adventures of Batman (Cartoon Network)
The New Adventures of Superman (Cartoon Network)
The Pink Panther Show
Super Friends (1980's)
Thundercats (1980's)
The Woody Woodpecker Show
The Yogi Bear Show

I rest my case. Only "Fools" like Modern "CN" Clarence and nonsense.

27 Sonic

This is famous for shaun the sheep and power rangers samurai

This should be on first and not at last

All cartoon sow

Zatchbell was the most loved cartoon for us.

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28 USA

I hate this channel

I like this channel it has some good shows and movies on it

USA is a channel? I wish UK was one.

29 DR Ramasjang


30 Spacetoon

Lets do like I nothing happened and you already voter for this MARVELOUS channel

Worst then 4kids

Worst Channel ever

I will never like this channel again

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31 TBS
32 Toonami

It has most new and very expensive shows

It has dragon ball z and many more action shows...

Show new as well as old

I love dragon ball z and super inazuma 11 I love to watch the toonami

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33 Tooncast

All your favorite cartoons is there Hanna barbera shows and many more

34 Rai YoYo
35 Persiantoon

This is firs farsi language ch in the world and free for all

36 Chintu TV
37 CBBC CBBC CBBC is a BBC children's television strand aimed at children aged from 6 to 12. BBC programming aimed at under six year old children is broadcast on the CBeebies channel.

Do you know why some bloody idiots hate this channel? It's because of the logo. THAT'S IT. The stupid logo. It's just a logo, British people! And besides, all the bad shows have got cancelled! So that's good.

38 PBS Kids Sprout PBS Kids Sprout

It has so mush to lean shows like caillou, kipper, super why it also has the good night show, the sunny side up show and lots more

Such a horrible channel that replaced PBS Kids, PBS Kids was one of the best kids channels that ever existed, and Sprout turned Sesame Street into a CGI show, and it's no longer original, which ruined it. - nelsonerica

The good night show

Well, I do watch Dot (since none of my other shows I like are running at the time).

39 Rai Gulp
40 Minika Go
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