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21 Droopy
22 Zoe Trent Zoe Trent
23 The Tramp
24 Spunky Spunky Spunky is a fictional character in the cartoon series Rocko's Modern Life and the comic book series of the same name.
25 Corneil
26 Spike and Tyke

Technically these are 2 dogs. Spike is the big brute of a bulldog while Tyke is his cute puppy. Tyke the Puppy is the puppy equivalent of Figaro the Kitten. - jezza0

Never heard of Droop. Unless that wass supposed to be Droopy. Spike and Tyke are 2 for the price of 1.

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27 Charlie (All Dogs Go to Heaven)
28 Charlie Dog

He's from the old looney tunes cartoons. He waz' that "awful orphan" that kept begging porky to take him in. Though the looney tunes show is better I love #1lola bunny and #2 tina russo duck charlie dog should be on that show

29 Balto

He's part wolf and overcame rejection to save Nome! The best part is that it's based on a true story! If that isn't amazing, I don't know what is.

30 Hong Kong Phooey

What the heck is wrong with you people?! ALl these entires and none of you have mentioned Hong Kong Phooey? He's gonna egg drop leg chop the lot of you.

31 Jenna

Jenna is a strong dog and she stands up for what is he thinks is right she is awesome!

32 Huckleberry Hound
33 Zuma (Paw Patrol)

Can't wait to see all the buthurt paw patrol hater spam on this post...

34 Magenta (Blues Clues)
35 Mister Peabody

He's a dog with a time machine

36 Kipper
37 Dukey (Johnny Test)
38 Poochy
39 Ralph (The Muppets)
40 Scrappy Doo Scrappy Doo Scrappy Doo is the nephew of Scooby Doo. Unlike his uncle Scooby, Scrappy is brave enough to face the monsters.
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