Best Cartoon Fights

Name the best or coolest fights you have ever seen and I am going to be looking for the best fights I have ever heard of and if it's good I will vote for it.

The Top Ten

1 Goku vs Majin Vegeta

Sick! The cartoon has a great aim on fights and this one almost made me throw up!

The cartoon have focused on fighting skills

They fight so fast sick

Goku is one of the greast fighters,

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2 Clone Troopers vs Jedi
3 Alex the Lion vs Old Lady

The most funniest thing ever - MD64

4 Peter Pan vs Captain Hook
5 Aang vs Fire Lord Ozai

The Climactic Final Battle really delivered, and you can't help but cheer when the victor is revealed

Yes this should be number one

I'm the Avatar! And it's a disgrace that I am at #14.. I keep this world in balance.. Now V O T E for A A N G!

6 Simba vs Hyenas
7 Stewie Griffin vs Brian Griffin
8 Peter Griffin vs Chicken

I agree. A whole new concept.

The epic battle is number 1

9 Tom vs Jerry

I'm thirteen and this is my favourite show! I don't think that it's for children because my older family love it! Their fights are funny

I loved that show it was my favorite show until dragonball came along - MD64

I think it is very funy

The whole series revolved around a simple rivalry between a household cat and a mouse. Much more simplistic than these crappy animie programes.

10 Goku vs Frieza

Bros, this is the best cartoon fight ever point blank period hamds down... I have watched it over 1000 times probably. Its entertaining every second leading up to the fight to the very end.

The Contenders

11 Homer Simpson vs Peter Griffin

I was the one who added this back in 2014 a few days after I saw the Simpsons and Family Guy crossover. Coming back in 2018 to re visit and I have to opinion still stands. This was the greatest fight in the history of animated television.

This was an amazing and outstanding fight. Very creative and in my opinion: "ART".

One of the greatest cartoon fights in history

Best Fight ever

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12 Zuko vs Azula - Avatar: The Last Airbender

Probably the most amazing fight I ever saw. The contrast between the blue and orange (normal) fire was absolutly captivating

13 Twilight vs Tirek

This fight reminds me of dragonball.

14 Goku vs Cell
15 Wendy vs Cartman

My Favorite cartoon fight of all time!

16 Gohan vs Cell

Should be much more up on this list

One of if the best fight of sll time

17 Kenshin vs Shishio
18 Simba vs Scar

This fight scene made me beat up my own pillow. - CasinLetsGoBowling

19 Timmy vs Jimmy
20 Baby Duck vs the Geese

Regular show best cartoon ever.

21 Steven vs Jasper
22 Greninja vs Charizard

Best pokemon battle

23 Huey Freeman vs Riley Freeman
24 Dan Kuso vs Spectra Phantom
25 Batman vs Bane
26 Robin vs the Teen Titans
27 Dan Kuso vs Ace
28 Dan Kuso vs Masquerade & Shun Kazami
29 Goku vs Captain Ginyu
30 Sans vs Papyrus
31 Pops vs Anti - Pops
32 Robin vs Batman
33 Voltron vs Lotor
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