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121 Mr. Herriman Mr. Herriman

The boss of the house

122 Schnitzel
123 Trent - Total Drama

Who doesn't like Trent? He's the cool guy with the hottest girlfriend!

124 Toothless Toothless

I love toothless and hiccup - Lord_Allen

125 Annoying Orange

Well they didn't call him the ANNOYING orange for nothing

Annoying orange is a funny person

BEST Food ever # uh 20

126 Flame Princess Flame Princess
127 Grapefruit
128 Grandpa Max
129 Grandpa Lemon V 1 Comment
130 Fionna V 1 Comment
131 Red Tornado Red Tornado Red Tornado is a fictional superhero in the DC Comics universe. The character first appeared in Justice League of America #64, and was created by writer Gardner Fox and artist Dick Dillin.
132 Gwen Tennyson Gwen Tennyson
133 Captain Planet Captain Planet
134 Red Guy

He's legit my favorite character ever what is wrong with you guys?!?

V 1 Comment
135 Green Lantern Green Lantern Green Lantern is the name of a number of superheroes appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.
136 BMO BMO V 2 Comments
137 Corey Riffin Corey Riffin
138 Razer
139 Judge Spleen
140 Plank
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