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1 Star & Marco (Star vs. the Forces of Evil)

These two are beautiful together. They are a amazing ship.

Such beautiful soulmates!

These kids relationship are just somewhat cute and interesting. They always fill up each other weaknesses, like how Star pull Marco out of his safe shell and how Marco keeps Star safe while having an adventure together. From being best friend, the feeling they have are growing slowly but surely, even the hints are really visible like getting jealous or thinking "what is this feeling, he/she is just my friend, my great friend, I don't need this but if I ignored it I feel hurt and miserable". It's the most perfect ship I ever know in a cartoon

If this ship were the Titanic, the iceberg is what would've sunk.

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2 Adrien & Marinette (Miraculous Ladybug)

This is literally my favourite

This is the most cute coulpe but adrien is so blind not to see marinette

Bruh how is this not higher. they're perfect for eachother they're SO CUTE AAA


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3 Robin & Starfire (Teen Titans)

Robin and Starfire rocks! They match perfectly because Robin's the dark and serious one but Starfire's the cheerful and innocent one. Perfect.

This ship sucks! - Jay12

Robin and Starfire should be on the list! They had good romantic hints all throughout the series, and thought RobRae may be increasing, they are the best and cutest superhero couple I have ever seen!

In the movie, they kiss, and on the lips!

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4 Phineas & Isabella (Phineas and Ferb)

I shipped this as a little kid before I even knew what shipping was.

This ship is the ships before shippers knew how to ship. I shall ship it forever.

I shipped this before I even knew what that meant

My favorite cartoon couple

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5 Belle & Beast (Beauty and the Beast)
6 Fred & Daphne (Scooby-Doo)

Classic and totally adorable! I never get tired of these two awkwardly denying their feelings/totally in love with one another! And they solve mysteries? What's cooler than that?!

I agree

They are best couple ever and they are too hot and perfect for each other

7 Danny & Sam (Danny Phantom)

They meant to be together. I always wanted them to be together forever. They like each other, but they're afraid to admit it. Also they do fake-out make outs.

Their relationship is extremely interesting... Not to mention cute, especially with all the fake out make outs. Haha. Besides, their feelings for each other developed over time, from mere friendship to deeply caring and watching each others' backs for danger, and finally to love. Really unlike in numerous other T.V. shows where the characters' relationships seem rushed, or simply because 'I like this guy/girl because he/she is so totally HAWT/cute/sexy'.

They are cute, not to mention the fake out make outs laugh out loud.

Many people may have their opinions or so whatsoever, but I have my own reasons. It is an amazingly developed pairing. And anyone can come up and challenge me if they want an explainatiom. Because honestly, Sam is a wonderful character portrayed well in many ways that society would be a contrast of.

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8 Kid Flash & Artemis (Young Justice)

Better than Taught, by far more

This couple has been my ULTIMATE shipping ever since I went deeper into Kid Flash's background, I "like" Flinx but I "love" Spitfire

To be honest, I used to ship Flinx but when Young Justice came into my life I stopped shipping Flinx and started to love Spitfire

9 Anna & Hiccup
10 Raven & Beast Boy (Teen Titans)

They are my favorite cartoon couple of all time.

I ship them like a ship and ocean

Sorry, that comment pertaining to "crack couples" was from me. After getting a FULL understanding on it, I would call myself more along the lines of pairings that don't really occur in the show, but more in fanfiction. - DanielGB322

I have a thing for certain crack pairings. Beast boy and Raven is one of them.

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11 Marceline & Princess Bubblegum (Adventure Time)

They kissed, everyone rejoice!

The ship is just perfect and it's beautiful when they are together, especially in the comics.

I ship it, season 10 lets make it happen

Neither one of them belongs with Finn so why not?

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12 Elsa & Jack Frost

These two may have ice powers, but the love they give is so toasty warm, it melts even the coldest heart! Jack Frost and Elsa forever!

They are perfect for each other! They both have ice powers and since Jack is the guardian of fun, he helps balance out Elsa and helps her learn to loosen up and have fun!

Jack Frost is such a cutie in Rise of the Guardians and him and Elsa would make such an AWESOME COUPLE! - leafpool_4_ever

They're from different films you know.

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13 Mordecai & Margaret (The Regular Show)

They're Made For Each Other! I Mean come on They Look Near To Identical!

They are so cute together. If only Margaret would stop getting a lot of boyfriends

They are so cute together. I always liked when an episode came on about the two. - personface

I ship this couple so hard. - 05yusuf09

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14 Arnold & Helga (Hey Arnold!)

I love this couple this is my favorite cartoon couple I also love how Helga always bullies Arnold but when no one is looking she takes out her locket and says how much she loves. here is my top 5 favorite cartoon couples!

5. Homer and Marge (The Simpsons)

4. Kim and Ron (Kim Possible)

3. Sokka and Suki (Avatar the last Airbender)

2. Starfire and Robin (Teen Titans)

1. Arnold and Helga (Hey Arnold)

To bad they didn't make The Jungle Movie I heard on the wikia that Arnold and Helga were supposed to kiss on the jungle movie. and I also heard that there was supposed to be a spinoff called The Patakis when Helga is fifteen and they were a couple but they broke up and Arnold moves to go lives with his parents I guess making Helga the star of the spinoff buy nick rejected it because they said it was to dark for their targeted audience which is kinda funny coming from nick especially with the bad shows they make today Breadwinners and Sanjay and Greg ...more

This relationship is so original. Helga is a bully from a bad family that never notices her, and the only thing that keeps her going is the thought of her "beloved Arnold." This however, is her deepest, darkest, secret and she'd rather DIE than tell. Arnold, on the other hand lives with his grandparents because his mother and father went missing. He's chill, positive, and an all around nice kid. His feelings towards Helga however, are neutral if not, negative, due to the fact she constantly bully's him. However, he still thinks that Helga is a good person who just has troubles of her own that she reflects on other people. Craig Bartlet, the creator of the show, has actually stated that Arnold and Helga date for a while, go through some rough times, and eventually break up. But we can still hope for the future of this amazing couple!

Who wouldn't love this couple? They are top 5 material even though they don't have a ship name.

Why is this not number one?! Who the heck is Randy and Theresa?

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15 Dipper & Pacifica (Gravity Falls)

It should be in the top 5 but top 10 just seems unbelievable! Come on guys DIPCIFICA FOR THE WIN!

At least Dipper has a realistic relationship in this pairing.

Wendip is dead. This is better.

Yes I am not the only one who ship these two

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16 Wally and Kuki (Codename: Kids Next Door)

The fact that these were secondary characters and their relationship was the most addressed is so refreshing. I love how the will-they-won't-they main couple of the show was NOT involving the main character. Kuki and Wally are so adorable, unique, and refreshing! And of all the cliches they could have fallen into, I swear they somehow never did! I'll also say that I think Wally is the only male character I've EVER seen who feels like having a crush makes him less tough, and it's an internal struggle for him. Female characters get this treatment all the time, like Louise Belcher, or Helga Pataki. I've never seen a well-written male character given this type of layered dynamic, except for Wally, who was handled so well and so uniquely. It's really no surprise this couple is so popular. I believe it's one of the best written cartoon couples I've ever seen. It's the perfect blend of simple and complex. - 089078

Polar opposites always attract, I personally have a thing for couples who are young and polar opposites. A reason this works out so well is because it's young love, young love is one of the most and possibly the most adorable type of romance. Wally and Kuki are just so unexplainably cute. I mean there is Lizzie and Nigel or Hoagie and Abby, but they don't come as close to being so gosh darn cute compared to this two. Everyone in the whole show knows about their crush on the other p, but them and sometimes when Wally tries to confess his true feelings back backs out it gets so frustrating. I applaud the creator of the show for being able to create such a simple yet very adorable couple.

They totally have a thing for each other. Wally's got such a crush on her. It's so cute how he tries to hide it by being all tuff. But we can all see him blush when people make fun of him for it an when Kuki tells him something sweet. They are polar opposites, and that is why they attract. I love them together.

There is a reason why they are the 'mega-ship' of this show. If you don't believe in opposites attracting, watch some scenes of this couple. Numbuh 4 (Wally) is so cute when he tries to confess his feelings. Everyone finds themselves rooting for this couple. I haven't met anyone that does not ship them.

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17 Finn & Marceline (Adventure Time)

Dude,they are literally different yet the same.I can easily imagine how it will work,marceline's lack of moral is perfect with Finn's overprotective personality,yet they will be cute when they go on an adventure together,sadly the adventure time show runner don't want them to interact that much because it will end up being a romantic relationship,it really destroyed my dream.but still,FINNCELINE FOREVER

I'm not a big their fan but they are still great and such a badass couples. - 05yusuf09

I really like marceline and finn

They are like twin souls
they share similar past
and they love the danger and the adventure, they accept each other and they understand each other, finn sings marcy too, so they are perfect!

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18 Erica & Rory (My Babysitter's a Vampire)

I almost cried/died/flipped over a table when I saw this chilling at the top of the list. I loved them! I'm confused though. If so many people like them together, why is there not more fanfiction about them! It's irritating!

Erica and Rory Are My 2 Favorite My Babysitter's A Vampire Characters! They Suit Each Other! Benny's To Ugly! Plus, Other Than Benny (as Veronica), Rory Has No Real Other Crush!

I love the couple and the series!


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19 Eileen & Rigby (The Regular Show)

They rock, plus Eileen is my favorite character in the show, AND Eileen and Rigby are the same color, AND Rigby thinks that Eileen looks hot without her glasses.

Yes! They are dating now! And the most canon moments literally make my scream like I'm being robbed! ITS LIKE MY DREAM!

Yeah-yuh! when you see the hardworking and the sloppy get together, think Rigleen! plus, they are made for each other... meaning, at a fault (in mostly Rigbone) the other will make up for it... call FedEx to ship 'em


20 Dipper & Wendy (Gravity Falls)

Sorry everyone, I think Dipper is cuter with Pacifica. I'm sorry. I know she was awful to Mabel, but she was somewhat redeeming as a character. Wendy and Dipper had such forced tension by the writers. Wendy is actually only three years older than Dipper, so she's not too old for him, but I also understand that the age gap disappearing theory only works when the two in question didn't know each other when the age gap was present. Even when Wendy's 23 and Dipper's 20 and it shouldn't matter, I don't blame Wendy for always seeing him as younger than he really is. They met when he was on the cusp of childhood and adolescence, and she was already a mature-for-her-age teenager. They kind of met at the worst time possible for her to get over the age gap. Just Dipper's luck... - 089078

I hate this couple I am like "Holy Guacamole".

Wendy is my soul

I haven't watch Gravity Falls but they are such a cute couple. - 05yusuf09

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21 Ruby and Sapphire (Steven Universe)

Yes so what if they're lesbian? It's so cute and I love it so people don't be haters

A beautiful relationship.

How is this not number 1

Where's Steven and Connie?

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22 Randy & Theresa (Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja)

They are THE best

How this 19?! Danny x Sam sucks! Come on! This ship is underrated! - ChatNoirFan18

"You smell like rainbows"😄

23 Jake & Rose (American Dragon: Jake Long)

I love star crossed couples

Man I like that ship somehow...

24 Kim & Ron (Kim Possible)

Why is it so low on this list? - 001

Are we forgetting these two prime companions? A perfect combination of heartfelt friendship and kick-butt.

Kim is a popular preppy girl while Ron is a goofy guy with brighter personality, but these two go well together despite of the difference between them.

They complement each other perfectly. Should be #1!

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25 Austin & Ally (Austin & Ally)

Yes so true

Auslly has got to be the most adorable couple on Disney Channel! I just love Auslly to death! AH

They are so cute and are so ment to be together I don't care if they break up they are amazing and they can't live eithout each other AUSLLY is BEAUTIFUL!

26 Hiccup & Astrid (Dragons/How to Train Your Dragon)

I never liked this cartoon... but when I watched it, I always ended up rooting for Hiccup and Astrid, they're a perfect match

Great. Another love hate relationship. They remind me a lot of Percy and Annabeth, Jimmy and Cindy, Arnold and Helga, Sam and Freddie and all the other love hate relationship couples.

Hiccstrid forever

These guys are so good with each other.
If you watch carefully, you can fine little moments of these two I the first two seasons. 'Course they'll never admit it!

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27 Beck & Jade (Victorious)

Beck and Jade are perfect for each other and they fit so well together and they're so perfect together. Also, they bring out the best in each other, like Jade is sweeter when she's around Beck and Beck is more loving around Jade. You can see whenever they're together how much they love each other and the actors who portray them (Elizabeth Gillies and Avan Jogia) do a fantastic job of portraying this amazing love between the two characters.

Beck is the only guy who can 1) restrain her from killing anyone, and 2) he's not terrified of her

They also remind me a lot of all the other love hate relationship couples too.

This couple reminds me a lot of Sam and Freddie (iCarly).

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28 Jenny/XJ-9 & Sheldon (My Life as a Teenage Robot)

I love this ship

29 Louie x Webby (DuckTales)

I know dewey is more with webby but I like louie better

30 Mr. Krabs & Mrs. Puff (Spongebob Squarepants)

Mrs. Puff Is My Favorite SpongeBob Character! She's Such A Spaz! Mr. Krabs and Mrs. Puff Are Such A Cute Couple1Mr. Krabs Is So Sweet To Mrs. Puff!

They both are in sponge bob this is cute couple so sweet

Oh yeah.

31 Corey & Laney (Grojband)

Should be first! It's so adorable and popular.

How is this not first! Well at least in the top tens. Laney x corey forever.

I've always thought that Corey was going to admit his ceelings but he didn't. Sucks there wasn't a season 2 :(

32 Jay and Nya (NinjaGo)

They are cute together I mean come on...

33 Gumball & Penny (Amazing World of Gumball)

Gumball & Penny adalah pasangan yang paling saya suka dari yang lain

Gumball and Penny's kiss was the best scene

It should be in top ten not 30

Gumball & Penny should switch place with Mordecai & Margaret because CJ is way better.

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34 Darwin & Carrie (Amazing World of Gumball)

In all honesty, I love this couple. Like the time when Gumball was possessed by the green jealous monster thing, Darwin and Carrie were watching together, trying to (secretly) keep each other calm. And there goes the episode 'Halloween'.

Much better than Gumball and Penny. Darwin actually ends up treating Carrie well while Gumball has done countless horrible things to Penny. - 445956

I think this is the one of the best cartoon couples! They are adorable together

Carrie so overrated character. So, I ship Darwin abd Rachel. - 05yusuf09

35 Manny & Frida (El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera)

This is one very underrated ship to me. There are not that many people who talk about it at all. It´s one of the ship I go back to see their action and relationship to each other. Think Frida as Marry Jane from spiderman: web of shadow. She is kind and care for Manny. Menwhile the Black Cuervo as the Black Cat. Black Cuervo is only playnig with El Tigre like a toy. And only care for herself. that's all I can say.

36 Randy & Heidi (Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja)

Its sort of nomirandy and heidi - dewey

I like that RandyXHeidi is right up here next to RandyXTheresa.

37 Sam & Freddie (iCarly)

Great. Another annoying, obnoxious, insufferable love hate relationship. I can't stand these/those two together at all mostly because of the love hate relationship between these/those two and their constant fighting, arguing, quarreling and bickering. Freddie never ever even deserves to deal nor put up with that blonde brat, Sam at all, does he? No he doesn't. Sam's just jealous of Freddie and her twin sister, Melanie too. I'm sick of love hate relationships. I dislike love hate relationships. I don't like love hate relationships at all. I can't stand love hate relationships at all.

Seddie (Sam and Freddie) is the best couple ever, followed by Arnold and Helga, Rory and Erika, Barney and Robin, and Sonny and Chad. The whole opposites attract thing going full blast! They are so cute together! So totally different but absolutely right for each other, like to matching puzzle pieces. If they were exactly the same, they would never work. They need to be opposite to be able to work together and be perfect.

Well the show is ihop so it was about pancakes. They are pancakes together with syrup on them to stick together I love them together because I do and they match perfectly and Ihop is about pancakes and I love pancakes yum so they love each other so much as much as I love pancakes and in iloveyou they said they loved each other SO PANCAKES AND THIS SHIP FOREVR!


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38 Jimmy & Cindy (Jimmy Neutron)

They remind you of other love hate relationship couples, don't they?

Aw man, not another love hate relationship. Sam and Freddie (iCarly) remind me a lot of them too.

They remind you of all the other love hate relationship couples, don't they?

They’re so cute! They’re similar to Sam and Freddie even with the hair colors!

39 Duncan & Courtney (TDI)

Duncney is such a cute couple and more people need to realize it. What I like about them is how they have that "opposites attract" thing but they're so much more alike the more they get to know each other. They're not each other's "type" that people would normally think they should be with but that's ok because they genuinely like each other and don't care about what the other campers think of them. She judged him at first but then starts to see how nice he is. She loves how he has a "bad boy" personality but he's the complete opposite on the inside. He's a really sweet guy that respects her and loves her. He seems like he'd be annoyed by her "bossiness" / A type personality but that's what made him like her. She gets crazier the more he learns about her and he loves it. Their story was written out so well, both of their voice actors are amazing, and the episode they first kiss (Basic Straining) is so adorable! Not to mention they are both great characters with and without a ...more


Opposites attract. These 2 are heaven and hell but so cuteee.

I like Gwen and Duncan more but these two are ok together.

40 SpongeBob & Patrick (SpongeBob SquarePants)

Is no one going to talk about this? No comments? Alrighty then.

But to be honest, if we're shipping SpongeBob with anybody, it's gotta be Squidward.

41 Finn & Flame Princess (Adventure Time)

They both are bunch of idiots. I really hate this couple and their fans. - 05yusuf09

They rock together, AND Flame Princess is my favorite princess in the show.

42 Kid Flash & Jinx (Teen Titans)

I think that jinx and cyborg are a better couple I just can’t see kid flash and jinx together :/ sorry!

Well, since he converted her to the side of good, things seemed to lighten up for them both. Love this pair!

I like this couple ever since I found out about Teen Titans, but to be honest I love Kid Flash and Artemis way more

So cute he's such a great influence on her! In the original that's why she was A tinge good

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43 Dog & Shriek (CatDog)

Dog Is So Cute! You Can Tell He Has A Thing For Shriek! Shriek Loves Dog But Ironically (Because He'll Always Be Connected To Dog), Hates Cat!

44 Jake & Lady Rainicorn (Adventure Time)

They aren't married... they love each other too much

Duh, they did Tier 15, but they're awesome.

Again, duh they're married

45 Cosmo & Wanda (The Fairly Odd Parents)

Well, opposites do attract and they ARE opposites...

They are already married you know.

46 Gwen & Kevin (Cartoon Network)

They are veryyy romantic couple


47 Zoey & Chase (Zoey 101)

These two were meant to be from the first time they met!

48 Asami & Korra

I was so happy when this became canon and I still am to this day. Watching and seeing their relationship grow will always be so important to me and it's so nice to see their relationship in the new LOK turf wars comic without the many restraints given to the animation.

I always thought they had something so I was so happy when they made it official

This should be top 1 because it is a gay couple. Screw Auslly. It is a bit too much of a one-dimensional, straight, tweeny romance. Troyella should die in hell. Emma Alonso is better with Andi Cruz as her lover. Durrhurrhurrhurrhurrhurr!

49 Donatello & April (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012)
50 Kevin & Nazz (Ed Edd n Eddy)
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