Best Cartoon Network, Disney or Nick Couples

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41 Kevin & Nazz (Ed Edd n Eddy)
42 Sokka & Suki (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
43 Gumball & Penny (Amazing World of Gumball)

Gumball and Penny's kiss was the best scene

It should be in top ten not 30

Gumball & Penny should switch place with Mordecai & Margaret because CJ is way better.

love them

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44 Kid Flash & Jinx (Teen Titans)

Well, since he converted her to the side of good, things seemed to lighten up for them both. Love this pair!

I like this couple ever since I found out about Teen Titans, but to be honest I love Kid Flash and Artemis way more

So cute he's such a great influence on her! In the original that's why she was A tinge good

This ship is adorable!

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45 Mako and Asami (Legend of Korra) V 1 Comment
46 Gwen & Kevin (Cartoon Network) V 2 Comments
47 Kid Flash & Artemis (Young Justice)

Better than Taught, by far more

This couple has been my ULTIMATE shipping ever since I went deeper into Kid Flash's background, I "like" Flinx but I "love" Spitfire

To be honest, I used to ship Flinx but when Young Justice came into my life I stopped shipping Flinx and started to love Spitfire

48 Nick and Judy (Zootopia)

Holy Shrimps but this is a good couple LOL

Best couple ever

This must be number 1

Who who

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49 Belle and the Beast - Beauty and the Beast
50 Flame Princess & Scorcher (Adventure Time) V 1 Comment
51 Dudley & Kitty (T.U.F.F. Puppy)
52 Fred & Daphne (Scooby-Doo)

Classic and totally adorable! I never get tired of these two awkwardly denying their feelings/totally in love with one another! And they solve mysteries? What's cooler than that?!

They are best couple ever and they are too hot and perfect for each other

53 Marco & Heckapoo (Star vs. the Forces of Evil)
54 Alex & Mason (Wizards of Waverly Place)
55 Donatello & April (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012)
56 Edd & Sarah (Ed Edd n Eddy)
57 Korra & Mako (Legend of Korra)

They are so meant for each other. Besides everyone knows they're going to get back together eventually in Book 3! You just know it!

58 Zuko & Mai (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

I love this, but Jin and Zuko would be good too.

59 Oscar & Bea (Fish Hooks)

I just love to see them together.

60 Gumball & Darwin (Amazing World of Gumball)

There brothers

And they are brothers
But cute couple

It's just the same as Marceline & Princess Bubblegum, except this is both boys instead of both girls. - Finn-Mordecai-Gumball

Yaay this is my otp

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