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61 Elsa & Jack Frost

They are perfect for each other! They both have ice powers and since Jack is the guardian of fun, he helps balance out Elsa and helps her learn to loosen up and have fun!

Jack Frost is such a cutie in Rise of the Guardians and him and Elsa would make such an AWESOME COUPLE! - leafpool_4_ever

They're from different films you know.

Yeah I hope they get together in the future if she goes into Rise of the Guardians sequel.
And a lot sequels as well they've got a lot of things in common one both have youngest siblings two they have ice powers and I hope they get married and have children with ice powers as well I mean you know what I mean like their children have ice powers as well.

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62 Dee Dee & Mandark (Dexter's Laboratory) V 1 Comment
63 Molly & Gil (Bubble Guppies)

They have hugged 3 times and have grown closer (Emotionally) over time and have been seen together a lot.

64 Chase & Skye (PAW Patrol)

They are in love especially in the latest episode.

They are NOT in LOVE With each other. Who puts sex in baby shows - TheKirbyCreeper999

One episode where Chase was like if Skye was ok and this was the sign for that Chase has a crush on her.

65 Phoebe & Gerald (Hey Arnold)
66 Kick & Kendall (Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil)
67 Quinn & Logan (Zoey 101)

Another great Zoey 101 couple. This plot twist proves that there ARE the unlikeliest of couples out there, in this case, a good-looking rich boy who is sexist and obsessed with his reflection in the mirror and a nerdy girl obsessed with science experiments and chemistry. It's like magnets, opposites attract!

Man, I just wish Logan was written off back then before in the first place too just like that bitchy slob, Dana Cruz. Logan's a total jerk.

68 Marceline and Marshall Lee (Adventure Time)
69 Anna & Hiccup
70 Finn & Princess Bubblegum V 3 Comments
71 Alex & Dean (Wizards of Waverly Place)

This is much less excruciating then Alex & Mason as a couple, even though Jalex (Alex & Justin) is the most popular (albeit incestuous) couple.

72 SpongeBob & Patrick (SpongeBob SquarePants)
73 Carly & Freddie (Icarly)

Okay how about the fact that freddie saved her life.

74 Emma Alonso & Jax (Every Witch Way)
75 Darwin & Rachel (Amazing World of Gumball)

They should really make another episode featuring that couple...

Who is rachel

76 Nazz and Kevin (Ed, Edd, and Eddy)
77 Beatrice & Wirt (Over the Garden Wall)

Infinite Eyerolls is the cutest couple I have ever heard of and I've heard of Finnceline! They would be so cute and I wish they would just go out! (I'm also reading this fanfiction about them called "It wasn't a dream" By someone by the name "FlareonWritesBooks". She's really good at it but it's not done so if you guys could help get her attention so she'll make the next chapter that would be great!


78 Lizzie & Gordo (Lizzie McGuire)
79 Cyborg & Bumblebee (Teen Titans)

This couple needs more shippers.

Ooh so cute but jinx is better sorry :(

80 Louis & Tawny (Even Stevens)
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