My Two Cents On: The Amazing World Of Gumball

TheReviewer20 Hello there. This is TheReviewer20 here. Some guy named eLitemike35 said MTCO was basically me being ruslted. So, I decided to make one positive for once. And what show is better to do it than The Amazing World of Gumball, my 3rd favorite cartoon? Just so you know, I'm using a new format.

The animation in this cartoon is great. It's like mashing together many art forms into one beautiful masterpiece. The best part is that it rarely has animation errors. And when it does have errors, they really don't distract from the show itself. It always experiments with new ideas, almost always working out. This was more noticeable in the first season, but by the time Season 2 came around, they fixed that.
Rating: A+

The writing is surprisingly strong when it comes to humor, but a little weak in spots like storytelling and can lead to plot holes. While those plot holes are usually fixed, they put tape over it instead of actually fixing it. It's not to say they make good plots, though. The writing is just kinda weak sometimes
Rating: A-

The main characters are very unforgettable. Gumball is like Alvin from the good Chipmunks moive. Devious, funny, a liar, but he had a good heart. Darwin is a fish who went through many trials and succeeded with the power of love (no, he is not a Marty Stu). Nicole is the badarse mother who can do
pretty much anything, like defeat Goku. Richard is the loveable oaf and Anias is the smart little girl. The supporting characters are forgettable, but the show makes jokes around this.
Rating: A-

🎶 Music 🎶
Go listen to My Little Ones on YouTube and tell me that's not oscar-worthy singing right there.
Rating: A++

😄 Enjoyment 😄
This is enjoyable for all ages, depending on your tastes. If you want silly slapstick with slightly dark undertones, go watch Season 1. If you emwant discussion on real world topics in a form that kids can understand, watch Season 4 or 5. This is mostly episodic, so you should get the hang of it quickly.

💯 Final Addup 💯
All in all, TAWOG is a great show and it will be a pity when it ends. It is a truly humorous show that can cover things usually seen for adults. Even if you're not interested in the show, you have to admit that it has had a great run.
Final score: A

Best Episode: The Shell
Worst Episode: The Ex

If you want to see me review these 2 episodes, hope and pray. Until then, see you next time!


Pretty accurate, the music is a little too highly rated... - visitor

I love the songs - TwilightKitsune