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141 Secret Mountain Fort Awesome Secret Mountain Fort Awesome

Wow, so just when I thought The Problem Solverz was bad enough to be the last item on this list, this trash heap comes along! Horrible animation, atrocious art, god-awful voice-acting, unlikable characters (not to mention there is literally a character made of butts. I wish I wasn't being serious, because trust me, there is a character made of butts.), terrible plots, and disgustingly hideous toilet humor make this show sound more like Secret Mountain Fort Abomination! Curse you, Paper Rad! I'm just glad Cartoon Network cancelled it within its first few days of airing! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I hate problem solverz more, because boring and hideous is worse than terrible and hideous. At least you can laugh more at this. However, it looks worse than Problem Solverz, problem Solverz had half finished characters with seizure inducing colours. This show has characters that have way too much detail in their design and have colours reminiscent of vomit. - kempokid

This show is terrible.

I agree with you ModernSpongeBobSucks, this is the worst show ever, it deserves last place. Nobody likes this boring show. Too much toilet humor, a rip off the Problem Solverz, not funny at all, the characters are not likable in any way. Worst show ever-AnimeDrawer85

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142 Sailor Moon Sailor Moon

I don't remember this on Cartoon Network, but it still is a great anime!,! And a classic

How in the world is this below Secret Mountain Fort Awesome? This should be higher.

Hate this is a animie

143 League of Super Evil League of Super Evil

Wow yaaayy. No one cares

144 Time Squad Time Squad Time Squad is an American/Canadian animated television series created by Dave Wasson for Cartoon Network, and the 10th of the network's Cartoon Cartoons.

Time Squad deserves to be much higher on this list. Especially since there are some shows on this list that aren't even Cartoon Network shows.

Time Squad is just fantastic, it was funny had clever writing and one of the best theme songs ever.

This needs to be higher up. Its one of the greatest Cartoon Network shows ever! I loved the comedy and the psychological things about this show. As well as the history. Also the creator of it now works on Star vs The Forces of Evil.

Time Squad is way too underrated.

145 Mona the Vampire V 1 Comment
146 Zatch Bell Zatch Bell

It was extremely good show but their eye creep the living crap out of me.

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147 My Friend Ganesha 3

This Is Not A Show It's A Movie.

148 Ninja Robots
149 Beware the Batman

I love this cartoon! It has really clever settings, plots, and characters. Batman, Katana, Alfred, heck, even Anarky and Harvey Dent are great characters! Batman: The hero who always has a friend to help him, and is still awesome despite his dark and brooding attitude; Katana: An interesting character that always has a secret or two locked away in her history; Alfred: Another great character that always gives me a laugh with his funny attitude, or a shudder with his stories of his time as an MI6 Agent; Harvey Dent: If there was a reboot of this, or a continuing, he would be an awesome Two-Face! I love watching him deny the plain and simple truth of life; Anarky: Where to start?! Short version is... awesome character that you love to hate! I love this cartoon! I even wrote fanfiction for it! This is a great, excellent cartoon that should be put much higher on the list! Teen Titans Go? Piece of junk. Give me this over TTG. It is much better than that! I can't not recommend it enough! ...more

150 Thomas & Friends Thomas & Friends

What the! It's a little kid's show with stupid trains for a kid with 1 month

I loved this when I was little but now it's stupid

Oh god please NOO X_X

I loved thoman and his friends and I was watching it as a teenm I like the opening song

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151 Tenchi Universe

Best show on Cartoon Network in 2000!

152 Ying Yang Yo

This was on Disney, not on Cartoon Network

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153 Yu-Gi-Oh! GX V 1 Comment
154 The Mask: Animated Series

This is the best cartoon series ever... I miss my childhood.. When I saw this... It was really funny... And have excellent sense of humor... I miss this cartoon badly... And all the other cartoon too... I wish the old Cartoon Network back... Again...

Mask is the definition of my childhood

155 Commercials

The commercials used to really make Cartoon Network. Too bad their ads are terrible now.

Who didn't love the CN City Era commercials? There's even videos of them all over YouTube.

Cartoon Network App Commercial - MEGAMANZEROSTRIDER

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156 Super Hero Squad V 1 Comment
157 Transformers: Animated
158 Duel Masters

This was a really good anime if you give it a chance.

159 Digimon Fusion

SUCKS! Pokemon was actually good! Pika pika! Never gets old.

I hate this show! This is the biggest Pokémon FFFAAKKKE! EVER

Digimon Fusion sucks badly.

Digimon Tamers and Adventure was way better than this... - Stallion

160 Laff-A-Lympics
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