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Regular Show is an American animated television series created by J. G. Quintel for Cartoon Network that premiered on September 6, 2010. The series revolves around the lives of two friends, a blue jay named Mordecai and a raccoon named Rigby—both employed as groundskeepers at a local park.


This show is most awesome to me!. It's pretty funny and it can be an attractive show to both adults and kids. This show made me think that being a slacker can have as much fun adventures as Finn & Jake from Adventure time can have. (Also, being a slacker does not really mean it's fun. I'm not saying I wanna be a slacker nor would I suggest THAT to be an option of any of your lives, but if you do wanna be a slacker then make a living by watching this show, you might feel less bad about yourself :D

To do list 1: Tell my dumbass friend to quit keeping his eyes on his IPad. 2: Tell him to quit watching Gumball and watch this amazing show called Regular show. 3: Talk about why this episode is amazing. I think I'll do 3.

I must admit, I used to hate Regular Show. I decided to see how bad it was. My first episode was Ello Governor or whatever. Then when I came home from my Saturday Math Class, I decided, hey, that episode was not bad, so why not watch another one. And soon, I was hung up on the show. Good choice. I enjoyed the show so much. Every Monday I tune up to Cartoon Network to catch the latest episode (s) of Regular Show. The characters are great (Could be bad, like Margaret and CJ) and the plots are interesting. And best of all, the jokes. So although Gumball is good, Regular Show is better. It has more episodes then Gumball, and has more seasons. I see why people like Gumball and Adventure Time, but Gumball has multiple flaws and plot holes, and Adventure Time I no ...more

WARNING CONTAIN SPOILERS born in 2000, I first saw this show when I was 11 and I remember changing the channel to watch king of the hill and saw some blue bird (mordecai) having a staring contest with some freakish eyeball the episode is peeps S2 ep4 I thought it was cool didn't watch much regular show after that but what really drew me in was the high score episode the whole episode was really good and I just watch it ever since season 3 gotten better than seasons 4-6 were the best because of the mordecai relationship thing picking up with margaret then cj, and a lot more regular show specials, season 7 was good but know where near as good as seasons 4 and 5 but season 7 had a great finale with the crew going to space didn't watch much of season 8 I watched first few episodes then watched the later episodes right around the build up for the finale but with the finale to me it was beyond my expectations I mean I knew it was going to be great but the finale was insane even for regular ...more

The best show of all time, I was born in 2002, I started watching cartoons at 7 months old, just like the other comment, I also used to watch stuff like Ed, Edd n Eddy, Dexter's Laboratory, The PowerPuff Girls, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Johnny Bravo, Teen Titans, you get the idea, then all of those shows added up and ended in 2009, it was really sad, I didn't know what to do next, during that time I was watching modern SpongeBob on Nick... (used to watch OId SpongeBob too but I didn't add it before because it's on nick). But then something happened, I was still a bit bored but then they said they're releasing 2 new shows, Adventure Time and Regular Show, I thought they would just be 2 stupid and boring shows, I got bored on Monday afternoon in 2010 when there was a teacher work day so there was no school, Regular Show was on CNw and Adventure Time was on CNeHD, I first went on Adventure Time, I watched one episode... I was hooked on, I loved the episode, it was called "What Have ...more

I may be only a kid so I am not very good at writing reviews. But this show is my pick for the best cartoon network show ever. I thought the first seasons were some of the greatest cartoons of all time, but the show did get worse in the final seasons. It is super funny with some adult humor, but I think it's fine for a kid. Mordecai and Rigby are the two main characters, they are known for slacking off all the time in their job and try to make life as fun as possible. But their boss, Benson, hates them because they never do their work. They always find a way to have fun but usually run into a problem. Like there is some action fighting, but not to the point where it is violent. But in all, this is a very funny cartoon that ended too soon. My pick for best cartoon network show

I enjoy watching this show, but sometimes the situation is exaggerated. Here's some examples. Eating doughnuts that have lots of sugar make you go somewhere weird, why does that have to happen. Instead, it can just make Pops so jumpy and naughty. Next example, spinning for a long time makes you go to another weird place. What?! Last example. Breaking a ritual causes havoc. This is in some episodes. Why does there need to be destruction by just doing something wrong? But overall, fun and funny show. But it can be better by not really exaggerating it. But don't get me wrong, the show is AWESOME!

Regular show rocks, it should be #1. It is the best cause it is the best. I like it with all the originality and comedy and it over blows every single cartoon in the world, other than Monty Python. Ed, Edd n Eddy, I have never heard of it. Why should it be #1 when Regular Show can?

Unlike the other terrible shows on Cartoon Network, the Regular Show is actually clever and humorous at the same time. I will admit that that it has past its prime, but Regular Show is still by far the best show on the Channel. - EmperorAguila

FORGET ADVENTURE TIME REGULAR show is where it is at it's awesome just every little detail is perfect this is the perfect show of all time no doubt from the comedy to the in tenseness this by far is the best show of ALL TIME!

Regular show is amazing. Simply amazing. I wish I could just drop the mic right there, but this show is absolutely marvelous. For one the characters are absolutely amazing and creative. This show is the only reason I pay for cartoon network. I don't care if people say, 'oh this was just a backup show if Adventure Time failed.' Well it probably was but this show should of had adventure time for its backup. Reportedly Regular show is set to cancel in 2017. Why? Can't they realize that this is the only show that's keeping nickelodeon from sweeping in and taking the cartoons industry by storm. So over all 10/10

Regular show is the most funnest show I ever had heard in forever I can't believe how funny it is I just don't get it

Regular show is awesome for the acting, comedy and action they have in the show. Mordecai a tall blue jay and Rigby a very short raccoon are best friends. They work at a park. Just like their friends Pops, Skips, Muscle Man and High-five ghost. All work for Benson. Some friends they know named Margret and Eliien. I have seen the episode the best burger in the world. I'ts when Mordecai and Rigby fight holograms of their self. After they beat the holograms Benson ate their burgers. The name is full of comedy. Keep rocking Mordecai and Rigby.

I love regular show because it's not what you exepted to be a bird. Regular show is so funny dead at eight it was really funny when muscle man hit the tree!

I think that this is the best show on cartoon network. It should be the first and amazing world of gumball should be second and then adventure time and then courage the cowardly dog then chowder and fosters home for imaginary friends. I love all those shows and I like mad too. There all great shows.

The most regular show with a twist. The characters are amazing, they even got many extras. This show should be at the top. At first I thought it was lame or a fail, but as soon as I started watching, I regret what I said. This is my 1# fave show!

Regular Show is an awesome show. I love this show. The characters are all unique and funny. So far there has not been a regular moment in Regular Show. The best and funniest characters are Mordecai and Rigby. I don't get why the crappiest show on earth is above one of the. Best shows on earth. :) fggfdhjfghhgh

By far the best show on Cartoon Network!

It is the perfect blend of innocence and well-hidden innuendo, that makes this show so hilarious to adults and children alike.

Regular show is the best show ever to air on Cartoon Network. this should be at the top for great acting and great watercolor design. it's way cooler than all the other shows on Cartoon Network. up with regular show, up with regular show, oh!

When I first watched an episode of regular show, I thought it was a bizarre load of crap by someone on drugs, but slowly after getting into it after a handful of episodes, I could see that the chemistry between Mordecai & rigby was quite infectious & some of the other supporting characters became more fleshed out & more interesting & when I found out that the mighty boosh was the inspiration for this cartoon, sad that it ended, but towards the end, it had lost its spark & the Margaret/CJ love triangle got stale really quickly & some of the episodes in series 8 were rather poor.

You know most cartoon shows just end no real ending... That's not the case for this, the ending killed me with Pops dying, the montage and Pops inserting the VHC tape and saying jolly good show. It's not just the ending though everything was good about this. Name one bad episode that's right you can't because this is the best show of this cartoon era. Almost every character had an amazing arc. Rigby and Eileen amazing. Muscle Man and Stella amazing. I already mentioned Pops. Even Benson and Skips had great a plot. Overall one of the best if not the best show on Cartoon Network.

This show is outrageously funny. I've seen every episode to date. Shows like Ed, Edd and Eddie and Courage the Cowardly Dog are bizarre with poor animation but Regular Show takes the cake. Hilarious plot every time and is a pleasure to the eye. JG Quintel is a comical genius who deserves way more credit.

The Regular Show is really a full package. Its like a good mixture of some Comedy, Screwing up, Fixing problems and even Fiction. It was a show that I loved the first time I saw it. One thing I never understood is that why is it called the Regular Show because there is absolutely nothing Regular about this Show but now I understand, it meant that life isn't Regular so just Enjoy it or just enjoy the Show.

This show is AMAZING! It's one of the few gems left on Cartoon Network. I'm so sad that it's going to end soon. Cartoon Network is entering another Dark Age. It's replacing shows like Gumball, Adventure Time, and Regular Show with shows like My Knight and Me and crappy reboots.

This show has great creativity, great animation, and characters that are flawed but improve as the show goes on. It would have been better if the plot wasn't much formulaic and the jokes were actually new at the later seasons. Luckily the last 2 seasons improved the show with many story arcs and the best series finale that I've ever seen!

Simply put, Regular show is horrifically rated. Having not just been one of Cartoon Network's best shows, but one of the best shows of all time. The charisma and different personalities of all the characters and the humor and banter that was displayed throughout, all while keeping an exceptional plot and story in the process. This show was ended at exactly the right time as well, to end on a final amazing note. This has to be the best show CN's made and quite possibly the best ever.