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Steven Universe is an American animated television series created by Rebecca Sugar for Cartoon Network. The show's based around a young boy by the name of Steven Universe, who is a hybrid of a gem and a human. He lives with his gem friends, Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl.


It's sad how people hate on this show because it's popular and has lesbian relationships. But there's way more potential than that. When I first saw this show I started hating too considering so much people were saying it was boring. But after seeing a few episodes I was completely drawn in. The characters are amazing and well designed and the plot was really original and creative! I'm surprised that most people say it's boring when it has comedy, romance and drama in it! Steven is a bubbly and sometimes naive character that is clueless to the gem history. He's emotional and caring and a comedy relief. Pearl is a strong, overprotective and salty character but is a graceful warrior and shows way more than what Pearls from homeworld usually are. She's courageous, sassy and a graceful ballerina. Garnet is smooth and shows no emotion but is loving to Steven and cares about her friends and the earth. She is by far the most intelligent character and a very strong leader with the ability to ...more

Cartoon Network has had some great shows in its time. Recently there have been some lame shows on Cartoon Network. The only good ones now are Regular Show, Gumball, and maybe Adventure Time (not so much nowadays). Steven Universe came along and it's one of the best cartoons I've ever seen. Unlike most shows today, it follows a storyline. Every episode is important. It's groundbreaking in that it has representation of different races and sexualities. It also includes a beautiful soundtrack and diverse, well-developed characters. It may not seen like much from the outside, but if you gave it a chance, you'd see just how amazing it can be.

Steven Universe should be at the top. I know many people say," Steven Universe is stupid. I watched the first episode and it sucks." You see that's where their wrong. If you only watched the first episode then you don't know the beauty and the true definition of the show. To me Steven Universe isn't just a show about a boy. It's about how the boy learns about who he is and what his past and future may be like. Garnet, her definition to me is love, true love in which two beings combine together and form their love. Pearl, she is very skilled and wished that Rose Quartz was their to help her, but Pearl has a mean side to, like when Peridot said Pearl was very common and she should have a master Pearl just punched her. Amethyst, cool, rocked out, loves to eat junk. She is definition of the stray from the gems. But, Steven know Amethyst and to him she is his big sister. I thank my friend Kristin for showing me the true meaning of Steven Universe.

Regardless of this show's low rank on the list, Steven Universe is arguably the best modern cartoon with an actual STORY that you could watch along with gravity falls. The art style is gorgeous and vibrant, the plot gets progressively deeper and more interesting every season, and the music is exceptional which enhances the show's already superb storytelling. But what makes this show really special are the characters. I mean seriously for a cartoon, they are so full of depth and emotions, which makes them so realistic and likeable. Even Steven who I thought at first was just another naive and annoying do-gooder became a character who I adored so much because of the character development that occured in him, as well as for everyone else in the show (except for you, onion) The themes and moral lessons presented are so enlightening and refreshing, aimed at kids and adults alike. The show only has two cons, first is the extremely slow start, since half of season 1 are just purely filler ...more

Cartoon Network kind of had a bunch of bad shows for a while. But it looks like this is changing. From the trailers it looked like another "It's random so it's funny" type of show, but it's not. This show has a great theme song, not-annoying characters that do things besides act like idiots, and great morals. I agree that this, Adventure Time, and Regular Show are the best Cartoon Network shows on right now.

This is honestly one of the most beautiful, emotional, and profound cartoons I've ever seen. It is just perfect. The characters are perfect, the songs are amazing, the animation is beautiful, and the writing is just spectacular. I honestly adore this show, and I just think it's perfect. All of the characters are just so dang likable! Garnet is lovely, Pearl is fantastic, Amethyst is great, and Steven (my personal favorite) is just a pleasure to watch. And don't even get me started on the songs! They are all just so good! From the theme song, to Love Like You, they are just all amazing. And jebus, that animation is gorgeous! The colors are so light and lovely, I actually often find myself just looking at the backgrounds for the colors. They're just beautiful! And the style of animation is just so dang nice! It's so simple, and yet so beautiful! And the show's creator, Rebecca Sugar, just does such a great job at the writing! This show has given me a lot of joy, I just love it so much.

At first I hated this show. I thought it was just another Clarence, except with fiction. But when my friend reeled me in, I got addicted. Especially when I saw Jail Break. The Crystal Gems and Steven are not too OP, and it is not another bland, peaceful show. It can be comedy, action, adventure, drama, and romance all mixed into one. I especially love the fusions and the songs. Seriously, the fusions aren't just a name mix up like Vegito or Gotenks, they are completely different gems. The songs are actually good with meaning, unlike "Bacon Pancakes." After my friend got me addicted, I decided to get my brother and my other friends addicted. At first they hated it, but after watching about 10 episodes, they said it was their favorite show of all time. Seriously, start at S1E20 all the way to S1E52. Then you be addicted and Season 2 and higher.

This show is so good in many ways. Every character is different and has their own flaws. They don't let their flaws control them, but the flaws help them grow. This show also shows kids that boys can cry, as in the show Steven and his father are seen crying. Most characters have different body types to show to kids that not everyone needs to be the same to be amazing and important. In this show there is such a strong female influence, which is important for girls to understand that they can do anything that men can. Also in this show there is a gay couple, it is important that kids understand that being gay is normal. There are many more reasons why this show is so great but these are some. Why isn't this show higher up on the list I don't know.

This Show Should Be Number 1

It Unique And Has Fantastic Story, Characters, And And Good Atmosphere, Morals And Music.
The Show Can Be Silly But It Makes Up For It With Characters And Plot
They Put Effort In To The Details Of This Cartoon And Sometimes Surprise You.
Who Wouldn't Want To Be A Crystal Gem... They Are So Awesome!

My Favorite Characters Are Garnet, Lapis Lazuli, And Rose Quartz
And My Favorite Episode Is Jailbreak

The Only Thing I Don't Like About It Is There's Some Filler But At Least The Filler Adds To The Characters And Story Sometimes

This Show Is Even Better Than The 90s Cartoon Network Cartoons

Rebecca Sugar and the Universe Crew has to be the most talented people I've ever seen on television. The story is fantastic, the characters are lovable and the best thing is; they both never stop growing. Every episode, regardless of how long the run time is, is absolutely enjoyable. I always await the next episodes and sing a long to many of the songs. Especially the "Let Me Drive My Van (Into Your Heart)". Don't get me started on the voice actors as well. They are all so wonderful and I can sense a lot of character and personality being put into the Steven Universe characters. I'd like to see a lot more of it in the future and beyond.

I love this show, the newest episodes of this show have been better then anything that has come out in cartoon media since... Forever, its more enjoyable then the shows that the "90s kids" praise so much while being drunk on nostalgia and ignorance. This show has some of the most developed characters I have ever seen, and they interact with eachother very well, the story is taking a turn for the dark nearing season 2 and jeez, the episodes are so dramatic and action packed. If you have not seen this show, watch it now, and give it a chance, it finds its feet after a few episodes and it easily triumphs over other shows on this list. Which I may have to question the mental capacity of those who put other shows over this.

Steven universe is one of the cartoons I've ever watched. First off, the characters are lovable, relatable and have depth, unlike some shows that have annoying, bland, stereotypical characters. Second, the animation is absolutely gorgeous, the beautiful color schemes and geometric shapes blend together seamlessly and I can't stop staring at the beautiful cartoon. Third, the plot is unique, intriguing and creative, the adorable, heartwarming episodes effortlessly unravel the past of some of the main characters, exposing serious topics such as a corrupt government, isolation due to being different, and learning to accept your differences. All in all, Steven universe is an amazing cartoon.

These are reason Steven Universe is the best.

1. Steven Universe has a real story, unlike Teen Titans Go or The Amazing World Of Gumball.

2. The characters are lovable, full of emotions and personality, and very well designed

3. It can be loved by a boys or girls, like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

4. The fan base is Amazing. All of the fan art, communities, and websites about it

5. The story is AMAZING. The mystery behind Rose Quartz, Homeworld, and the fantasy aspects.

6. The show is pretty funny

7. The animation, Music, and Voice acting is great. The animation is so well done, the music can never get out of your head because it's so good, and the voice acting is amazing (Garnet is Estelle! )

8. The version of earth they live in is very well designed.

I'm gonna be honest, after the first 5-9 episodes of the show, I started looking at at it like, "eh, it's starting to drop now." Then the 2nd week of Steven Universe came in July, I looked at every channel I had and nothing was really good for now, so I had no choice to watch the new episode, after I seen all of the episodes that aired in July, I couldn't believe it, it just turned on like a new lightblub. Just all of the stuff I watched was getting boring, I had to wait nearly 2 weeks- 4 months for new episode of Gravity Falls, Adventure Time just went down the drain, and Regular Show and Gumball, well, they are still awesome, this show gave me the light I needed, like it inspired me, one minute I'm just dead at school and home, the next minute, inspiration whispers to me saying never give up. What I'm trying to say is, it's really classic and amazing. This deserves to be the #1 show, even if it's sometimes sad.

To be honest with you, I didn't know what to expect. I watched a few episodes of this show, and the 1st half of the First Season seemed boring (I'm Looking at You Cat Fingers! ), things changed when Peridot came along. She became the funniest character on the show, and everything she says is a Masterpiece. Ruby is what made me come back to Steven Universe, and she looked Visually appealing, and since that was my Birthstone, it made me love the show even more. Although I didn't care for the songs (Sorry! I'm just not a fan of Music in Shows! ), every single thing was a Masterpiece. I've seen the Old Pilot of the show, and it kinda looked a bit weird, and now that it went with a cuter Chibi style, it made me love it even more. Seriously, if they went with that style, imagine what Peridot would've looked like... ugh... But still, the show is great, and it shows that even if a show looks like it sucks, it will come back on the top instantly.

Steven Universe is awesome. WARNING: I am probably going to write a thousand paragraphs to explain its greatness.

1: GOOD CHARACTER. Steven Universe is not that ripoff of Adventure Time many of us thought it was. Steven Universe is a "gem." Get it? -_- Nevermind. Steven Universe has 4 main characters. First is Steven. Unlike many other cartoon boy characters, Steven doesn't want to fight or hurt people. Like his mother, he is a gem. He is also half human, so he never seems to fit in. He cares for every living thing and truly loves almost everyone, even if they are mean to him. He fights with his words and usually uses he shield to protect ones he loves. Garnet is a mysterious character, and even though much of the comedy is centered around her, she is more than a comic relief character. She shows genuine love for Steven, and is protective of him. Amethyst is the laid-back type, and loves to pull pranks. Even though she is like this, she still has sadness inside her. ...more

Steven Universe is easily the most in-depth & interesting show Cartoon Network has given us. HOW IS THIS NOT IN THE TOP 10 YET?! The characters all have distinct personalities which keep evolving over time. The writing is creative, using so many clever jokes & moments. The action sequences are amazing, showing of the characters' abilities in an extraordinary fashion (especially Garnet vs. Jasper). Though the earlier part of season 2 could have been better, the introduction of Peridot gave us a new, amusing angle that made it just as fun to watch as season 1. This is CN's version of Gravity Falls: clever, action-packed, masterfully done. Can't recommend it enough.

BEST SHOW EVER! When this show first came out, I really didn't think that I would love it as much as I love and obsess over it now! I mean, when I saw Jailbreak, I thought wow, how did I ever hate this show?!?! The characters have awesome, diverse personalities and the show has an AMAZING plot and storyline! Some of the newer shows on CN like Uncle Grandpa, Teen Titans Go!, and Clarence have no plot and the comedy is very pointless, strange, and weak, but with Steven Universe, there are so many funny, STRONG points and some adult humor that just makes it wonderful to watch! In my opinion, my favorite character would be Peridot, she makes me laugh so hard and has developed greatly throughout the show. She went from emotionless to so much emotion that she has an awesome character!

Beautiful animation, beautiful music, interesting characters, and just... Everything about this show is amazing. Created by Rebecca Sugar, who did storyboards and music for Adventure time, the show is creative and fun to watch. It's loose animation and off-model expressions fit it's theme of imperfection perfectly, and it's dense with meaningful interaction between its characters. It has very strong continuity, and I can't wait to see where the Crewnivurse takes this.

Steven Universe is this low? ' STEVEN UNIVERSE is this low on the list? The old episodes were in between good and okay, but some of the newer episodes are brilliant. First of all this show has an ongoing plotline, something most CN shows don't have. He characters have very interesting back stories, and she music... God, the music is so beautiful. The music evokes so many emotions in one song. This deserves to be in the top 10.

I remember when I thought this show was the stupidest thing that ever was. The commercials make it look like the most retarded show on Cartoon Network. And that's what everyone thinks this show is, but it's more than that. It's a deep, funny, and creative. And it has a deep story, every single episode reveals something new or makes some new question. People usually judge this show by the first episode, which obviously wasn't very good, it was the first episode. People judge this show by the first episode, which is sad. Because if they watch some of the newer episodes, they would fall in love with this show. - toptenzen

Steven Universe has a great art style and animation. It's literally the only reason come back for Cartoon Network. Sometimes I watch other things but Steven universe makes me try to find anything that tells me an episode is coming or what is happening next. The characters are great like Lapis, Peridot or Steven. This show is quality and Cartoon Network only advertised it the least. While they just air Teen titans go! for the majority of the day. They should show air Steven Universe more often. All in all Steven Universe is right now my favorite show on Cartoon Network.

Though the first few episodes are pretty stupid and not very intriguing, this show is actually really good. Yes it can be silly at times and yes it can be random, but that's part of the show's charm.

I absolutely adore the characters in this. They are all unique and have grown and developed so much throughout the series (especially Steven)
The art style is adorable and the music is beautiful.
The only thing I have to say is that the plot is a little confusing at times and it can be hard to tell what's going on.
I hope we get to see lots of different and interesting things in the episodes to come.

Also I really respect Rebecca Sugar and the rest of the crew for the work they've put into this.

The show is absolutely amazing in every way conceivable. I personally believe it the absolute best thing Cartoon Network has ever put out. Perfect voice action, high quality animation, a simple premise, complex and very lovable characters, an endearing on going story, and a warming and wonderful world. The themes and messages are so simple and are much needed for children, this show exposes kids at a very young age some of the most difficult lessons they'll ever learn: death, relationships, lose, loneliness, confusion, identity, etc. This show is everything I love in cartoons today.

I can't believe this is ranked 20th ���" But yet, this was made in probably mid-2013's, it still happens to be new.

Steven Universe is by far the best show I admire and adore along with We Bare Bears and many more! When it was in the early 2013's I used to just watch The Amazing World of Gumball and Teen Titans Go (Don't judge me) in Cartoon Network. It became more and more unenthusiastic until later a new series called "Steven Universe" came. I thought, 'Oh great. Don't tell me this is a rip-off of Adventure time or something'. Later I watched the first episode "Gem Glow" and it didn't seem too bad. Sure, the animation may be a little edgy, but the plot was on point. I mean, can you imagine summoning your "weapon" by eating a cookie cat? As months passed by, I kept watching it, and it started to get amazing. The plot was spectacular, the animation became fantastic, everything about it was incredible. I was still a big fan of My Little Pony and other shows back then. But ...more