Teen Titans

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Teen Titans is an American animated television series created by Glen Murakami, based on the DC Comics characters of the same name.


Congratulations to the show on being in the top five, but I would definitely like to see it in the top three. The plot is stable, the animation is beautiful, the characters are well developed, and there are amazing messages that reach beyond being cheesy and easily forgotten. There are references to racism, drug use, mental instability, betrayal, revenge, and many more. I have grown up with this show and truly admire it. The main characters' personalities are so different, making it interesting. As mentioned by another comment, they all come together for a cause and inspire all those who see it.

There is also a good deal of comedy, which, although is not the only thing that drives this show, certainly is the glue that holds it all together. I love that I can laugh along with the characters and at the next moment be ready to deal with their problems along with them. I feel as if I am there, inside the screen, experiencing every emotion, problem, and solution.

Many fans of ...more

Let me tell you a story about how I come love Teen Titans:

I have always loved Cyborg in the New 52 series and I am loving him in the Rebirth series. The thing is, a lot of people didn't know who the character was unless you shout the name Teen Titans. Cyborg doesn't have much of a rogues gallery but from the show, he has a few villains dedicated to him. I figured this show wouldn't be too bad. Let me first come out and say it, I HATE ANIME! There. Now let's continue. I turned on Cartoon Network and watched the wrong thing. Teen Titans Go came on instead. I was like, "WHAT IS THIS CHILDISH OVER THE TOP GARBAGE!?!? " I immediately rejected the show. Then a fan online said I was watching the wrong show. I went to the video store and they just happened to be selling episode packs of Teen Titans, the original show. I brought the first season and then I got hooked. I kept buying the next season every time I began to love it more. I love the animation, the stories, the ...more - Daviddv0601

This show is comedy gold, unlike that TTG crap that's on air. This show is literally my obsessions right now. Each character of them have great developments, such as Robin - obsessed with solving crimes yet still cared for his friends. He's focus on something he's doing but also focus on his friends' importance. Starfire - the lovable character that everyone wants to hug so badly. Her misunderstanding of earth customs is why she's my 2nd favourite. She's hilarious, adorable, and perfect for Robin. Raven - the type of girl that I really wanted to become friends with. Yes, she's anti-social, a loner, but she only does that to avoid hurting them. She's may be a demon, but she's actually really caring on the inside. Not to mention her hilarious sarcasm jokes. Beast Boy - a type of guy that I might hangout with. Never giving up to make his friends laugh with his pun jokes and he is also very hilarious, and quite caring when he's with Raven. Cyborg - well, I don't had much about him to say ...more

For about 6 years of my life, I never missed any episodes. I've probably seen every episode almost 20 times yet still found everything about the show interesting. Unlike most shows, Teen Titans didn't focus mainly on 1 character. Season 1 was about Robin and his challenges with Slade, Season 2 focused on Terra and the entire situation with Slade. Season 3 was about Cyborg discovering himself, season 4 was about Raven overcoming her past, and Season 5 was about beast boy and his past. Then you always get 3 or 4 Starfire episodes per season. The show had maturity that most other kid friendly shows don't have and goes deep into the characters. The relationships between characters is so unique and intriguing. The Starfire and Robin relationship is in my opinion the best relationship between characters cartoon network has ever had. This is easily my favorite show ever and will definitely watch season 6 if it comes out.

This is the best show ever! Every character is so unique, and it's hard to hate anyone. Perfect action sequences and enough humor to satisfy anyone. Teen Titans should really be above shows like Adventure Time. I mean Beast Boy has never once failed to make me laugh, Robin never once failed to inspire me, Starfire has always been a great role model, Raven someone you want to be friends with, Cyborg acting as the big brother character, and all of them making you wish you were a Titan. Even Slade is awesome!

There's nothing and there will never be anything that beats this cartoon... It was just awesome & Raven is the most unique character ever she's funny & different... Everyone can relate to her!

This is one of the best T.V. shows of all time. Honestly. The action and fight scenes are so well animated. The whole thing is well-animated, with a mix of Japanese-style and North American-style. The episodes are written well and the voice acting phenomenal. Ed, Edd n Eddy was good and all, but I have no clue why it's first. Teen Titans mixed humour with action, mixed mystery with romance, and it did it all amazingly. Also, Teen Titans Go is not as good. Nobody ever should say the words, "Teen Titans Go is better than the original."

Had every stereotypical teenage, which is why I think it's so relatable. Robin, the leader, Cyborg, the muscular jock, beast boy, the clown, Star Fire, the attractive dumb girl, and raven, the depressed gothic girl. It's like one person from every high school clique started rooming together. Had dramatic episodes, funny episodes, and never fell flat. Very unique show

I literally cannot stand superheroes (sorry! ) But there's something about this show, that makes it one of my most favorite shows out there. Personally, I absolutely love all the characters (you just can't find a better one than Beast Boy), I love the plots, the humor, the episodes... Pretty Much everything! Definitely my number 1, and remember, this is coming from someone who hates superheroes!

Teen Titans was the best show ever. Classical humour. The characters were all great! I was so disappointed with the abrupt ending and discontinuation of the series! I like Young Justice too, but I must say I found the beginning of Season 2 quite disappointing too. I disliked the way they got rid of core members and then threw in some of the Teen Titans. There is also a new Teen Titans vs Justice League movie coming out soon. I was so excited until I discovered that the Teen Titans weren't the same as the original ones from this T.V. series. They're the ones from Young Justice. Raven, Starfire, Cyborg, BeastBoy and Robin all look super weird. And now blue beetle is part of the team?!?!?! No they are ruining everything including the awesome looks of the original Teen Titans! But still I am here to say how awesome Teen Titans are. SEASON 6 OF TEEN TITANS SHOULD BECOME A REALITY! I WILL NEVER STOP HOPING FOR THIS TO HAPPEN. ITS 2016 FOR GOODNESS SAKE AND IT WAS CANCELLED A DECADE AGO! I ...more

This series was the best action comedy ever. Every episode shows character development, fights are epic, the humor is terrific, the dark parts of the series is thrilling, they managed to turn Killer Moth into a badass, made Terra a tragic character, has awesome storytellings that inspire you to believe in yourself, no one in this show is a stereotype. Did I miss anything?

Teen titans is literally my favorite show ever! Love the action and comedy. I mean there's even some romance so what can be better than a action-comedy-romance show like what. And if you mock teen titans once I will legit hunt you down and kill you. Jk. But you can tell how much I love this show! Ugh why did they have to cancel it and replace it with teen titians go! Ugh.. But at least we get something after having that big clift hanger in the last episode. Wow now I'm just babbling, but this should be first

I LOVE this show. When it ended, I was like "what the heck? " This show had meaning, and was a true masterpiece. And was the best show of all time. But when I saw the remake, I was really upset that they got rid of a masterpiece and replaced it with a pile of garbage. Teen titans was the best show in every way, design, meaning, characters, humor, and what the episodes were about.

Teen Titans was such a unique show. Appealing to both the boys and girls, anyone and everyone I know absolutely love this series. Not the mention that the show was able to perfectly balance between comedy and drama. It's a same that now when you mention Teen Titans, that monstrosity of Teen Titans Go! Comes up -_-

The best show, the best storyline, the best humor, this should be number 1, period. Too bad now it is replaced with Teen Titans go!, which isn't bad, but terrible in comparison to the original. If CW were to put this back on their show (even if they just did reruns of the episodes), this show would become an absolute sensation, not to mention that it would be a nice fresh page from the average "comedic" (not really), corny cartoons that plague the channel nowadays

My child self, ADORED this show, even after I watch it not I still love it. I wish it would get more fans. The plot can be funny and serious. All the heros are love able in a way. None of them are too childish, or too serious. The plot is clever. This show needs some love.

Why should it be in the 3rd? This deserves to be in the first place! This show is amazing since episode one. It is the most epic, awesome, cool show that ever aired in Cartoon Network. I thought, the five main characters were different by their behaviour, kind, and their appearance. Well, they are DIFFERENT! But they still work as a team and treat respect to eachother and they become stronger. It something we must enjoy in real life, it also brings lessons that we must deal in reality. The creators did a great job of making this show amazing till the end. And that makes the show alive...

LOVE IT! I am really surprised that it isn't in the top three though... but it is the perfect mix of different genres any show should have! And this show has actually funny comedy (that isn't inappropriate whatsoever). And I love how well thought through each episode was, although a few are a bit weird, a lot are a treasure! I would recommend buying this show on DVD, it makes it a lot easier and shows the episodes in order. please get rid of the remake and bring back this original!

Ah teen titans. This show was in m case beautiful, absolutely beautiful the animation= amazing. The story= amazing. The creativity= WOW. It's funny and it's perfect. It's better than Crap Ed Stupid EDD and... um what bad adjective can I use.. a yes ANNOYIN EDDY. This show was wonderful amazing and filled with imagination. But once there's this Cartoon Network made a sequel called Teen Titans... GO. his sequel is one of the worst modern cartoons ever. It takes Teen Titans and just craps on it. Did they tell everyone to purposely be obnoxious in the voice mic. But it doesn't stop there. Recently there's been rumours have been stating that the creator of Teen Titans go said that he purposely made I obnoxious and stupid because Kids are his audience. Now I'm nine so I can TRULY say why I watch Teen Titans Go. The bright colours I personally like bright things because I myself am a very happy person. See you soon. But remember if you like Teen Titans Go that is great. It's pretty cool you ...more

Teen Titans is by far the best show ever. This should have been first on this list. It is a perfect mix of comedy, action, drama, and romance. I remember growing up and watching this show. Also everyone can see a bit of themselves in each of the Titans. This is a great show.

Teen titans is a unique T.V. program, like the Amazing World Of Gumball. Back to The Titans, you know the fighting of superheroes, but do you know what's underneath the fighting! That shows everybody things but weirder which is funny for superheroes because they are serious! Raven is a dark, magical demon which is the daughter of Trigon. I love her because she's always in a mood that you don't know! Cyborg is a game lover strong robot. His best friend Beast Boy is his soul mate in my opinion. Speaking of Beast boy, he's an awesome, small shape shifter. He loves tofu and games. Starfire's a sweet, beautiful alien princess. People have to call her the lover, even though she wants to be a jokester. She's so happy and positive. Robin's a strict, orderly leader.He's a lepracon, nearly as small as Beast boy. He acts like an adult and wants everyone to go to school, and has a huge crush on Starfire. I hugely Recommend this.

Teen titans was amazing! Best show ever! Should bring it back. I have been waiting a decade for season 6, and I won't stop ever! I hope it comes back I really do. There is so much more fun to have! I wanted to see cool new villains, discover who Slade was and for robin to get that satisfaction! The ending with Terra, I wanted to see that develop too. The end of this show was the saddest thing ever. #BRINGBACKTEENTITANS

Teen Titans was truly amazing. A lot better than Teen Titans Go. The characters were awesome, it had great story lines, and was perfect for all ages. I wish there was a sixth season.

Teen Titans was the best! It should be in number 1! They are all awesome teenagers! The true guardians of Jump City! The forever cartoon of my heart! Robin is my HUGE crush! He is handsome and a good leader! Starfire is such a strong beautiful princess! I'm a RobStar fan 4 ever! Beast Boy was the cutest and funniest! Lol, Raven is so awesome, she is smart and mature! ; Cyborg is big guy who is an awesome genius and was so funny! The Honorary Titans were also too awesome! The villains were too evil, TOO evil! BBRae 4 ever! Teen Titans is the best cartoon ever!

Fantastic anime inspired animation, hilarious scenes between main characters, and an epic storyline are just a few of the reasons why Teen Titans is not only my favorite Cartoon Network show, but also one of my favorite shows in general.