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1 Blackjack

My favorite thing to do in blackjack is to double down when my first two cards equal 11. This is because if I get a 10,j,q, or k I win double unless the dealer has blackjack, then I lose the bet. The dealer could of also had the ace as his face up card on that hand and called for insurance. But that would take to long to explain so I won't get into that. But what I will say is that a rule is if you took insurance you wouldn't be able to double down, you would end your hitting and be dealing with something completely different the rest of your hand.

2 Roulette

Single zero is nice, but you can't get it in the USA.

Enjoy the 2p version so I will vote for this - AutoUnder

3 Poker

This and blackjack are all I play - YOSHIA2121

4 Craps
5 Baccarat
6 Keno
7 Slots

Most players plays slots guys!

This game is so easy. I don’t gamble but I remember playing slots on Windows 95 when I was a kid!

8 Bingo
9 Wheel of Fortune
10 Let It Ride
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1. Poker
2. Craps
3. Blackjack
1. Poker
2. Blackjack
3. Slots


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