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1 Father and Son

The lyrics sum up perfectly the highs and lows of a classic father and son relationship.
The vocals are done in a perfectionist fashion and the melody is gorgeous to say the least.

2 Morning Has Broken

This is a magical song that is even a bit religious. Great piano playing and a lovely melody that everyone should hear! Definitely #1

Always Has Been My Favorite. - Beatlesboy9

3 Wild World
4 Oh Very Young
5 Peace Train

What?! This should be the number one song on this list!

I completely agree. This song should most definitely be at the top of the list!

This is a song that can just make a person fall in love with Cat Stevens. - mitchelldeseure

6 The Boy With the Moon and Star On His Head
7 Moonshadow

What a beautiful song. This is Cat's legacy to me. - BKAllmighty

Such an eloquent, peaceful calming song that never gets old!

8 Foreignor Suite
9 How Can I Tell You
10 The Wind

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11 If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out
12 Sad Lisa
13 Where Do the Children Play?
14 Lady D'Arbanville
15 The First Cut is the Deepest
16 Trouble
17 Lilywhite
18 Matthew and Son
19 Another Saturday Night
20 I Love My Dog
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1. Foreignor Suite
2. Peace Train
3. Wild World
1. The Boy With the Moon and Star On His Head
2. Oh Very Young
3. How Can I Tell You
1. Father and Son
2. Morning Has Broken
3. The First Cut is the Deepest



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