Best Catch Phrase In Naruto

A lot of characters have a catch phrase in Naruto so I thought it would be fun to see which one is the best!
Although I don't know all of them so feel free to add.
Btw there might be more than one catch phrase for a character.

The Top Ten

1 Believe It - Naruto

Eh, don't forget dobe

Grate catch frase ^^ suitable for him too.

2 Un - Deidara

I like how he ends every sentence with it, it gives him specialty.

Also known as "hmm" in English.

He is cute... ^^

3 Ya Know - Kushina
4 Shanaroo - Sakura

I love it when she says that, it's like she goes into badass mode

And she gets her ass kicked anyway.

5 Hn - Sasuke

It's a new discovered language! What's not to love about that?

6 Sasori, my man - Diedara

Something on your mind, Sasori my man?

When Deidara says this, he sounds kind of stoned, and endearing.

7 It's a Drag - Shikamaru

I say this when my parents ask why haven't I done my homework yet 😂😂

8 Art is an Explosion - Deidara
9 Dismissed - Tsunady

Yeah yeah I know, a lot of people use this word too, but something about the way she says it makes believe she owns this word laugh out loud.

10 Troublesome - Shikamaroo

He really makes me laugh every time he says it laugh out loud!
That lazyass...

SHIKA, I vote for yor Traublesome catch phase

The Contenders

11 Yo - Kakashi

So like him. It fits.

It seems to me like it's the only suitable greeting after your late laugh out loud

12 Tobi is a good boy - Tobi

When I heard this, I ran around saying : TOBI IS A GOOD BOY TOBI IS A GOOD BOY TOBI IS A GOOD BOY (laugh out loud I was a high back then)

13 Youth - Lee

Laugh out loud he and guy practically annoy me with their youthfulness!
But you gotta love them

14 Oink Oink - Tonton

What? Doesn't a pig deserve a catch frase too?

15 Sorry I'm late - Kakashi

For someone who's such a cool ninja-

I just love this

16 I'm an avenger - Sasuke
17 I am hungry - Choji

I like it

HAHA.All the time

18 Sorry I'm afraid I got lost on the path of life - Kakashi
19 Cha - Sakura

She say's it almost every time she PUCHES THE HELL OUT OF SOMEONE HAHA


20 In the end...I've decided on revenge. - Sasuke
21 If you get in my way, I'll kill you - Gaara
22 You're a loser - Sasuke
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