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1 Horrible Histories

I always watch this when I go on holiday, I download a ton of episodes and when them on the plane. I learn a lot from it, far more than I learnt in history lessons at school probably because it's a fun and enjoyable show as well as educational. I don't think ANYONE hates this show. TOP TIER!

Do you hate history? Then watch Horrible Histories!

Very funny and gory, but in a good way.

One of the only really good shows on this craphole of a T.V. network

2 M.I. High

I loved this as a kid!

3 Friday Download
4 Dani's House
5 Wingin' It
6 Strange Hill High
7 Da Dick and Dom Dairies
8 The Story of Tracy Beaker

Tracy Beaker should be at least 2.

This has to be #1

9 Deadly 60
10 Bear Behaving Badly
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11 The Next Step

AMAZING! It has the drama, the cool dancing and flips, and is always so gripping. The characters are cool too. Go Riley and Michelle!

Oh my gosh! I think that this show is amazing and the only thing better than story is the dance. but I didn't really like season 4 and 5 of tns but I think that season 6 might be good becuase some of the originals are coming back

Probably the best show ever! The Next Step is awesome! You must watch it.

The drama great.

12 Diddy Movies
13 Copycats
14 Wolfblood

This show should be out! It sucks!

Love the story

15 The Sarah Jane Adventures
16 The Basil Brush Show
17 Ludus
18 OOglies
19 The Dumping Ground

Why here it's amazing?

20 4 O'Clock Club

Best show ever!
My fave characters are:
1. Eli
2. Nero
3. Evan
4. Eleesha
5. Josh

Love the raps

21 Worst Witch
22 So Awkward
23 Tracy Beaker Returns
24 Nowhere Boys

So good must watch it.

25 ChuckleVision
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