Best Celine Dion Songs From the '90s


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1 My Heart Will Go On My Heart Will Go On

Our hearts will go on with this song - Irina2932

Absolutely amazing voice! In this song too, proving the voice of celine is among the best than Mariah and Whitney as my opinion.

When I hear this song I feel the pure love in my heart.

When I hear this song I feel the Power of Love in my heart.

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2 Because You Loved Me Because You Loved Me

Celine dion songs just keep me together, and they are the best

One of the best Love songs ever - Irina2932

We used this as our wedding song.

3 Where Does My Heart Beat Now Where Does My Heart Beat Now

My love to Celine started with this song - Irina2932

4 The Power of Love
5 That's the Way It Is

I like it because it is very INSPIRATIONAL and it is danceable also. :)))

Most of Celine's uptempo songs seem to get forgotten. It is nice to see this one up on the list. I don't understand why she never does this one live in concert. It was a top-10 hit.

Thus song should be in number one

6 It's All Coming Back to Me Now

Popularized by her, Celine's version of this song is the best among all others.

Best of the best

Sexy without acting like a dirty scrubba one of the best singers of all time.

7 I'm Your Angel
8 All by Myself
9 Water from the Moon

This is one of my favorite songs on this whole album. This is what made me buy this album. Then I learned other wonderful songs, this is by far my favorite album by our superstar now known today. I actually prefer her earlier music such as this. OK OK her new stuff is AMAZING but I just like this stuff. So before all you haters start out on me... I love Celine Dion! This is just my favorite album!

Such a beautiful song, definitely under-appreciated.

Love it or not love it

This song is amazing her voice is just so beautiful in this song and it is one of celines most underrated songs

10 Love Can Move Mountains

It's a long lasting song. And I don't believe this song is 1992 song by celine dion.

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11 Falling Into You

I love this flippn song... Celine is the best female singer of all times she so graceful and effortless.. #1 fan

"Falling like a leaf, falling like a star
Finding a belief, falling where you are"

12 Did You Give Enough Love

So many memories

13 Call the Man
14 If Walls Could Talk

Celine dion is good singer she my best singer in my whole life. She is the most incredeble singer singer.

15 Nothings Broken But My Heart
16 Dans Un Autre Monde
17 Then You Look at Me
18 If That's What It Takes

When you listen this track no matter - english or french version your heart will go on and on...

19 If You Asked Me To
20 Beauty and the Beast
21 With This Tear

With this tear I the a want...i long for u to talk to me like u did that night in the restaurant...i really love this song

22 It's Hard to Say Goodbye
23 The Last to Know
24 Je Danse Dans Ma TĂȘte
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1. That's the Way It Is
2. Love Can Move Mountains
3. My Heart Will Go On
1. My Heart Will Go On
2. That's the Way It Is
3. Water from the Moon
1. My Heart Will Go On
2. Where Does My Heart Beat Now
3. The Power of Love

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