Top 10 Best Celine Dion Songs

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1 My Heart Will Go On My Heart Will Go On Cover Art

One of the most beautiful songs I have ever listen in ma life... Unique, beautiful song sung by my favorite singer THE GREAT CELINE DION...

One of the greatest and best song ever made... And best singer on the earth... No other singer in the world can sing this song better... Celine is the only one greatest singer... We love you CELINE DION

The world's greatest love song ever! I'll always remember this song from Titanic, it still makes me cry
This song is a well-known song and everybody love it! Love Celine Dion and Her Music x

It's the most beautiful and the most magnificent song in the world that I've ever heard

2 It's All Coming Back to Me Now It's All Coming Back to Me Now Cover Art

Simply, Amazing.. She hits the high notes very easily.. Great Voice, Great lyrics, Great Music.. That's all I search for in a song..
People should know it more

This one is the most majestic of her songs! I remember me listening to it for the first time fifteen years ago. One of her great "vocal" songs, as much as "All by myself", "The power of love" or "The reason".

One of the saddest songs that I've ever heard.

I played A mother's prayer for my daughter at her funeral as Celine Dion is amazing I wish I had chance to meet her and thank you for such a song for my little girl

3 Because You Loved Me Because You Loved Me Cover Art

She is simply the best artist there was, is, and ever will be! Her vocal is so amazing and this song makes me cry every time I listen to it. This should be number 1

The only reason 'My heart will go on' is because of the film 'Titanic' if it wasn't this would be at the top and this song it truly amazing.

This song was offered to a few female singers that didn't have the voice range that it needed. Needless to say that the lyrics can apply to anybody. It's just beautiful.

If there is a better, more touching love song out there, I have yet to hear it. This is her best song by far.

4 The Power of Love

This song has always been my number one, I remember the first time I ever listened to it and I just started crying, Celine Dion is the best. All the other songs like My Heart will go on made me cry, but this is the best out of all Celine Dion songs. I Love this song and I love Celine Dion, can't wait to hear more of her breath taking, beautiful songs. She has a very strong voice, I love her. "GO CELINE! "

Celine's high-pitched vocals are just amazing

The best songs of Celine Dion's are either I Want You To Need Me or All By Myself, but this is definitely the best song on this list! :D It's a great list though!

This song is one of Celine Dion's highest songs. She sing it with ease and with just a little effort. She sings very well, and she sings the best. No one can ever sing this song better that her. And also the lyrics can inspire people.

5 A New Day Has Come A New Day Has Come Cover Art

Great song that touches the heart and music (original version) that fills your senses

Though I like My heart will go on.. I vote up for A new day has come because it was the first song that give me inspiration and strength to carry on not like all this today singers

Should be number 1
This song actually can heal heart breaking

Co'z I'm touched w/d what the song means...

6 That's the Way It Is That's the Way It Is Cover Art

It is a rocking song of Celine Dion and it is rare to hear rock type of Celine Dion.

The lyrics are amazing, but coupled with her beautiful voice this song is definitely my all-time favorite

It is one of the best songs in the world... she sings it very powerful.. faithful.. greatful.. wonderful.. and peaceful.. I like it very much.. her performance in this is also very good.. but I have a doubt that why her best song' I love you' is not in top 10 lists..

Best song ever! It encourages me to do so much! I don't know what I'm saying céline dion is an amazing singer! But one of her best songs is here! 7no way 1yes!

7 To Love You More To Love You More Cover Art

2. To Love You More
3. The Prayer
4. Beauty And The Beast
5. That Is The Way It Is
6. Goodbye (Saddest World)
7. Because You Loved Me
8. Just Walk Away
9. I Surender
10. Immortality

This is by far the most powerful song Celine sings. There's not loss, there's no depression, just her pure heart putting it out there to let this person she loves open their heart so she can fill it with her love... And the violins, just beautiful.

Are you kidding me, this should be number one or two

This 10 songs.. They are very incredible and I love it so much:) Celine Dion is deserving to sing this beautiful songs because she worth it:) I LOVE YOU SO MUCH CELINE. wish I could see you in person

8 All By Myself All By Myself Cover Art

One of the best songs ever! Did you know, according to wiki, this is her most sold single. I think so. If I'm wrong I still think is a wonderful ballad!

Beautiful! It Seems That All My Favorite Songs Are By This Magnificent Artist! All By Myself Is My Recent Favorite At The Moment, Mainly Because Of The Amazing Acapella Performance In The Middle Of The Song, Leading Up To A Shockingly Long High Note! Celine Outdoes Herself On Every Song! I Always Think To Myself, "Wow Celine Could Never Top This Amazing Track. " Then She Blows Me Away w/ Something Even More Mind-Blowing! She Is Definitely Queen Of Music! A++++

Simply amazing.. This is one of those remakes that crosses the original ones. And that flow man... It's so beautifully done that it makes me worry about my future.. One of her best deserves a higher ranking...

I really love this song. One of the best song I've ever heard.

9 Where Does My Heart Beat Now Where Does My Heart Beat Now Cover Art

This is an amazing debut single. It really keeps my heart beating on. A nice slow rock song that keeps you hook on it.

Can't get enough of this beautiful song

It is the first song I heard, beutifull and powerful

This should not be number 10! I love this song and it is better than the power of love! Sorry to be negative there. Anyways, I love this song and she has a wonderful voice!

10 I'm Alive I'm Alive Cover Art

An angel voice... Keep doing this job... Keeping making brilliant music

So much energy! It really gets the music going!
Her voice is amazing. She sings notes that are so hard sing. It just is awesome! I'm her numeber one Fan! I think...

I love this song so much. Michelle

It makes a person stop and think. So inspiring to listen to. Thank you so much. Phil

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11 Think Twice Think Twice Cover Art

I remember clearly the first time I heard Think Twice. A Sunday night in November on the UK top 40. Something magical happened in that moment. I fell in love with the song and it's singer despite never having heard of Celine before. I felt I almost willed it to get to number 1 in the charts which after a slow climb it finally did...I was 15 and this song changed my life in a beautiful way.

I love this song it is so real about men's reactions.

This song does make you think twice

The most underrated Celine's song. Should be in the top 10. A true romantic classic of the 90s.

12 Pour Que Tu M'aimes Encore Pour Que Tu M'aimes Encore Cover Art

This song shows why Celine is such an international icon. Her ability to amaze fans even if they do not speak the same language that she is singing in is astonishing

This is Celine's most memorable French song and she always sings it with such subdued passion.

For those who claimed themselves as Celine's fans, not yet till you hear this song, this song is the best, the lyrics, the voice, and the music video too

Every person who speak French know this is the best song ever written... So beautiful and peaceful.

13 Alone Alone Cover Art

Seriously I LOVE this song
In fact this should have been way above in the list

Really, a Beautiful Song

Great one, my favorite

Just Love this song!

14 I Drove All Night

When you're driving all night long... Just listen to it and you won't fall asleep!

I love this song I have no clue why it is not in the top ten vote for this song.
Vote vote vote
I drove all night to hear this song it has a beat that is far from outdated or being bland I love it

I agree with the down voter.. Love this song

I love singer I drove all night

15 Beauty and the Beast Beauty and the Beast Cover Art

Among all soundtrack for Disney, this is the best of them all in my opinion. I love the tune and the lyric. It almost make me cry when I listen to this song. It's a definition of a beautiful song.

This song was a milestone and inspiration for me personally in my youth. Aside from my own love for it, its influence is on par with the movie it was released for. Both helped shape both animation and music to what they are today.

This was a first song I ever heard when I was child

Great song! I agree, definitely a tear jerker!

16 Love Doesn't Ask Why Love Doesn't Ask Why Cover Art

What a wonderful song. Haunting and beautiful.

This song I like so much and has excelence lyric

Its true

It's the song that inspires me a lot. And it's the first song on my heart, I don't how if made me feel like. B ut itslike I'm in heaven when I listen to this song... So Celine keep up the good work. U are always the best

17 I'm Your Angel I'm Your Angel Cover Art

R. Kelly is the best

Just on of the best of hits

Celine and R Kelly singing together is so nice!

I can't believe this isn't in the top 2.
Guys, vote for it!
It is even b

18 Loved Me Back to Life

Very beautiful and powerful song sung by celine. Feel like listening it again and again... One of her best...

This song is so amazing to me because is showing that how deep she feel or love someone wow! I loved this song so much

A new era of Celine and one of her greatest songs yet!

Simply the best of Celine!

19 I Surrender

An amazing song... Celine is the inspiration of my life I wish to meet her one day... I love you Celine

I love this song.. So much... Every morning I always listen to her music.. It can make my life so complete

This is so her best song. I just love it

One of her best songs ever, personally my favorite. Her voice just makes me feel like I'm floating on the sky.

20 Then You Look at Me Then You Look at Me Cover Art

Surely only obscurity is what prevents this song from being ranked higher. A beautiful, building melody and an especially strong vocal make this, for me, one of Ms. Dion's best records ever.

This should at least come to the top 5. Come on people!

I know this song more then my life story

Just listen to the words

21 The Reason The Reason Cover Art

I can't believe! This song is awesome! It should be on top ten

One of the strongest vocals

This should be in the top 10

Really it is great song
I love it

22 Taking Chances

This song shows how Celine's voice can beautifully fit in so many genres, even pop-rock. A very sincere song and touching. Two people decide to take life as it is only for love's sake. Majestic!

Unique and powerful pop ballad

23 Immortality

All her songs are fabulous but Immortality is clearly her best song, it comes straight from her heart

Should be top 10

Most beautiful song of all time.

24 Water from the Moon Water from the Moon Cover Art

Water from the moon, Immortality, I love you best song from her.. Every other thing falls below

Different and interesting, soft and intense. I like this song

25 When the Wrong One Loves You Right When the Wrong One Loves You Right Cover Art

Celine has so many majestic songs but this one is really special to me. Great lyrics and very emotional performance. This wonderful track should have been released as a single

Celine All The Way! This song is SO majestic!

One of her best songs indeed

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