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21 Alone Alone

Seriously I LOVE this song
In fact this should have been way above in the list

Really, a Beautiful Song

Great one, my favorite

This should so be in the top 5!

Amazing song

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22 The Prayer The Prayer

It is the best song by Celine Dion there is, I honestly don't know why its not number 1.

If you don't know the song and going to listen it on youtube please listen to an older version since Dion and Bocelli's voices are not as crisp and powerful as they used to be. Also, you need to be warned that you may be in choc after listening the song since it is in my opinion the best song of all time. The stars were align to create perfect combinaison between power and subtlety.

I am a huge Celine Dion fan and "The Prayer," by far, is my favorite! The song speaks volumes to me!

Why is this number 21? Crazy. Awesome song

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23 The Reason The Reason

I can't believe! This song is awesome! It should be on top ten

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24 If I Were You If I Were You V 1 Comment
25 Taking Chances

This song shows how Celine's voice can beautifully fit in so many genres, even pop-rock. A very sincere song and touching. Two people decide to take life as it is only for love's sake. Majestic!

26 Immortality

All her songs are fabulous but Immortality is clearly her best song, it comes straight from her heart

27 With This Tear With This Tear V 1 Comment
28 Falling Into You Falling Into You

It was and still is the most new and beautiful way to say I'm falling in love with you.

29 If You Asked Me To If You Asked Me To V 1 Comment
30 River Deep, Mountain High River Deep, Mountain High

Beautiful hard to find Older song...

31 Goodbye's (The Saddest Word) Goodbye's (The Saddest Word)

How else can one express the deepest feelings. Those people who matter most to us must know how we feel and the wording is superb. Listening to the song remind us of the responsibility we carry towards others.

The best song for a worthy mother like mine. It's the toughest thing saying goodbye to my dear mother who passed last year.

Oh my god I love this Song, one of the best I've ever heard yet

I had this played at my mother's funeral 10 years ago. What a beautiful tribute.

32 Et Je T'aime Encore Et Je T'aime Encore

Very nice song. Lyrics are authentic

33 If That's What It Takes If That's What It Takes

It's absolutely wonderful and beautiful song. Celine has got miraculous voice. And the words of this song are true.

I love this song because Her voice sounds incredible... and lyrics find the way to my heart...

One of her best song, both versions in French and English are awesome! Celine's wide vocal range can NOT be copied!

This song is like love anthem... - Celinae

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34 Just Walk Away Just Walk Away

#40 isn't high enough, definitely top 10 material

35 Nothing Broken But My Heart Nothing Broken But My Heart

Best song ever that demonstrates Celine's emotionally powerful vocal performance

36 Tell Him Tell Him

Chillingly beautiful duet with Barbra Streisand. This definitely should be ranked much higher.

Chillingly beautiful duet with Barbra Streisand.

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37 Partout Je Te Vois Partout Je Te Vois
38 La Mémoire D'abraham La Mémoire D'abraham
39 S'il Suffisait D'aimer S'il Suffisait D'aimer

Best best best ever...

Its is the best ever I love celline dion is is awesome

40 When the Wrong One Loves You Right When the Wrong One Loves You Right

Celine has so many majestic songs but this one is really special to me. Great lyrics and very emotional performance. This wonderful track should have been released as a single - Irina2932

Celine All The Way! This song is SO majestic! - TheSudhanva

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