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41 When the Wrong One Loves You Right

Celine has so many majestic songs but this one is really special to me. Great lyrics and very emotional performance. This wonderful track should have been released as a single - Irina2932

Celine All The Way! This song is SO majestic! - TheSudhanva

42 I Love You

Seriously? Sow low? This means you haven't heard the best of Celine yet. This song is as good My Heart Will Go On.

It is a wonderful song I heard it everyday in the radio I feel so amazed in this song. Should be in top 2 and "only one road" in 3.

A song I love listening to every time

Sure people taste in music are SUCKS

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43 Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi

The very start of her career, lovely song

44 Contre Nature
45 Zora Sourit
46 Breakaway
47 The Power of the Dream

Amazing song! Very inspirational. Should be in the top 20s

48 One Heart
49 I Hate You Then I Love You

Beautiful duet of Celine Dion with Luciano Pavarotti. Listen to it and you will be mesmerized. Singles from her album Let's Talk About Love.

I love diz song

50 Let's Talk About Love

What this song is amazing

51 Je Sais Pas
52 Have You Ever Been in Love

Catchy tune :) love the introduction!

53 Eyes on Me

A superb song excellently sung by CELINE DION...!

Dunnu why this song is #51
this is the first song I heared from Celine dion and made me check her other songs

54 I Want You to Need Me

The best love song!

55 Treat Her Like a Lady

Such an amazing song, sang by Celine

56 Coulda Woulda Shoulda

Just an amazing melody!

57 I Love You, Goodbye
58 When I Fall in Love

It's a very nice duet. And so romantic and impressing. I listen to it with my heart.

This is my husband and I completely.

59 If Walls Could Talk V 1 Comment
60 Vole

The most beautiful song to have ever been released

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