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41 Asus Asus ASUSTeK Computer Inc., (stylized as ΛSUS) is a Taiwanese multinational computer hardware and electronics company headquartered in Beitou District, Taipei, Taiwan.

i think asus is a great choice because its user friendly, big memory, economicly friendly, stylish and looks like a million bucks than nokia and other phones... my phone now is asus j208 and its stunning super functional my friends envy it so buy it now... jenny from the philippines

everything is there from audio to visual and it is very like nokia but more technologically advanced than nokia

BEST BRAND. Asus phones are simply awesome. Nice screen resolution, amazing camera, larger memory, nice layout, better sound quality... And much much more.

Good features

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42 Karbonn Mobiles

Amazing phone, with in the affordable price with all facilities :-)

Karbonn smartphones are amazing I like karbonn a25 phablet

Yes the karbonn smart products were assome mainly karbonn titanium s1, s2, s5

I have karbonn opium n9 is a very nice phone

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43 TracFone

Trac Phone is a no contract phone for beginners like kids and has a cheap monthly bill.

44 UMI Mobile

I like this brand because umi x2 have 13mp camera with 1.6Ghz quad core processor and 2Gb Ram...

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45 Arcmobile

Arc mobile is the best phone,

46 Xiaomi

One of the smartest company that evaluated by MIT

Best in quality & a cool budget phone and camera is awesome

Cool in budget and having hot camera also I think it will have to be in top 10 because of its features

One of the best phone brand

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47 Spice

It's gonna be a brand like one among the top best mobile brands within years. The new models and prices are awesome and affordable... Keep it up

It provide bast smart phone if it provide big in sigh just like Samson galaxy tab

This time I am pecesed spice mi422 cell but this cell ram is very low you show 512 but this is only 162 mb show pleace tacke care your busses I am a student in engineering coarse

48 Symphony

Good features at a very reasonable price. Good customer support too.

Phone manufacturer of Bangladesh

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49 Starmobile

I really love Starmobile for its cheapness yet elegant phones and tablets.

I love my starmobile crystal... Smooth at malinaw and screen at cam..

This is the first time I used star mobile. And it's absolutely OK :)
Thanks to smart mobile

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50 Intex

Best low price phone

My phone...good job

Nice and budget fone

Nice phone

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51 Walton

I Love Walton Mobile. It is from Bangladesh and it produce phones with very reasonable price. So I loved it

It, s a good mobile

Proud of walton. Its our product. Proud of Bangladesh

I love walton phone

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52 skk mobile

I love skk phone mobiles

Its really good one

Its all awesome from head to toe

Skk mirage s1 unit a good phone

53 Celkon

I have used celkon A15 its very good and stylish, I have dropped it so many times, to be frank 8 feet height, and from 1st floor, not even a small crack, its too cool, very good mobile. features are alsoo good

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54 iBall


The best for me iball smartphones

55 Kyocera

Very durable phone, it's survived several falls. My particular phone is waterproof, and I got it for a 1/3 of the cost of a more well known phone.

Please once again start this kyocera brand
I am very much attach with this phone.

56 Fly

I like it because it has amazing features. It is beautiful also.

57 Cloudfone

Thrill 430x is a steal

Cloudfone excite502q this phone will be my next phone

58 Sidekick

I kinda like the sidekick because I like there style.

59 Vertu

I know, no one can vote for this here because even no one has seen this ever :o)
I saw this phone in one of the HongKong's "really" rich market. Phone costs somewhere $7800000. Full of Diamonds and other stuff. Only the top business persons may dream to buy this phone.
No doubt that people at that level have no other choice but buy a Vertu phone to maintain their level.

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60 KingCom
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