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81 InFocus

It's a fantastic mobile which will come at alow and lowest budgets with. A high mobile smartphone futures which we want

With 2.5ghzd processor... 5.0lolipop

82 U.S. Cellular
83 Plum
84 Straight Talk

I have straight talk it sucks I re fillf my phone and does not give me high speed data 😡

85 Cellcom Israel

Israels number one mobile brand

86 Kingstar

BeSt mObiL3 Brand 4m Bangladesh.

87 Firefly

Wow! just wow

88 QMobile

QMobile made by pakistani mobile phone company - Alimurtaza

89 Forme

This is a awesome mobile!
it has a amazing security features,
better camera clarity in day light,
wap and gprs is enabled in,
awesome durability. Cheep and best & more over it is triple sim mobile and triple sim standby is the great thing in it

90 Kenxinda

South America manager:Jimmy shi

It's really very good!

Felix Wei -- Oversea Manager


Shenzhen Kenxinda Technology Co. , Ltd--TOP 10 in the World!

Tel: +86 - 1365 2424 916 / 755 8257 1246 / 755 8257 1019

755-8257 1797/755-8257 1784/755-8270 9661/755-2395 7534

Email: Skype: felixwei1983 Cn W. Kenxinda. Cn


Output more than 19 million mobile phones each year.

TOP Mobile-phone R&D solution & manufacture share with worldwide.

91 Kata

I love my kata i3s it looks like the reminiscent of xperia z's series. Crystal clear screen is superb, fast processor and good quality photos is a must.

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92 GLX

For iranian

93 Azumi
94 Diunamai

Good phone and expensive

95 Kogan Mobile
96 verykool
97 Cubit
98 Agtel

They are economic and they are Good value

99 Emerson
100 Neonode
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