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101 Strawberry

Strawberry Mobile Phone is a very popular mobile phone brand in Bangladesh. :P

102 Yxtel

It has a awesome feature of java.. And it is cheap and best..

103 Stonex
104 MassFone
105 Lanix V 1 Comment
106 Fujitsu

A mobile phone made from Japan with its most advance technology.

V 1 Comment
107 Amicroe

Amazing phone with nice camera and very fast to load
A fast technology
Never destroy
Made of metal

108 Leagoo V 1 Comment
109 G-Tide

This phone is the best it is a beast!

110 Hisense V 1 Comment
111 Dingding

Have Gorilla glass and guest mode. Made in Korea

112 Nextbit

It is a pretty good idea. I would like more processing power and more internal storage. - Kaboom

V 1 Comment
113 Sirin Labs
114 Mito V 2 Comments
115 Allview

Romanian mobile phone, and it's pretty better I think than alcatel

116 Dodo
117 Karbonn Keypads
118 Q Mobile

Very very famous in Pakistan. It's also an android and it works like a super man

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119 Audiovox
120 Micromax

Its awesome! The phones are really good and long lasting. It is the best of all ph.

Consists of more features for huge Asian population, markrting and for long life

Very good quality mobile phones... Best in such a price.. No other brands can replace... Good specifications... Good picture clarity.. My phone fell into water 3 times.. And sometimes I think it is water resist.. Fell down many times... So god

Awesome phones in such a cheap price
#Made_in_India ♥♥

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