I have been a cricket user for a while now I thank you guys and my eyes are number one I hardly ever lose signal I get the best service I've been through AT&T and a few more you guys awesome keep up the good work and I rate Cricket as number

Have not used cricked yet but I'm going too use Cricket// Understand you can use your own phone. That will be in 6 months also can get it unlocked. Can not get good service from AT&T///

Affordable phones and plans that work as promised, I love cricket!

Great customer service, very cheap phones

The rest of these suck and scam. Cricket is the most reliable.

Is the best value and service is as good as any provider

I really like cricket! You can get a very nice smartphone for around 30$ a month or under! Love Cricket. I used to use Verizon but overall I like Cricket better.

I predict that cricket will rise up and be the best!

I am a cricket customer and it works really well

I have a cricket phone it is one of the best phones. Ever

Good service with good deals I suggest

Cricket get great service at great prices...and no pesky contracts...pretty decent phones and even a discounted rate for setting up auto pay

Right now I am currently with cricket and I absolutely love it you get iPhones Samsung galaxy's it's the best

Greatest of the greatest. I don't like T-Mobile because they're greedy and misleading. - Target

Cricket Wireless is one of the best company in USA Better then METRO PCS and BOOST

My mom loves cricket because it works well and it reliable and loads well but people don't understand cricket.

It just plain and simple the greatest! And cheaper than T-mobile,Verizon AT& it speed is super.

Cricket has the best deal the one spot should be them they is the best with prepayed I say it because they offer better deal than the one at the top now virizen wireless ain't number one cricket is the best I'm go tell all my friends this deal is great it got unlimited text talk an it strat you off with 10 gigs of date then if you use it up it just slow down but virizen is very diffent it give u unlimited text an talk an less then 4 gigs for the same Price's as a 10 gig with cricket seebut virizen after the gig run out yo date do to an you have to by again no slow down off I give them a six out 10 on the top ten best I give cricket a number one hands down